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The Odder Coast stretches from Ajstrup-Mariendal in the north through Kysing, Norsminde, Rude, Saksild, Dyngby and Hou, all the way to Amstrup and Sondrup in the south. We also offer holiday houses in...

Nølev Church

8300, Odder

The tower of this church was built in 1952. The chancel and nave are from c. 1200, while the porch is late medieval. The vestry is first mentioned in 1716, on a occasion when damage had been caused by...

Odder Town Hall

8300, Odder

The park area around the town hall is decorated with three works by Professor Willy Ørskov. The three sculptures - two bronze and one of stone, is not specifically targeted for the town hall's distinc...

Ørting Church

8300, Odder

The Ørting crucifix belongs to the group of so-called "golden" altars and crucifixes (Odder, Lisbjerg og Åby). It dates from c. 1230 and is one of the oldest in the group. The crucifix is an excellent...

Gyllingnæs manor

8300, Odder

The youngest of the manors in the district was established in 1801 by the Englishman John Smith. The estate, which used to hold considerable forest areas, has during its 200 - year history often chang...


8300, Odder

The ferry sails between Hou and the car-free island Tunø. Timetable can be seen on the website for the ferry.

The ferry has room for vans, but as cars normally are not allowed on Tunø, a special per...

Lodgings Boulevarden is a pleasant and luxurious guesthouse. This small and quite unique guesthouse is situated in the heart of Odder.

At Lodgings Boulevarden you not only feel welcome - you feel at...

Tunø Campground

8300, Odder

The Kattegat island Tunø is car-free and a paradise for nature lovers and anglers. There are daily departures from Hou to Tunø, with the ferry. The trip takes approx. 1 hour.

The camp site is placed...

The Mill in Gylling

8300, Odder

Gylling Mill was originally erected in 1860. Due to bad maintenance it collapsed during a storm in 1906, but was soon after rebuilt, this time using brickwork to form the hat.After the mill ...

Gosmer Church

8300, Odder

Because of its impressive size, this church is sometimes also referred to as the "Cathedral" of the Hads Herred region. It is particularly interesting because of the excellent standards of its Romanes...

Gylling Church

8300, Odder

Gylling Kirke consists of a chancel and nave from the end of the 12th century, a late-medieval porch and a mid-16th century stilted tower.The church contains several well-preserved grave sto...

Dorthe Bent was educated as a school teacher and is a self-taught pictorial artist.
She has been exhibiting her paintings since 1989, but started working with glass i 1997. Shortly after she opened a ...

Rude Hougaard- Rooms

8300, Odder

Rooms and annex in beautiful surroundings in the village Rude. Only 500 m to Rude Beach - sandy beach appreciated by the children and sheltered from the west-wind.

New bathroom and kitchnette. Also ...

Cafeen, Hou

8300, Odder

Delicious menuspecialities and Pizza. Coffee, cappuchino, homemade cakes, wine, cold draught beer - to low prices. Service at the quay when the weather is right. Live music and atmosphere ap...

Torrild Church

8300, Odder

Torrild church was built around year 1200. Later additions include the porch, a stilted tower and the west extension.The altarpiece and the pulpit featuring contemporary paintings were carve...

© Spektrum Odder

Fun in the water for the entire family! There are three pools to choose between, one being a warm-water pool. Try the climbing wall, the 1 and 3 meter diving boards, or feel the rush down the water sl...

Åkjær Gods

8300, Odder

This manor is the oldest in the area, and through out the Middle Ages it belonged to the bishop of Århus. After the Reformation it was turned into crown lands, and in the 1660s it was transformed into...

© Odder Golfklub

Odder Golf Club

8300, Odder

Only 4 kilometers from Odder, on the Åkjærvej 200, you will find the beautiful golfcourse of Odder, which is designed by the well known golfcourse architect Frederik Dreyer.

The course is situated i...

© Samsø Rederi


8300, Odder

The ferry between Hou in Jutland and Sælvig on Samsø is chartered by Samsø Rederi.

The beautiful crossing only takes 1 hour....

The ground plan of the church is octagonal, and the cross joins the floor at the exterior wall, whilst the traditional churchlayout is indicated by an apse to the east and a tower and main entrance to...

© Hjerteforeningen

Health path in Odder

8300, Odder

The path starts at the bridge across the Odder Å stream by the "Åparkeringen" car park and follows the stream wherever possible. The path is made up of two loops; one to the east, approx. 3.6 km, and ...

Saksild Church

8300, Odder

The chancel and nave of this church is from c. 1200. There is also a late medieval extension to the west, featuring a tower that was subsequently modified in 1806. A decorated granite ashlar is built ...

Thunø Museum

8300, Odder

At the small Thunø Museum you can get an insight into the history of the island with artifacts detailing the life on the island the past centuries.

Also open by appointment to groups....

Hou Harbour

8300, Odder

Hou is a cosy harbour town. Hou was from 1884 to 1977 the terminus for the Odder Railway. This developed stronger connections to the surrounding areas on land as well as on sea.

Today Hou is a charm...

Alrø Church

8300, Odder

Beautifully situated church with a view of Horsens Fjord. The church is quite distinctive. Although it is Romanesque in appearance, it in fact dates from the late Middle Ages, probably c. 1400. The po...

