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Knuthenborg Safari Park

4941, Bandholm

Knuthenborg Safari Park, the largest wild animal park in Northern Europe, offers a fascinating wildlife experience for the entire family. The Safari Park lets you get up close to the animals, so close...

Solrød Strand

2680, Solrød Strand

Solrød Strandpark
The four miles long coastline is made up mainly of a wide sandy beaches with dunes perfectly suited for children.The coast area is of great natural value and offers the best c...


The Island of Møn offers some of Denmark's most dramatic scenery mixed with age-old churches with frescoes, quaint villages and handicraft shops - definitely worth a visit. The Island and its stunning...


Hundige Strand Familiecamping is Denmark's oldest campsite from 1926. It's a charming site with a pleasant atmosphere and it's great for families too. Within 500 meters you'll find a child-friendly be...

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Vordingborg Slots Ruiner

4760, Vordingborg

On the 3 hectar big and beautyful castle yard in the middle of Vordingborg, you can still see rests of the 710 meter long and 8 meter high ringwall.Several Kings have been living there....

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Enjoy the view of ?Dronning Alexandrines Bro? (Queen Alexandrines bridge) from ?Kalvehave? to ?Møn?. The beautiful bridge is built in 1943 with a thin curve in ferro-concrete and steel. ...

Knudshoved Odde

4760, Vordingborg

You can park at "knudsskovgaard", and then walk out to the point ( a trip at 7 km). Be aware that around the point, there is sometimes a very strong current, and there are also some deep holes. Theref...

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Ore Strand Camping ApS

4760, Vordingborg

Ore Strand Camping is a perfect campsite for families. It is located close to the beach, which of course has a Blue Flag, and only 2 km from the town centre. The town centre of Vordingborg offers many...


4760, Vordingborg

The bridge is 3.200 m long, divided up into 50 spans over a total of 49 concrete piers. It was opened on 26 Sept. 1937 by King Christian X. Dorman, Long & Co. and Christiani & Nielsen did the construc...


4772, Langebæk

Peter's Wharf was named after the landlord Peter Johansen, Petersgård (Peter's Manor) built in 1777, and who founded a ship yard here. Formerly the biggest ship ever built outside Copenhagen was here,...

Statue af Kong Valdemar Sejr

4760, Vordingborg

The statue of King Valdemar Sejr is placed on Algade, right beside of the Goosetower. ...

Vor Frue church, Vordingborg

4760, Vordingborg

Church of Our Lady in VordingborgThe church is built of mediaeval large bricks and bears the impress of reconditioning. The nave and the aisles are built in 1432-60. The tower was added arou...

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Mallings Kløft

4772, Langebæk

The scenic beauty of Mallings Kløft (Malling’s Gully) at Stensbygård is worth a visit. The stream running through the gully used to feed five water mills. A few remains of their stone foundations are ...

Kalvehave church

4771, Kalvehave

The church is the oldest of the parish, built about 1225-50 into large bricks near to a holy spring. The church is rebuilt and extended during more periods, which gives it a unik look.
The ship and th...

Kastrup church

4760, Vordingborg

The church in Kastrup is originally consecrated at St Clemens. This is also the main figure of the altarpiece from 1520 that was made by the "Apostle master" in Næstved.Choir crucifix from 1300, ...


4760, Vordingborg

The Goose Tower - The Goose Tower is the best preserved medieval tower in Scandinavia, built by Valdemar Atterdag in 1362-65 as part of the rebuilding and extension of the castle.Vordingborg was ...

Vordingborg Tourismoffice

4760, Vordingborg

The tourist information in Vordingborg is located at the Danish Castle Centre. Here you will find tourist material and pamphlets about attractions, accomodation, places to eat and several other things...

Ørslev church

4760, Vordingborg

The Roman inspired church was built approximately 1260. It belonged to their time to the crown and was 1721-1776 under the rider property. By the sell baron R. Iselingwas handed over the church, under...

Mern church

4735, Mern

Originally a Romanesque brick-covered church, later rebuilt and extended. Now white-washed village church. The church has 4 south chapels from approximately 1510-20, the tower somewhat later. The...

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4760, Vordingborg

Regional live venue with well-know artist as well as new bands. For more information


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Masnedø Fort

4760, Vordingborg

The fort was built on the west coast of the island Masnedø in 1912-1915 in accordance with the defence act from 1909.It was well-situated, appropriately constructed and armed in order to command ...


4760, Vordingborg

Enjoy a walk in ?Knudskov? - a beautiful forest in the eastern part of ?Knudshoved Odde? with a lot of different wood sorts. The owner?s permission is required for organised tours. For further informa...

The Holiday Centre Oestersoe Faergegaard is a scenic beauty.

Placed at Kalvehave - at the foot of the bridge to Møn and close to the Faroe Bridges (Farø).

View over the sea from most of the apartmen...

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Hotel Kong Valdemar

4760, Vordingborg

Hotel Kong Valdemar is located in the heart of Vordingborg together with the ruins of an 800 years old castle as neighbour. Frome the hotel you have access to Vordingborg’s greatest attractions. There...

