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© VisitHerning

Sinatur Skarrildhus

6933, Kibæk

The three star hotel and conference centre Skarrildhus is situated in the middle of the beautiful moors of Jutland. Skarrildhus is a beautifully restored manor house. It is set in a charming rhododend...

Book the center on Tel: +45 97222913 - Karsten Margon

The center is situated by 18 km from Herning by a child-friendly garden and in rural surroundings.

In case You have tent it is possible to put i...

Højkilde Bed & Breakfast is situated beautifully in the nature very close to a put and take lake and Skjern river.

Højkilde Bed and Breakfast is also very close to other attractions and cities, like:...

Fjelstervang Kirke

6933, Kibæk

The Church of Fjelstervang (1898) is one out of many churches from the period where people cultivated the moor in the western part of Jutland. A large growth in population at the end of last century a...

Momhøje Naturcenter

6933, Kibæk

Activities in beautiful nature....

Kibæk Hotel

6933, Kibæk

Large hall for 200 Persons. Small hall for 55 Persons. 3 Restaurants for 80 Persons....

Danakilde, © Danakilde

Danakilde is a retreat, conference centre and B&B. We are located near the lake of Rørbæk Sø, which is a scenic natural area with hiking trails, natural springs and abundant wildlife. We find inspirat...

Canoeing on a lake or a river stream is an adventurous experience, where you get close to the nature in a completely new way. On the rivers, there is no stress – most of the time only peace and harmon...

Ferie i Vejle, © Ferie i Vejle

Ferie i Vejle

7100, Vejle

The holiday apartment is located in an area of scenic natural beauty close to central Vejle, right between Grejsdalen and Vejle Ådal – Denmark’s deepest valleys. The rolling landscape with woodlands, ...

The Jelling Monuments, © VisitVejle

The Jelling Monuments

7300, Jelling

The year is 965. Viking King Harald Bluetooth bids farewell to the Norse pantheon and embraces Christianity. He has this message chiselled into a large rune stone in the town of Jelling close to the r...

Jelling Musikfestival, © Jelling Musikfestival

Jelling Music Festival

7300, Jelling

During the second last weekend of May, the town of Jelling transforms into a venue of good music and a meeting place for all ages. The 2015 Jelling Music Festival features Roxette (S), Dizzy Mizz Lizz...

Kellers Minde Museum , © Kellers Minde Museum

Kellers Minde Museum

7080, Børkop

The small village of Brejning has since 1899 been influenced by the presence of the Keller Institution, and the beautiful buildings bear witness to a unique piece of Danish history. In connection with...

Vejle Lystbådehavn, © JS/Danmark

Vejle Marina

7100, Vejle

Vejle Marina is located at the end of one of Denmark’s most beautiful inlets. The new state-of-the-art marina has space for approx. 650 yachts of up to 60 feet in length.

Vejle Marina is located at t...

Vejle Golf Club, © Vejle Golf Club

Vejle Golf Club

7100, Vejle

Welcome to the Vejle Golf Club – Denmark’s most beautiful golf course, which was re-landscaped in 2012 in association with golf course architect Philip Spogárd and now appears as one of the country's ...

Sct. Norberts Church, © Anton Dorph-Petersen

Sct. Norberts Church

7100, Vejle

St. Norbert’s Church was constructed in 1922-1924 in the neo-Gothic style. Architect F. Wipler from Odense has managed to harmoniously integrate all architectural elements, including the adjacent vica...

Vejle Kunst Forening "Kunstbrænderiet", © Vejle Kunst Forening "Kunstbrænderiet"

A visit to the exhibition venue of Vejle Kunst Forening (The Vejle Art Society) is a unique experience. The thick, whitewashed walls, the old cast iron window frames and the sand-strewn floors render ...

© VisitDenmark

The tent site is located by Ibæk Strandvej close to meadows, forest and the shorelines of the Vejle Inlet. Here you can enjoy nature walks through the rolling woodlands of Munkbjergskoven. The tent si...

Restaurant Toscana, © Restaurant Toscana

Restaurant Toscana

7100, Vejle

Treating yourself to a delicious dinner in Vejle is easy. Restaurant Toscana, located in the heart of town, is a bright and spacious establishment. Among the interior design features are burgundy velv...

