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Restaurant Czarens Hus

4800, Nykøbing F

The restaurant is situated in a preserved building, built in the year 1600.
"Czar Peter the Great" visited the place in 1716, where he consumed his lunch. That is why the building is called "The hou...

Nykøbing Falster Tourist Office
Nykøbing Tourist Office is located near the town square in the museum shop "Falsters Minder". We can give you advice for your holiday on Lolland-Falster.
Our service in...

Torkilstrup Kirke

4863, Eskilstrup

The church is constructed with chalk bricks and painted white. Its abnormal chancel extension has given it a magnificent long stretch, which led to a name "Long Maren". Tomb, baptismal font in Romanes...

© Hanne Boisen

Hanne Boisen

4100, Ringsted

Hanne Boisen mostly works in acrylic and she uses sand, paper, gold and silver on her paintings.  This technique radiates happiness to the viewer. The composition is often nature and its sur...

Radsted Church

4990, Sakskøbing

Can be seen from far and wide, because of its 54 metres high tower with a copper-roofed spire. The west part of the nave dates back from 12th century and the east extension and the lowest part of the ...

Nysted Water Tower

4880, Nysted

Former water tower from 1911, today an exhibit/gazebo tower. ...

Agerholm B&B

4772, Langebæk

Agerholm Bed & Breakfast is dedicated people, which prefere peace and nature. We are situated close up to forest and with beatifull view to the sea and the island Møn a few minutes walk from our house...

Fru Blomst - Haslev

4690, Haslev

Fru Blomst has two exciting and special flower shops with a lot of different high quality products. We always bye Fair Trade products if they are available and we are also a member of Euroflorist.


© Fenger

Superb summer cottage facing onto the best beach in Denmark
Lovely 123 m² summer cottage set in the tranquil surroundings of large naturally landscaped grounds that run directly onto the beach. The li...

Tent site - Centralgaardens

4990, Sakskøbing

Centralgaarden tent siteThe site is a corner in our garden, which is well-sheltered.  We have two horses, which stay in an enclosure beside the site and a Labrador, who is v...

Tent site - Klodskov Strand

4863, Eskilstrup

Klodskov Strand/BeachSmall grassy area by a farm, Klodskov Strandvej 2, near Guldborg Sound, approx. 5 km north of Nykøbing F. Toilet facility available on site 1/5-1/10. Sp...

Shelter - Sortsø Fritidshavn

4850, Stubbekøbing

Sortsø FritidshavnThe site with shelter is located near Sortsø Marina, which is administrated by Sukkerbroens Bådelaug (boat club). The site lies 20 m from the marina t...

© Møn Turistbureau

Præstø church

4720, Præstø

The church in Præstø is from the beginning of the 1300th. In the beginning of the 1400th, a tower was being build. The other part of the church was in a bad condition and medio 1400th a new building w...

Skibinge church

4720, Præstø

The beautiful whitewashed church stands on the top of a hill in the outskirts of Skibinge with a veiw over woods and fields. It was built in the twelfth century, and the porch and the tower was added ...

Errindlev Kirke

4895, Errindlev

The church is consecrated to Saint Nicolaj – not only a saint, but also a special protector of the mariners.Christ and the sinning woman is the motive of the altarpiece, which is dated back ...

Fejø Camping

4944, Fejø

Fejø Camping has been closed for some years, but with its new owners it is open again. We should like to welcome you to our lovely beautiful island. We are convinced that you’ll find many good experie...

Restaurant Fjorden

4900, Nakskov

family restaurant with views of Nakskov Fjord.

Kiosk with grill food.

We offer smoked herring from our own smokestoke.

Outside catering for 60 persons.



4100, Ringsted

The crucifix is 4 m high and represents the suffering Jesus Christ. The figure was cut in Oberammergau (South Germany) and the cross is made in Copenhagen.  The crucifix is roofed.  


4100, Ringsted

Peberdalsgaard is situated 10 km north/west of Ringsted near the village Gyrstinge. They have had Bison on their farm since 2006.

On the farm you can get close to the small calves and the enormous bu...

The Black Geomuseum

4874, Gedser

Collection of minerals found in the local area. Exciting finds of amber with encircled insects. Huge quarts collection from the whole world. Garnet collection of different types, cut and un-cut....

Sønder Kohave

4800, Nykøbing F

Kernegaarden Fejø – Supplier of exquisite organic taste experiences.

Visit Kernegaarden’s farm shop and enjoy an island specialty in the café Oasen with a sea view and child-friendly patting animals....

