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Als Brindle route

6400, Sønderborg

Welcome to Als Bridle RouteAls I the 7th biggest island in Denmark (about 312 km2). The island is connected to the mainland Jutland by two bridges and it has ferry connections to Jutland and Funen.The...

© LEGOLAND Billund

Ferrari Days in LEGOLAND

7190, Billund

A racing red day in LEGOLAND®!
The speed is on when more than 25 genuine Ferraris visit LEGOLAND. Witness the impressive parade through the park, and look forward to lots of racing car-related buildi...

© Odder Kommune

The tentsite is a lawn situated by a farm.

There is a toilet in the stable with a bath and a kitchenette. It is free to use the tentsite.

At arrival please contact the residents in the house. If th...

© Odder Kommune

Camp site with barbecue hut and shelters...

© Odder Kommune

The site is located in Nørremose, about 100 meters from Nordstranden. The site is surrounded by oak forest on three sides.

Firewood can be gathered in the woods until the forest trail to the west. It...

© VisitOdder

Hou Coastal Path

8300, Odder

The route is approx. 10 km long. Scan the QR-codes en route to learn more about the history and development of the town of Hou.

Download map:

© Fanø i Atlantvolden

Fanø was an important part of the "Atlantic Wall" built by the Germans from northern Norway to southern France during WWII.

Denmark was occupied by Germany during April 1940, and the Germans immediat...

Conrad Café, © VisitVejle

Conrad Café

7100, Vejle

Conrad Café is located in the Smidtske Gård merchants house by southern section of the pedestrian street. The charming courtyard is the setting for the welcoming café and here you will find moments of...

© Odder Museum

From March to September, on the topic of local history, visitors will be able to see an exhibition about Denmark’s only pram factory and the ‘pram culture’ specific to Denmark.

This is the story of ...

© Montra Odder Parkhotel

Enjoy a delicious 4 course menu and lovely music of singer Kirsten Siggaard and pianist Jens Munkholm

Table reservation required +45 86 54 47 44


© Montra Odder Parkhotel

Githa Ben-David and Lars Muhl's first CD "To Heal The Space Between Us" has sold 8,000 copies.

Now they are celebrating their new CD "Zero" with this intimate acoustic concert at Odder Parkhotel....

© Montra Odder Parkhotel

Dinner and concert with the danish band 'Tørfisk'....

In the south west corner of Denmark you will find the historic Southjutland and in the middle of this lies theWaddenseaisland of Rømø. The only Danish Waddenseaisland which is connected to the mainlan...

© Klægagers facebook side


6261, Bredebro

Restoret Old Marshfarm on a big ground.

Serval shared dining/sitting rooms. A Garden with terrace. Party and Courserooms.

Distance to Tønder 30 km....

© Sønderborg Turistbureau

Schloss Gottorf

6400, Sønderborg

Enjoy 120.000 years of cultural history from Stone Age artefacts to contempoary art.

Just one hour from Sønderborg!...

© cha

Ancient Road sculpture

6622, Bække

The Ancient Road sculpture at Bække consists of a large stone bas-relief with two set stones. The relief depicts fragments of the way we imagine life unfold on the Ancient Road generations ago.


© cha

Mannehøj barrow

6600, Vejen

Just south of Asbo and east of Vejen by the section of the Ancient Road that runs between Bække and Læborg lies an ancient barrow called Mannehøj. The barrow was originally about 24 meters in diameter...

© cha

The former bus station in Bække is home to a highly informative exhibition on the Ancient Road, which offers insight into the course of the road and the life that unfolded along it.

A number of displ...

© cha

Along the Ancient Road just east of Gammelby on the stretch between Læborg and Vejen you come across Saint Gertrud, the patron saint of travellers who lived from 626 to 659 in a monastery in Belgium. ...

© Aabenraa Turistbureau

The Copper Mill Tour

6200, Aabenraa

We learn about the Gendarmpath, the Kruså Valley, Skomagerhus, Wassersleben and Kupfermühle and a lot of interesting stories about everyday life for the people living here. The view at Flensburg Fjord...

© cha

Bennetgård, the building

6630, Rødding

From the outside, the whitewashed former farmhouse isn’t all that conspicuous, but the place is historically quite significant all the same. Bennetgård is a rest home for those of Danish decent living...