Alinas og Gerts Bed and Breakfast, © Alinas og Gerts Bed and Breakfast

We are offering rooms/apartment in Vejle in the nice area Uhrhøj in green quit surroundings. We have a double room with bunk beds and own entrance, own kitchen and bathroom.Access to ow...

Vejle Bed and Breakfast, © Vejle Bed and Breakfast

B&B at an old school, Høgsholt Gl. Skole. Idyllically located in a countryside setting but close to town. Newly refurbished non-smoking rooms, one of which has a small bed-loft for two children. L...

Anna Isaksen, © Anna Isaksen

Anna Isaksen

7100, Vejle

We offer two newly refurbished rooms (en suite) with private kitchen and bathroom on the upper floor of a residential home. You have your own entrance. The bedroom has a double bed and there is a sofa...

The Ancient Road, © VisitVejle

Thousands of years ago, before cars filled the roads and before railways linked the major cities, the largest thoroughfare through Jutland followed the rivers. Wandering here were people from all walk...

Fårup Sø, © VisitVejle

Fårup Lake Kiosk and Boat Rental offers rowing boat and water bicycle rental. Experience one of the deepest lakes in the area with numerous fresh water springs. Along your boating trip you will experi...

Vejle Town Hall, © VisitVejle

Vejle Town Hall

7100, Vejle

Vejle Town Hall - Vejle Rådhus - was built in 1878–79. The current building is the town's fourth town  hall and is located on a piece of land, which was originally the location of an an...

Family Camping Jelling, © Family Camping Jelling

Family Camping Jelling

7300, Jelling

Family Camping Jelling is located in a scenic setting by the old Viking town of Jelling. The campsite offers excellent facilities for the whole family, such as a swimming pool, a new restaurant and pl...

DGI-huset Vejle’s indoor pool, © Torsten Frøstrup

Get splashing in a world at water at DGI-Huset in Vejle that offers splendid activities for children, the young and adults alike. We believe there should be room for everyone.

The DGI-Huset swimming ...

Sønderskoven, © VisitVejle

Sønderskoven is located to the south of Vejle. The forest has an exciting, varied and hilly terrain with numerous springs and creeks and in addition a number of dead ice holes, which arose after ...

Munkebjergskoven, © VisitVejle

The steep hills of Munkebjergskoven Forest stretch along the south side of Vejle Bay. The very rolling trip along the trails of the forest is awarded with vigorous vegetation and beautiful vantag...

Haraldskær Skov, © VisitVejle

Haraldskær Forest

7100, Vejle

Haraldskær Forst is situated west of Vejle. The forest is richly varied with old and new forest, deciduous and coniferous forest, hills, bogs and waterholes, dense stand and open spaces, which allow y...

Albuen Beach, © VisitVejle

Albuen Beach

7100, Vejle

On the north side of the bay is Vejle’s popular local beach, Albuen, nestled in beautiful natural surroundings. The appealing, family-friendly city beach with excellent facilities for the di...

Fårup Sø, © VisitVejle

Fårup Lake

7300, Jelling

The upper part of Grejsdal valley south of Jelling with Fårup Lake, numerous springs, woods and open cropped meadows and fringes form the frame of an exciting landscape with tremendous natural resourc...

The Barrows by Skærup, © VisitVejle

In 1992, when a new stretch of motor way was to be built from the Little Belt Bridge to E45, a large ploughed up grave mound was found near the village of Tårup. As it turned out, the grave mound...

Grejsdalen, © VisitVejle

Grejsdal Valley

7100, Vejle

Grejsdal Valley is one of Denmark’s deepest and most magnificent gorges surrounded by 50-70 meter forest-clad hillsides. The southern end of the one-kilometre valley river, which springs from the area...

Brandbjerg Manor, © Brandbjerg Herregård

Brandbjerg Manor

7300, Jelling

Brandbjerg Manor is situated a few kilometers north of Jelling, surrounded by forest, park, lake and moat. Characteristic for the overall impression of Brandbjerg is the white simplicity and eleg...