© Karensminde Frugtplantage

Karensminde Orchard

8300, Odder

You can pick you own fruit or buy fresh fruit and juice in our store at Karensminde Frugtplantage. Our season starts around mid july, where cherries, raspberry, red currants and blueberries are ripe. ...

© Danmark Direkte

Danmark Direkte

8300, Odder

Rent a holiday house in the quiet and cosy holiday areas close to Saksild and the best beach in Denmark. Not far from the many cultural offers of the bigger cities Horsens and Aarhus - yet close to th...

Bjerager Church

8300, Odder

Bjerager Kirke is Romanesque in origin, although the tower and porch are later additions. Two doorways are visible, the one in the south wall having been bricked up and the north-facing one still bein...

Odder Strand Camping

8300, Odder

Odder Strand Camping is placed in one of Denmarks most beautiful areas, only few meters from the deep blue Kattegat. There are good swimming an fishing possibilities only 50 meters from the camping si...

The object of the archives for local history, is to collect, preserve and pass on historical material which enables to illustrate the region's history, the population, businesses, associations and eve...


8300, Odder

The manor was until 1921 a part of the entailed estate of Rathlousdal, and it was originally the seat of the family. The present main building, which has replaced an earlier, is from the 1840's. ...

© Eva Keramik

Eva Keramik

8300, Odder

Eva Pedersen studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Aarhus from 1984 to 1990, and Raku ceramics is her speciality.

RAKU is an ancient Japanese technique of firing ceramics. In those far off days, the...

Falling Church

8300, Odder

The nave, chancel and apse were built in Romanesque style towards the end of the 12th century. The tower and porch were added later in c. 1350. The porch has subsequently been rebuilt several times, h...

© Jesper Rais

Odder Frimenighed

8300, Odder

Odder Frimenighed holds services Sundays at 10.30 a.m. or 16.00 p.m. Pakhuset, Banegaardsgade 5, Odder. Other activities of the church takes place at Café R5, Randlevvej 5, Odder

For more information...

The church on Tunø

8300, Odder

The church on the small island of Tunø was probably erected in the 14th century. It was said that before this time the Tunø islanders used to sail to Nordby Church on neighbouring Samsø to attend serv...

The Balkon Gallery

8300, Odder

In connection with the foyer in Denmarks biggest Kvickly-supermarket you find the gallery. Every month there is a new exhibition by both local and other artists.

It is possible to buy the works on r...

The beach at Sondrup

8300, Odder

Fish species: Sea trout, steelhead, and garfish during the season.Parking: Large car park.Tips: Fish to the right of the steps, excellent site in winter and early spring.Important: The ...

Guided tours on Tunø

8300, Odder

If you have decided to spend a day visting Tunø, a guided tour offers a unique opportunity to get to know the island. Amoung others things, it is possible to learn about how such a small society funct...

© Holtgaard

Holtgaard - Farm shop

8300, Odder

Go exploring the many cosy farm shops and specialist shops in the Odder seaside area. Here you will find a wide range of specialties which can make your holiday even sweeter.

Holtgaard produces organ...

Four rooms in beautiful surroundings in the countryside. All rooms have TV.

Price per. person DKK 250,- incl. bedlinen and breakfast. Coffee and tea is free of charge. Singles DKK 300,-

Swedish log...


8300, Odder

The manor is situated just west of Odder, where a beautiful avenue of lime trees lead to the estate. The manor was established in 1674 and was in the period 1771-1800 owned by the then prime minister ...

© Norsminde Kro

More than 300 years old Royal Privileged Inn located 20 km south of Aarhus, close to the beach,
a bird sanctuary and the marina.

Nearby attractions include The Moesgaard Prehistoric Museum, The Vilh...


6933, Kibæk

Of the 20 ovens that were built in the beginning of the 1900s, the two tar ovens in Hesselvig Plantage are the only to be restored. They have been brought back to their original state to show the prod...

Assing Church

6933, Kibæk

Assing Church is a small village church 18 kilometers south of Herning. The church is a romanian ashlar church from the 11. century....

Skovsnogen Artspace

6933, Kibæk

Skovsnogen Artspace is an exhibition space which is not defined by walls and roofs, but plays out in the open air - far out - in a forest in west Jutland.

Skovsnogen confronts traditional ideas abou...

Karstoft Å

6933, Kibæk

Karstoft stream is located 18 kilometres south from Herning. There is a map of the area. Fishing in Karstoft stream is governed by 2 different closed seasons....

Momhøje Nature Centre offers nature experiences and activities for all ages.The nature playground is situated north of the main building.There are surfacing of heather, the tools have been approved by...

Karstoft Church

6933, Kibæk

Karstoft church is located 20 kilometers from Herning. The church is build of red stone and inside there is a chorus, ship and a high and slim tower....

Skarrild Church

6933, Kibæk

Skarrild church is located right by Skjern stream, 18 kilometers from Herning. It is a little church which is built in Romance style. In the church you can see 3 flags as a consent of the 7 fliers, wh...

The museum is 18km southwest from Herning and has a memorial room, which describes the events, when a english bomb airplane was shot down the night of 27th of August 1944. The 7 crew members who died,...


Showing 151 - 200 of 4529 entries