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© Tove Sohn

Tove Sohn has 2 vacation apartments, several vacation houses and rooms available for rent on the island Fur....

The roundabouts in Skive are not just rundabouts, they are works of art. They are the 11 Stars of Skive made by Jacob Jensen Design. All works have been placed in a granite compass ring.
The 11 Stars...

© Anders Larsen

Trandum Camping

7800, Skive

A pleasant family and anglers camping site near the stream Karup Å and many tourist attractions. Sales of fishing cards for all zones.More information on:

Fall in Skive

7800, Skive

In Fall, you can experience a whole host of exciting activities in the Skive region, with lots to see and do for the whole family. Attractions and campsites open for the holiday, the museums have exci...

© Martin Ruby

This Bed & Breakfast is the former herdsman’s house of Thorum Vicarage. The house of 110 m2 is completely restored with 3 bedrooms sleeping up to 8 people. The rooms share a bath and kitchen with cook...

The 20 m wide and 2 km long beach in the bay at Virksund is a lovely sandy beach with pebbles. The beach is child friendly as the water deepens slowly. The water is clear and clean. It is an ideal pla...

© Anne Marie Kristensen

Tarok Museet

7800, Skive

Tarok is a famous danish trotting horse born just outside Skive in 1972. He won 111 out 165 races in the 1970s. In 2013 the movie "Tarok" about the horse and the family that led is to fame premiered i...

© Alice Bank Danielsen

The sculpture “Jordens Største Lykke” was made by Joanna Mallin-Davies as a tribute to the bright poet Jens August Schade, who was born and raised in Skive. Mallin-Davies, who is originally from Wales...

© Troels Madsen

Fur Kunst

7884, Fur

On the island of Fur you find more than 20 galleries and workshops. In the summer the local artist decorate the island with "Fur fish" - every fish is a unique piece of art. Workshops and galleries ar...

Step back in time and enjoy entertainment for the entire family at the large medieval festival at Spøttrup.
Here you will meet more than 500 re-enactors, traders and performers, who camp in the shado...

© Regnar Hedegaard

Café Brogaarden

7800, Skive

Cafe Brogaarden has a diverse menu and serves everything from lunch to dinner and coffee. Serving outside in the summer....

Come to the Herring Festival at Glyngøre Harbour and take part in a fantastic day which starts with the fish auction and includes sail2salling, a church service, FDF (a Christian organisations for chi...

It is no coincidence that the island of Fur has been chosen as one of Denmark's most shareable places. Fur is an utterly unique island and one of the most beautiful in Denmark.
Here you get an insigh...

The Vestsalling Trail

7800, Skive

The route of the Vestsalling Trail is virtually identical to the former Vestsalling railway line. The actual trail starts at Skive Golfklub and ends at Frilandsvej in Rødding. Horse riding is permitte...

Salling Nature Trail – cycling and rambling trail – follows the abandoned railway track from Skive to Glyngøre over a distance of 29 km. The trail is laid with stone dust, which provides a firm, level...

Skive Nature Cycle Trail is a route of some 28 km around the town of Skive....

The island Fur

7884, Fur

A couple of years ago the readers of a Danish newspaper chose Fur as the most beautiful Danish island. That was of course no coincidence as Fur is an utterly unique island. Here you get an insight int...

The north eastern part of Fur has been created by elevated seabed, covered by forest and heath. Færker Odde is a curled tongue of land that becomes longer and longer....

© Gert Laursen

Gammel Havn Fur

7884, Fur

Fur’s buried harbour should be just as renowned as the buried church in Skagen!

In 1911, the fishermen built a harbour on the southwest coast of Fur, a harbour that became the lifeblood of the island...

© Skiveegnens Erhvervs- og Turistcenter

Grønning Øre

7800, Skive

Grønningvej continues as a gravel road on the other side of Øster Grønningvej, and after around 1 kilometre, you come to a holiday cottage area. Here, you can take the first small road after the car p...

© Mie Krogh

The Kås peninsula

7860, Spøttrup

On the protected Kås peninsula, you will find a unique landscape with a grass heath with 18 burial mounds and one of Denmark’s few original natural woods. Along with Lake Kås Sø, the area is an import...

The Lundø Peninsula

7840, Højslev

During the Stone Age, Lundø was an island in Limfjorden, but eventually the sea deposited so much sediment that the land rose and became connected to the shore. The northern tip of Lundø has a beach r...

Hjerk Nor

7870, Roslev

The area of natural beauty Hjerk Nor cove, which is one of Limfjorden’s many nooks, offers an abundance of nature experiences. A kitchen midden with seashells, etc. was discovered around Hjerk Nor, wh...

© Mikael Andersen


7860, Spøttrup

On the Hjortholm peninsula, which is partially flooded, a kitchen midden was discovered with remnants of shells. In the Stone Age (c. 4500 BC), there was a settlement here for hunters in the Ertebølle...


7884, Fur

Langstedhuller is a system of erosion gorges formed after the Ice Age. This is one of the most scenic areas on the island of Fur. In early spring, the slopes are covered in cowslip and pasque flowers....