© cha

Gammelby can trace its history back to 1392, and for many of those years the villagers fetched household water from the common well in the heart of the village. In many villages the wells have fallen ...

© Aabenraa Turistbureau

Maritime City Walk

6200, Aabenraa

Hear  the maritime history of Aabenraa and see the port district...

© Aabenraa Turistbureau

You are taken on a tour around the ship yard and are hearing about the life as a working man at one of the largest ship yards in Denmark in the 1800 century....

Quickstop for RV's

6100, Haderslev
© Gram Slot

-          The energy in the center

 Is based primarily on alternative practitioners, exhibitors in spirituality and distributors of alternative products ect. As an exhibitor you get the opportunity ...

© Aabenraa Turistbureau

Guided tour in Aabenraa

6200, Aabenraa

Experience the exciting history of Aabenraa and itshistorical buildings...

© Aabenraa Turistbureau


6340, Kruså

An event for the entire family, where you learn about  the different mushrooms which you can collect in the forest. A Hereford Beefstouw Holdbi kro serves afterwards delicious meal inspired by mushroo...

Langdysse in Klelund

6682, Hovborg

"Langdyssen" in the south of Klelund plantation was in the 1700´s called "Giant Rochs". It is well kept and is 74 meters long....

© Aabenraa Turistbureau

Vestersø og Ulvekule

6200, Aabenraa

A fantastic trip along the small forest paths through a hardwood forest with the Møllå, the Bronze Age and the RAF-memorial...

Esbjerg Flea Market

6705, Esbjerg Ø

Car boot sale in Esbjerg....

© cha

Close to the Ancient Road just north of Skodborg there is an old bridge.
If you follow the Ancient Road along Lundsgårdsvej you will reach Gl. Vamdrupvej, which today is merely a field track. Approx....

© cha

The pilgrim’s shelter in the woods of Skodborg Præsteskov offers tables and benches, under roof as well as in the open, where you are welcome to take a rest from your hike and enjoy your food.
The pi...

© AxeltorvLauget

Bootsale and Music

7000, Fredericia

BootSale with Music

on Axeltorv Fredericia

AXELTORVET FROM KL.08.00 - 17.00

9.MAJ - 6.JUNI - 4.JULI - 1.AUGUST - 29.AUGUST.

MUSIc from KL.10.00 TIL 13.00.



© Axeltorv Lauget


7000, Fredericia

Bootsale and art sale

J.B-NIELSENS PLADS from KL.08.00 - 17.00


© cha

On the outskirts of the woods of Skodborg Børneskov and overlooking the sea you find a new campfire hut and a separate shelter for overnight stays. Here you can fall asleep to the last sparks of your ...

Haraldskær, © VisitVejle

Enjoy the tour past the beautiful Haraldskær Manor and alongside Vejle Å river via Bindeballestien before the route takes you across Vejlevej and up the hill towards Kærbølling Mark. At the top, you c...

Kongens Kær, © VisitVejle

Heading in the direction of Vejle, the route runs along Binde-ballestien. Turn off to the right just before Trædballe, along the paved cycle lane that runs along Vestre Engvej all the way into Bouleva...

Tørskind Gravel Pit, © VisitVejle

From Skibet, we go along Bindeballestien past Haraldskær and Vingsted before reaching Ravning Bridge, a reconstruction of the 750m-long oak bridge built by Harald Bluetooth to cross the Vejle River Va...

Børkop Watermill, © Børkop Vandmølle - mølleri & Farbror Svends Samling

From Mørkholt, follow the route to Gårslev, cycle along Kirkegade out of the city and across the expressway. From here, follow the route along the fields to Gl. Pjedsted and continue towards the river...

Hvidbjerg Beach, © VisitVejle

From Mørkholt, the tour takes you through Hvidbjerg, where one suggestion for the tour’s first stop is the Hvidbjerg Klit nature reserve, from which the island of Æbelø can be seen at a distance. Cont...

Brejning Marina, © Brejning Lystbådehavn

From Mørkholt, the tour takes you to Brejning, where the beautifully restored Kellerske Anstalter dominates the landscape. In Brejning, you can stretch your legs and enjoy the first break of the tour ...


Showing 4351 - 4400 of 4530 entries