Tirsbæk Castle, © Jens Ritzlau

Tirsbæk Castle

7120, Vejle Øst

Tirsbæk Castle is beautifully situated on the north-side of Vejle Bay between tall forested hills in a valley neighbouring the bay. The name Tirsbæk – previously Thyrsbæk – originates from Tyr, s...

Børkop Bibliotek, © Børkop Bibliotek

Børkop Public Library

7080, Børkop

Digital tourist information – now at the library. Using our interactive screen you can now find information about everything from accommodations to local activities and experiences. It’s quick and eas...

BB-Hotel Vejle, © BB-Hotel Vejle

BB-Hotel Vejle

7100, Vejle

Cosy self-service hotel located in the heart of Vejle close to the pedestrian street, musical theatre and art museum. Only 5 min. walk from the station. The hotel has 32 large and bright rooms, all wi...

Give Public Library, © Give Bibliotek

Give Public Library

7323, Give

Give Public Library in the heart of town is open for you! If you are seeking information or inspiration then the library offers a wide selection of books, local newspapers, tourist brochures, films, m...

The Sculpture Town Give - "Vækst og Vilje" by Christian Svendsen, ©


7323, Give

Give is known as a town of sculptures – 49 sculptures adorn the townscape. The unique natural surroundings of Give can be experienced by bicycle or on hiking tours along the Ancient Road, a historic J...

Skibet Church, © VisitVejle

Skibet Church

7100, Vejle

Skibet Church was built between 1125 and 1150 and belonged to Haraldskær Manor until around  1936. Skibet Church was built in travertine with a Roman nave and chancel. The church is from before the ti...

Trindvold/Trindhøj (Viking Age fortress), © Mette Mørk

The Viking Age fortress mounds called Trindhøj or Trindvold, are situated near Brejning. The mounds are the remains of an old fortification, which together with other fortress'&nbs...

Hastrup Plantage, © VisitVejle

Hastrup Plantage

7323, Give

Hastrup Plantage is a woodland plantation created in 1877 on reclaimed natural heath. The plantation, located northwest of Ejstrupholm where the rolling downs of the Jutland Ridge meet the wester...

Tyrelodspynten, © VisitVejle

Mølholmsdammen (Mølholm pond) and Tyrelodspynten (Tyrelod point) are both situated in the scenic Sønderskov forest between Mølholm and Søndermarken. Access to the parks from Fredericiavej, J...

Tirsbæk Castle Park, © Jens Ritzlau

Tirsbæk Castle Park

7120, Vejle Øst

Tirsbæk Castle is beautifully situated on the north-side of Vejle Bay between tall forested hills in a valley neighbouring the bay. The castle is privately owned. The park covers 30 acres and was esta...

Brejning Strand, © VisitDenmark

Brejning Beach

7080, Børkop

Brejning Beach is located on the south side of Vejle Bay. This serene pebbled beach is ideal for families with children. The beach is expected to undergo landscaped expansion in the coming years ...

The Sirius Observatory, © Sirius Observatoriet

Looking through the observatory’s two m long telescope, you will see an unforgettable sight of the planets of our solar system. The observatory has an interesting minor collection of instruments as we...

Haraldskær Manor, © VisitVejle

Haraldskær Manor

7100, Vejle

Haraldskær is situated on a castle mounds south of Skibet. Close to Vejle River and in the middle of the beautiful Vejle River Valley, where the hilly terrain was created by melting water from the ice...

Knowledge and exhibition centre Økolariet, © Økolariet

Explore your world in 80 minutes – at Økolariet (The Ecolarium)

Økolariet is an exciting science and experience centre about nature, the environment, energy, climate, innovation and technology.


The East Coast Route, © VisitVejle

The unique area surrounding the inlet  around Vejle is characterized by a calm water surface and impressive forest-clad beach hills – occasionally as tall as 80 ms. The inlet is 22 kilo...

Skærup Church

7080, Børkop

Skærup Church was built in a Roman style. The church was mentioned for the first time in the early twelfth century. During a restoration in the 1880s, the nave and chancel of the church were rebu...


Showing 201 - 250 of 4337 entries