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Bandholm Orchard

4941, Bandholm

We founded Bandholm Orchard in 1999.  In the beginning we only grew fruit, but today parts of our production are worked up into jam, apple juice and vinegar. 

In the same year we planted 1, 5 hectare...

Galleri Højriis

4930, Maribo

The farm with its gallery has a beautiful collection of Danish and international art created by artists and by arts and crafts men. 

For instance:Anatoly Koslov, Modou Camara, Yvonne Nielsen, Lidia K...

Østofte Kirke

4951, Nørreballe

The church is built of large red stones.Apse, chancel and nave are built in the Romanesque period before 1200.The tower and a porch, which later came into use as a chapel of rest, ...

Nordlunde Kirke

4900, Nakskov

A small community church, which was an annex building next to the main parish church and was used as a chapel.Nordlunde Church was built in 1200th century, beautiful and without a tower. It ...

Nakskov Fjord Camping

4900, Nakskov

Hestehoved Camping is beautiful situated by Nakskov Fjord in the recreational area Hestehoved with lots of beautiful nature, a sandy beach very suitable for children, a marina, restaurant, beach volle...

Fuglse Kirke

4960, Holeby

The church is one of the Lolland eldest churches and it belongs to the so called the ?granite churches?, which was constructed in the 1100th century in Lolland.Fuglse Church was in the medie...

Albuen Strand Camping is beautifully situated in the south-western part of Lolland. It is surrounded by the sea on three sides, - directly to Femern Bælt, Langelandsbæltet and Nakskov Inlet.

Just out...

Surronded by natural beauty at one of Lolland´s best beaches. Cozy apartments with flat screen TVs, kitchenettes & terraces.Near Knuthenborg and Lalandia.Luxury apartments for ...

Askø Ø-Museum

4930, Maribo

Local history museum with a versatile collection from the time around 1850-1950 · Local history · Reading material · PhotographsThat t...

Græshave Kirke

4983, Dannemare

The church is constructed of monkbricks. The Sacristy was originally built in 1637 as a chapel to the Porse family.Completely restored in 1979. A catechism altarpiece from the reformation pe...

Femø Havn

4930, Maribo

Femø harbour is on the west side of Femø, where there is plenty of peace and quiet.

Femø is a very undulating island and definitely worth a visit, with its lovely scenery and superb, child-friendly b...

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Maribo Tourist Bureau is situated in the old town hall in the middle of the market place. 

Booking of accommodation, of the tour boat Anemonen and of the museum railway. 

Rent a bike 

Arrangement o...

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Bademotellet Holiday Appartments

4654, Faxe Ladeplads

Well-situated and modern motel only a stone’s throw from super, child-friendly sandy beach at Faxe Bay.

The motel is in a quiet, closed area, surrounded by a small wood with large, old beech trees, b...

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Bogo Most

4793, Bogø By

Bring your apples and make them into delicious juice yourself – the exact way you want to. You can also rent the  press and make your juice at home. That is easy and low-budget.

Please contact Bogø M...

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Gerlev Legepark, Vikings

4200, Slagelse

The Viking Area at Gerlev Fun Park gives you the opportunity to try some of the old vikingplay. "Take part" in the history and enjoy sport and games for everyone. It is not important how good you are,...


4791, Borre

Join the expedition back to prehistoric times.

See and hear how the Cliff of Møn has come into being; experience the exceptional plant and animal life of the area; and, maybe, find your own 70-millio...

Guldborg Lystbådehavn

4862, Guldborg

Guldborg is situated at the north end of Guldborg sound. The marina is right beside the 75-year-old Guldborg bridge, where previously there was a little ferry port. The bridge opens on request.

A ne...

Nysted Church

4880, Nysted

Medieval town church with an aisle from the 17th century and a noble family's burial chapel from the 18th century. Beautiful medieval crucifix, Renaissance style pulpit and an interesting baroque alta...

Kettinge Church

4892, Kettinge

The murals in Kettinge Church are painted around 1600th century inspired by the Elmelunde Master. Mads Henriksen the artist restored them in 1897. Ketting Church is dated back from the mediaeval times...

The Beet-Girls

4990, Sakskøbing

Two outspoken beet-girls in memory of the beet-girls era....

Frejlev Forest

4892, Kettinge

In the forest you can find more then 100 hills, 13 dolmens and 5 passage graves, and Kong Grøns hill. ...

Sakskøbing Church

4990, Sakskøbing

The church is a late Romanesque brick building with a late Gothic tower. It was built around year 1200; in the following centuries, the original church was extended with a nave and tower. The present ...

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Køge Museum

4600, Køge

Køge Museum is history experience for the whole family. Whether age 7 or 97, you will be in for a great experience when visiting newly renovated Køge Museum.