© VisitMøn-Sydsjælland

Cafe Mocca

4720, Præstø

You find Cafe Mocca located on the romantic harbour in Præstø with a view over Præstø Fjord. The café offers lunch, dinner, children menu and brunch. Furthermore meeting and conference rooms. Contact ...

Helligaandshuset - The House of the Holy Spirit - was built in the Middle Ages and was an establishment for the old, the sick and the needy. It also had a church room for services. After a t...

Præstø Camping

4720, Præstø

Possibility for using the local swimming bath. You can also make use of tennis court. 6 cabins for rent. We have 2 canoes for rent. ...


4791, Borre

Klintebolcher on Møn produce countless varieties of candy and colorful lollipops. Visit the store on your way to the chalk cliffs Møns Klint and experience this tasteful adventure....

Frenderup Hjortefarm

4780, Stege

Frenderup Deer Farm breeds deer since 1985. There are outside all year around. The deers are being butchered twice a year and the meat can be purchased directly from the butcher. Call and hear more ab...

Apart from the dike, the flat countryside of Lolland does not present very much in the way of hilly terrain.  However, in the landscape around the picturesque village of Vesterborg

Østersøparken Camping

4873, Væggerløse

Østersøpark Camping is situated directly at Denmark's best beach.
The beach and dike streches more than 24 km. The area is filled opportunities for a vacation full of bathing and relaxing walks. 

At ...

The house Thalia is the earlier "Recreation house of the Danish Actor Union".This historic and beautiful building goes back to 1944.It is situated in the old part of Marielyst and close to the beach. ...

Skelby Bed & Breakfast

4874, Gedser

Skelby Bed & Breakfast
Stay overnight in the wonderfull "Skelby old vicarage". Quiet and undisturbed surroundings. You can experience the rooms made in a old fashion stile, which is appropriate to the...


4220, Korsør

Norvangen by Korsor Produktionshøjskole. Produced in collaboration with students...

Sct. Michael og Dragen

4200, Slagelse

A fountain decorated with a figure which shows Sct. Michael fighting against the Dragon. Sct. Michael is the patron saint of Slagelse and makes war against the devil. Sct. Michael takes care of the so...


4200, Slagelse

The sculpture is made in granite and is made of Lily Troelsø Borring.The sculpture is situated on Klingeberg and is given by the Improvement Society of Slagelse in 1997 in connection with the rem...

Pyramids on a stonetable

4200, Slagelse

A sculpture by Ole Sjøvold in bronze and granite. The sculpture was a gift from Slagelse Improvement Society in 1994 and is placed at the lawn behind the Library in Stenstuegade....

Boats for rent at Agersø

4230, Skælskør

Rent a boat for fishing at Agersø Camping by the harbour.Contact

Kanehøj Mill

4230, Skælskør

Kanehøj Mølle is a windmill situated in the outskirt of Skælskør. During the summer time one can visit the windmill. It is quite a beautiful experience to see the wings of the windmill turn, when...

Omø Church

4230, Skælskør

 Before the reformation the island of Omø did not have its own church, but a chapel in Skælskør which you will still find added to Sct. Nicolai Church. A stone table on the south wall of Omø Chur...

© Susanne Reiff


4100, Ringsted

SKEMA is a really cosy bar with live enterrainment at certain dates. You can buy coffee, redwine, drinks and speciality beers at reasonable prices. 
There's free WIFI, so bring your iPad.
Friday and S...

Gæstehuset i Broby

4180, Sorø


4780, Stege

Handmade jewellery in gold and silver - as well as sale of gemstones and pearls.
Shop and pearls in Stege (Luffes gård):
Open Tuesday - Friday: 11-17 and
Saturday: 10-13

Shop and workshop in Gl. Kalv...

Flower bulb in granite

4700, Næstved

Flower bulb sculpture in granite. Artist Ole Christensen....

Open daily for parties, meetings and courses.

Call us to make an arrangement....

Næstved Playpark

4700, Næstved

Naestved Playpark is a huge indoor-playground full of popular attractions.  We have a bouncy castle just like Cirkusland and the Junglehop, as well as a bouncy castle featuring blow-up anima...

Gedser Strand

4874, Gedser

Gedser Strand

South of Gedser Marina lies a nice nice beach....

Gerda Østergaard

4180, Sorø

Unique bowls and plates etc. areproduced in the workshop.In additation, large ornaments forbuildings are made to order.Workshop and showroom are open to visitors by appointment....


4700, Næstved

Obelisk which is about 10 m. high, is erected for Frederik VII....


Showing 1 - 50 of 2431 entries