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Restaurant Skanderborghus

8660, Skanderborg

Skanderborghus is situated in the centre of Skanderborg Dyrehave in exceptional surroundings of natural beauty with lake, forest and park in the immediate vicinity. The forest has nice footpaths for w...

© Laasby Kro

Laasby Kro

8670, Låsby

Laasby Kro og Hotel is a historical Royal privileged inn from 1734 - centrally located between Aarhus and Silkeborg. The inn is furnished with antiques and many old picture and paintings.  Our restaur...

© Laasby Kro

Laasby Kro

8670, Låsby

At Laasby Kro we focus on good Danish food that we served in our small low-ceilinged rooms full of atmosphere and wonderful antiques. The Blicher hall has original church crowns and painting collectio...

Den blå Restaurant

8660, Skanderborg

Nørre Vissing Kro from 1801 is situated near hills, forests and lakes. The kro is untraditionally decorated with a personal touch and flair for detail, and the interior is given prominence by the flor...

© Hotel Blicher

Hotel Blicher is situated in a gem of Danish nature, right under "Himmelbjerget" and at the heart of the Central Jutland Lake District in a relaxing environment surrounded by lakes and forests. A new ...

© VisitDenmark

Sol og Strand - Ebeltoft

8400, Ebeltoft

Sol og Strand offers 100% Individual Holiday - a total personal holiday, which, in cooperation with a holiday advisor, can be organised completely around your needs and interests.At Sol og S...

© Hotel Blicher Le Saison


8680, Ry

Hotel Blicher is situated in a gem of Danish nature, right under "Himmelbjerget" and at the heart of the Central Jutland Lake District in a relaxing environment surrounded by lakes and forests. A new ...

© Jonna Jensen

Beautifully situated directly at Lake Birksø

Rent a flat with bathroom and kitchen with sleeping accommodation for 5-6 people. Total 80 m2.

Separate entrance and terrace.

Cabin of 20 m2 with privat...

Alling Vest

8680, Ry

Alling Vest Fredningen is a nature reserve of approx. 270 ha. and one of the most magnificent sceneries in Denmark.

The strong relief of heights and valleys was formed by the natural forces released ...

Klostermølle Campsite

8660, Skanderborg

Klostermølle tent camping area

The tent camping area is located by Kløstermølle nature centre, just by the Gudenå stream and very close to Mossø (Moss Lake). The vantage point Sukkertoppen (the Sugar...


Klostermølle  (monastery mill) is situated where the Gudenå runs into Lake Mossø. It is a large group of buildings, previously housing a paper mill. In medieval times there was a Benedictine monastery...



8660, Skanderborg

Mossø (Moss Lake)

Compared to Danish standards, the sea high-land is of an extraordinaire dimension. The area is characterised by hills and valleys created during the last glacial period. The eroded ...

Sukkertoppen by Mossø

8660, Skanderborg

A challenging and unbelievably beautiful hiking trail, which winds its way through heath and blueberry bushes and up the steep hill Sukkertoppen, which means "the sugar loaf" in Danish. From the top, ...

Sjelle Church

8464, Galten

The church's nave and chancel was built in the Romanesque period of granite over a beveled base. In the late Middle Ages a tower and a porch was added, and the church was extensive rebuilt after 1595....

Skovby Church

8464, Galten

The choir and nave were built in the Romanesque period of granite. Both the doors are intact, the north door is bricked up, and the southdoor is in use. To the North there are bricked Romanesque windo...

Skanderborg Castle Church

8660, Skanderborg

The chapel is the remains of the former Skanderborg castle which was definitively demolished in 1770. In 1562 – 63 King Frederick the 2nd rebuilt the medieval castle on Slotsholmen (an elevation in th...

Stjær Church

8464, Galten

Stjær Church is beautifully situated on a hill in the middle of the city. The - in the exterior - modest church has a Romanesque choir and nave and a late medieval tower, where the lower floor functio...

Storring Church

8464, Galten

Storring church is situated on a ridge in the landscape, seen from the south the church has a towering profile.

The present church has only a modest age as it in 1890 replaced a Romanesque church fro...

Bjørnebjerge/Bear Mountains

8660, Skanderborg

Back in the days - before there were planted any trees in the area - the softly rounded hills in Stjær, could from a distance look like sleeping bears. So maybe that's why they have come to be called ...

Skovsrod vej 22

8680, Ry

4-6 persons holiday home in beautiful and peaceful surroundings, with the overlooking view of Julsø, and great fishing opportunities in the small town of Laven

The house consists of; a combined livin...


8680, Ry

When hiking around Storeknøs, you walk in a circle - in that way you can decide if you want an easy route (not too steep) or a more steep route - depending on which way of the circle you go. No matter...


8660, Skanderborg

The mound "Ørnekol" is located on private land, and sometimes the area is grazed by cows. But you may to go through a gate and climb the top.

Ørnekol is the only mound in Vitved's Parish, which makes...

Ejer Bavnehøj or Møllehøj (Milltop) - is the highest points in Denmark. With 170.86 meters above sea level, Møllehøj is simply Denmark's highest natural point.

For a long time Himmelbjerget was consi...