At the bottom end of Harre Vig cove, there are striking uplands which in some places rise very steeply towards a flat foreshore. Further out towards Sallingsund, around Lysen, are the remains of some ...

Vojel Vig

7884, Fur

In the Stone Ages, Fur was divided into four small islands. The island has risen since then, so you can now ride over Vojelkær, which was once a Stone Age sound. Today, Vojelvig cove is all that remai...

Sønderlem Vig

7860, Spøttrup

The landscape around Sønder Lem Vig, which was formed at the end of the third Ice Age around 12,000 years ago, has been shaped by glacial deposits. As the ice melted, the water ran through the Karup r...

Rønbjerg Hede

7800, Skive

Rønbjerg Hede heath is located north of Flyndersø and shows traces of human life and occupation over many centuries. The heath used to be an important pasture for the animals of the surrounding farms....

Bogstavjagt i Skive

7800, Skive

Have you ever tried geocaching with a GPS? It is a game for the whole family. It is up to you to decide where to go and for how long. On your way you will learn a lot about the locality of Skive, and ...

Geocaching in Skive

7800, Skive

Have you ever tried geocaching with a GPS? It is a game for the whole family. It is up to you to decide where to go and for how long. On your way you will learn a lot about the locality of Skive, and ...

Grønning Øre Strand

7870, Roslev

From the parking ground you can walk through the scrub to the tongue of Grønning Øre....

© VisitDenmark

Mogenstrup Strand

7870, Roslev

There is access to the small beach where the small boats belonging to local
fishermen are pulled up on the beach.

Mogenstrup Strand,
Mogenstrupvej, 7870 Roslev...

© Michael Hedegaard

Nordstrand Fur

7884, Fur

This beach is situated on the northern side of the island of Fur. The beach is composed mostly of sand with small deposits of pebbles and gravel.
Facilities: Jetty, toilet and parking
Address: Nordstr...

Eskjær Gods

7870, Roslev

Eskjær is an extremely old manor house, first mentioned in 1328. Today,
the estate is owned by Vibeke and Birger Schütte.

Read more about the estate here: http://www.eskjaer-hovedgaard.dk/...

Brogården Skive

7800, Skive

Who was the builder, how old is the building and what has been the purpose of the building in the past? You can find all the answers at the local history collections of the area....

Rødding – the town of the apple in Salling. 10,000 apple trees before 2017. Our goals could not be clearer. Rødding is to be known for its apples. The whole “Rødding and apples” thing is not new. It g...

© Brian og Betina Bugge

While on a visit to Fur, you are very welcome to visit our cosy, informal restaurant, where we serve good, delicious meals. We offer a varied menu, from weekend brunch to open sandwiches for lunch – o...

Kjøwenhavner Kokken

7870, Roslev

Kjøwenhavner Kokken Grill is situated at Glyngøre Harbour. Sit and enjoy your meal overlooking the harbour and Limfjorden. We offer a range of burgers, an array of fish and seafood dishes, sandwiches,...

© visitdenmark

Krejbjerg Plantation

7860, Spøttrup

Krejbjerg Plantation is located in the north of the former municipality of Spøttrup – out towards Lysen Vig cove. The plantation is divided into lots covering an area of approximately 20–25 ha, of whi...

© VisitDenmark

Ginnerup Plantage

7860, Spøttrup

Ginnerup Plantage is a coniferous plantation. The plantation covers about 50 hectares and is especially known for the only accessible passage grave of the Skive region and its many burial mounds.


BB Fur Gl. Skole

7884, Fur

The apartment consists of 2 double rooms + 1 single room. Fully equipped kitchen. Lounge with TV/satellite dish and full bathroom. Large, enclosed garden of 1,000 m2, which you are welcome to use....

Balling Townpark

7860, Spøttrup

Balling Bypark, which was established by way of voluntary labour, was inaugurated in August 2000. Among other things, it features a viewing platform over the lake, a babbling brook, a Samoan-style hut...

Jebjerg Bypark

7870, Roslev

The Jebjerg town park was established by a group of local residents together with the Jebjerg Civic and Trade Association. They have succeeded in creating an attractive recreational area, which can be...

© Kaj Fjendbo

Æblegrenen in Rødding

7860, Spøttrup

The sculpture “Æblegrenen” (the apple branch) is made of glass, iron and ceramic, and its dimensions are approximately 11 x 5 m. The work is the result of a collaboration between three artists: Cerami...

© Fursund Turistinformation

Fur Fish Parade

7884, Fur

After Muslingedagen (Mussel Day), around 60 fish are distributed along
the red cycle route on Fur. The fish are works of art in all shapes and sizes
and different materials, made as part of a collabor...

© Gunhild Juhr


7870, Roslev

Seldeco, which is located in Selde, is a shop selling art, crafts, design and antiques. Major art projects involving renowned artists take place in the village.
Ten artists have put together the exhib...


Showing 301 - 350 of 383 entries