Accommodated in a former merchant’s house...

© Hotel Saxkjøbing

Hotel Saxkjoebing

4990, Sakskøbing

Hotel Saxkjoebing was grounded 200 years ago and is beautifully situated at the market place.

Hotel Saxkjoebing is the ideal place to stay and eat. The hotel offers 24 simple but charming rooms at re...

© Hotel Saxkjøbing

Hotel Saxkjøbing - Restaurant

4990, Sakskøbing

Our restaurant has been recently renovated. Comfortably seats 45 guests including a smaller private dining room for 12 people and a comfortable coffee lounge for after dinner drinks.The kitchen s...

© Møn Turistbureau

Bogø Havn

4793, Bogø By

The harbour is in Groensund. Wind from SW gives until 1.0 m low water....

The Bed and Breakfast is located on the outskirts of Nykøbing, on a quiet residential street surrounded by forest. We offer accommodation in a cozy apartment with room for up to four people. There is ...

Engestofte Estate

4930, Maribo

Style: Classicist
For centuries, Engestofte was Crownland and mortgaged crown land.
This Main building 1805-1807.
Free access to the church. No access to the main building and park.

For further info...

Nysted Strandhuse

4880, Nysted

Nysted Strandhuse
Open and wind-newly constructed beach below a number of new summer cottages by the Paradise cycling route....

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Vetterslev church

4100, Ringsted

Whitewashed church presumably from about 1250. The altarpiece (1671) is from Abel Schrøder the later?s workshop....

© Annette Tenberg

Nyord church

4780, Stege

Nyord Kirke...


4180, Sorø

A charming farm-shop offering an exciting selection of geuine Pashmina shawls, silk scarves, unusual gifts as well as exclusive jewellery made of silver and semiprecious stones. Open by appointment o...

The Czar's House

4800, Nykøbing F

The Museum (Czarens Hus) is a cultural historical-archaeological collection from antiquity up to this day. The different exhibitions in the Museum give the visitor an insight into hundred years o...

Nørre Vedby Kirke

4840, Nørre Alslev

The church was established in the late 1200th century and is the youngest Mediaeval church in the county. Because of the size of the church it has been called "the Cathedral of Northern Falster", but...

Kippinge Kirke

4840, Nørre Alslev

The church in Kippinge is gothic with distinguished baroque furniture and gothic murals from the 1300-century and is dedicated to Virgin Mary and Saint Nikolaus. The royal painter Antonius Clement has...

Gyldenbjerg Kirke

4840, Nørre Alslev

The church was built in 1889 by the architect H.C. Glahn as a branch to Nørre Vedby Church. The reason behind this was mainly because of the development of the community and the railway from Nykøbing ...

Exciting and funny experiences - for the whole family                                      

In Guldborgsund Zoo and Botanical Garden you get close to animals and plants. The 80 years old garden is a...

Stubbekøbing Egnsmuseum

4850, Stubbekøbing

The Stubbekøbing Museum is situated in the center of the town with one of Europas largest collections of weights dating 1580 -1960 in a lot of different variations. Apart from th...

The abbey church

4800, Nykøbing F

The Abbey was built in the fourteenth century. Made of medieval large bricks. 'Graabroederkirken' was originally a monastery, but in 1532 it became a protestant church. You will see an extraordinary a...

© Brarup Kirke, church, Kirche, foto:

Brarup Kirke

4840, Nørre Alslev

An impressive church in late Romanesque style with many murals partly from the 1200th, 1350th and 1500th centuries. In addition, a painting of Judas` cross, the capturing of Jesus, a woman sitting ast...

Indoor swimming pool Falster

4800, Nykøbing F

At Svømmecenter Falster you and your family can enjoy the gigantic Fun Pool with its waterslide and spa pool, swim laps in the 8-lane sports pool or take a relaxing soak in the center’s large, heated ...

Gundslev Kirke

4840, Nørre Alslev

The church is situated 1 km. from the town Gundslev, because the village was removed around the 1300th century. This was actually ascertained during the excavation of the main road. The church is simp...

Walpurgis nigt

4930, Maribo

The open-air museum opens the season by celebrating Walpugis night April 30th.

Walpurgis night was previously considered a "wake night" where in some parts of the country fires were lit on the hills ...

The way of the world

4200, Slagelse

A series of sculptures with 6 sculptures in bronze by Lisbeth Nielsen. The sculptures are placed in the closed courtyards at the old people's home "Alliancehaven" on Sdr. Stationsvej 6. The series of ...


4200, Slagelse

"Woman", in bronze by Keld Moseholm Jørgensen. Bought by Slagelse Art Society and Slagelse Improvement Society in 1988 on the occasion of the 700 years jubilee of the town. The scuplture was in 1989 p...


Showing 1 - 50 of 2349 entries