Luna opened in 1990 and has expanded with a bigger selection and new product. Today the store keeps all big and noted brands in the industry. This, however, have not taken it out on the new and upcomi...

Kandis – In the heart of Ry. 

A visit in Kandis is an experience for all your senses. It smells lovely of chocolate and other sweets, there are many different things to be discovered and always sweet...

The farm shop sells organic food of high quality and has a wide and comprehensive range of products, which overall can cover the majority of daily household.

You are always welcome in the farm shop, ...

Sofi Farmshop

8660, Skanderborg

The shop 
When you enter the cosy shop, you will meet old mixed with new. The old tables, cabinets, shelves and wooden apple boxes are decorated with modern Christmas decorations, jewellery, blankets,...

Vædebro Beach

8660, Skanderborg

Vædebro Beach for those hot days of summer. 

Toilets (handicap)
Small house to enjoy your food
Blue flag, which means that the water is clean and that you may swim....

Stilling Beach

8660, Skanderborg

Stilling Beach has the blue flag, which means that the water here is clean, so you may go for a swim....

Are you coming to Eastern Jutland? Looking for a place to stay near Aarhus, Silkeborg or Skanderborg? Then come and stay at the historic and idyllic Taastrupgaarden in the small village Taastrup near ...

Kvickly Ry

8680, Ry

In everyday life Kvickly is striving to give you the very best service.

At Kvickly Ry there will always be an employee who is ready to provide expertise and advice.

Kvickly Ry's discount brand is th...

Kvickly Ry's has its own bakery, where you can buy both fresh and organic bread every day.

Bread from the stone oven, pastry, cakes, specialties and other temptations....

Kvickly Ry Café

8680, Ry

Kvickly Ry's Café serves small dishes and fresh brewed coffee, which is always served with a smile....

In parts of the old Mergelbane (Marlway), a path has been marked. The route takes you through the beautiful and varied landscape, which in the old days transported marl (calcareous soils) to the sandy...

The path by Herskind

8464, Galten

The path by Herskind is located south of the small village Herskind, which is approximately 17 km west of Aarhus. The path is about 4 kilometers long.

The path is marked with yellow triangles on pole...

FDF Outdoor Centre Sletten is a unique spot in Denmark. A combination of the most beautiful Danish nature has to offer: Forest, plain and lake in the hilly søhøjland (Lake District). The center is ver...

The path is a total of 5.7 kilometers long. You can either park at Alken Station or Bjedstrup School. The path goes through hilly terrain and you will get past, the small town of Alken, the School Pat...

The StoRYwalk

8680, Ry

Around Ry, there are some small signs at places, where there is a special story to tell. The square black/white pattern on the poles is a "bar code" that you can scan using a mobile phone.
This type c...

Shelters with unique location

Stay in the open air closest to the stars.

- Two shelters

- Tables and benches

- Fireplace with grill and primitive toiletry facilities

- Information tables 

No Boo...

B&B Toften, Brædstrup, Horsens, © B&B Toften

B&B Toften

8740, Brædstrup

In scenic surroundings in Sdr. Vissing town centre, you can book your overnight stay in one of B&B Toften’s nice, spacious apartments. There are 7 rooms, all fully equipped with a kitchenette, private...

© Hammel Golf Klub

Hammel Golf Club

8450, Hammel

Hammel Golf Club
The club's course lies in a very scenic area of Denmark. The hilly terrain offers exciting challenges, for both beginners and the more seasoned players. The club itself was founded in...

Skanderborg Park, Hotel

8660, Skanderborg

The art of accommodating high expectationsThe Skanderborg Kursus- & konferencecenter (Skanderborg Conference Centre) is a unique meeting place for everybody who wants a hotel...

The beautiful landscape of Søhøjlandet (the Lake Highlands) opens everywhere for magnificent views. Small oases with tables and benches invite to coffee breaks. The path is 9 km long, and it is possib...

Skanderborg on your smartphone

By scanning a QR code, you can listen to the stories on your phone. 

"Welcome to Skanderborg and a short story about ...." it says when you start to listen to the 12 ...

Vestermølle (Westmill)
- by Lake Skanderborg.

Visit Vestermølle Museum and the Virtual Museum of Vestermølle and get a glimpse of the cooperative movement's great importance to agriculture and societ...

The flowerhouse "Flora" provides modern flower bindery to Ry and the surrounding area. The store's employees occasionally participate in courses to develop and maintain their flower bindery skills.


Gallery Art Expo

8362, Hørning

Gallery Art Expo is a commercial gallery, which was founded by Sarah Høj in January 2000. In addition to selling art and framing for private, the gallery serves a number of solid business customers wi...

© Apotekerforeningen

Ry Pharmacy

8680, Ry

Ry Pharmacy-outlet is a part of Skanderborg Pharmacy. Prescription drugs can be ordered for delivery by Ry Pharmacy-outlet.

And then of course you can buy medications and get good advice along the wa...

At Ry Electronic Store they can help you with any electronic installation. Furtermore they sell and repair appliances. Further more Ry Electronic Store is also VE- experts in solar panels....


Showing 151 - 200 of 235 entries