Historisk-botanisk Have

4760, Vordingborg

This first Danish historic-botanical garten was, at the request of the tourist association and with assistance from the municipal gartner G.N.Brandt from Gentofte, established in 1921.The ga...

Danhostel Vordingborg

4760, Vordingborg

DANHOSTEL Vordingborg is situated on a peaceful 36,000 m2 site with paths, lakes and pétanque courts on the outskirts of Vordingborg (approx. 20,500 inhabitants). Vordingborg is beautifully situated i...

© Hotel Præstekilde Møn

Hotel Præstekilde Møn is situated in beautiful and recreational surroundings with lovely view over the sea and with an 18-hole golf course just outside. The hotel has indoor swimmingpool, sauna, solar...

Bodil Ceramics

4791, Borre

Workshop and gallery.After 4 years of training, Bodil Hansen started her own workshop in 1969.Turned domestic wares in earthenware and stoneware.The workshop is open for groups by appoi...

Keldby Camping Møn

4780, Stege

Welcome to a family-run camping site situated in the centre of a green island in the middle of a blue sea.
We know just how important relaxation is for present-day families during their camping holida...

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Elmehoj hotel

4780, Stege

Board and conference facilities. Next to ElmelundeChurch. Close to forest, beach and Møns Klint.
View of Stege Cove or Hjelm Bay.
Playground with trampolines and swings.
Table Tennis an...

Lilleskovgaard B&B

4791, Borre

Bed & Breakfast/appartments. Cosy holiday apartments for rent. Situated in wonderful landscape and quiet surroundings with park-like garden, garden furniture and own lake with boat. Wonderful view fro...

© Henning Jensen

Open-Air-Museum. Farm from the 18. century. A lovely garden with tables and benches in which you may enjoy your own picknick. In case of rain you may dine in the stable.
Closed at 1. of May and 5. of ...


4791, Borre

The hills of JydelejetJydelejet, north of Klinteskoven, is a gentle, rounded valey, a part of the varied landskape behind the cliffs with scattered groups of trees, juniper berry bushes and poor...

Torben Ceramics

4780, Stege

The owners make ceramics and have different ceramics exhibitions. They have different exhibitions in their gallery and other activities during the year.Brochures in Danish, English, and Germ...

Vordingborg sydhavn

4760, Vordingborg

East of the Masnedsund Bridge and approx. 2 km. south of the town centre, thís peacefulnang quiet marina accomodates boates with a draught of up to 2 m....

Møn Is

4780, Stege

On Møn a new “ice age” has appeared. The dairy in Råbyllille sells various sorts of home-made ice-cream. The fruit used for the production of ice-cream come mainly from local producers. The sorts foll...

Nyord B&B

4780, Stege

Nyord Bed & Breakfast I located in the center of the peaceful town of Nyord and offers a unique vacation in one of Denmark’s most beautiful villages. Nyord Bed & Breakfast offers severel rooms, some w...

© Helle Poulsen

Apartment for the holidays located central for rent: Price: day and night (24 hours) for 2 persons: 700,- DKr. Extra persons: 50,- DKr. 2 persons for 7 days: 3500,- DKr. Incl. cleaning on the departur...

Persillegarden B&B

4780, Stege

The Parsley Farm is a cosy little farm building,  situated in Råbylille Strand - one of Møn’s best beaches. The main farm building was built in 1900 and the other two were built on in 1926 and 1941. 

Mølleporten in Stege

4780, Stege

Arround the year 1430 Steges rampart and moat were established. On top of the rampart was build a town wall and three towers were raised. Only one tower is left: "Mølleporten"...

© VisitDenmark

Damme Kro

4792, Askeby

Good danish Kro meal. Closed on Mondays....

Café Grandma's House

4760, Vordingborg

Farmorhuset (Grandma's House)

- House of exploration and play

Buy coffee, homemade cakes and lemonade. These refreshments are served in an entertaining and fun way, while the children can play with ...


4780, Stege

Vibækgård is a farm shop situated between Kalvehave and Stege. Here you find all seasonal products life potatos, strawberries, sweet corn etc. Besides you will allways find a number of local specialti...

© Tenja

The ´Wickerwork House` offers workshops, exhibitions and sale of wickerwork material and Danish design, arts and crafts. Experience the unique atmosphere at Stege Nor as a guest or participant in one ...

Regina Holm

4780, Stege

Holiday apartment in cosy former village school.
Today Tøvelde Gl. Skole is a ecological café and an ecological shop.
The apartment has 4 beds plus  possibility of an extra bed.
Kitchenette with elec...

Askeby B&B

4792, Askeby

Cosy apartment. Room for 2 persons. Possibility for 2 extra beds.Nice bathroom with shower, bedroom with wardrobe. Large livingroom with sofa suite and TV-set and dining area. Kitchencorner ...

Harbolle Harbor

4792, Askeby

The harbour is in Groensund on the SW-coast on the island of Moen. Wind between A and W give until 1,0 m low water....

Bent Rune Gallery

4780, Stege

The exhibition contains Bent Runes own work, primarily motives from Møn in watercolor. Moreover, there is always a big selection of print and postcards....


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