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Svanfolk Ferieudlejning

9293, Kongerslev

Svanfolk Ferieudlejning is situated in the beautiful area of Himmerland, North Jutland, Denmark.
Here you can enjoy a cozy and relaxing break from the everyday life.

Svanfolk (town) is situated close...

Himmerland Football Golf

9610, Nørager

Visiting Himmerland Football Golf gives you a pleasant and fun experience and a couple of hours of exercise in the beautiful nature of Himmerland.
Football Golf is a quite new and wery fun game, wher...


- a large preserved hill in the village Blenstrup.
Blenstrup is an old place of courts and in 1851 the first Constitution Day was celebrated here. Two years later the celebrations of...

Bella Italia Støvring

9530, Støvring

Bella Italia is an Italian inspired restaurant that serves delicious Italian food and pizza. You can enjoy a meal in the restaurant or you can take the food home.

The kitchen closes at 9.30 PM....


Frode Jensen is the only charcoal burner in Jutland.
Please contact Frode Jensen and make an appointment....

Shelters Boldrup Museum

9610, Nørager

At Boldrup Museum there are opportunities for accommodation in 5 good
Each shelter can accommodate 4 people. There are kitchen toilet and bath available.

Price: 25 DKK For one night each p...

Støvring Swimming Bath

9530, Støvring

Støvring Swimming Bath is relatively new and is mostly used by the scool's pupils. Public opening times please see under details.

25 m sports pool (6 lanes) with 1 - and 3-meter springboa...

Kenneths Taxi og Minibus

9520, Skørping

Payment per kilometer, per day or per week...

Suldrup Kro Restaurant

9541, Suldrup


Suldrup Kro is an old, Danish inn which serves traditional Danish food.

Tel. 45 98 37 80 03...

The stream Lindenborg Å  is very rich in water and constant in its flow. (From a Danish point of view). The land it cuts through, is very varied, and the river changes from straight passages with rap...

Næsgården Scout Cabin

9520, Skørping

Scout cabin at Madum sø (forest lake) and Rold Skov (forest)

“Næsgården” is a lovely renovated cabin situated right at Madum Sø. The cabin takes up to 50 people and there is room for all of them to s...

Rental bikes

9520, Skørping


MTB Rental

Rold Skov Bike Shop offers mountain bikes for hire. 

DDK 200, - for one day!

Do you want to try the country's fastest growing sport on a quality mountain bike? Whether you are think...

Protected area with many burrial mounds. Some of them are now cancelled.

One of Himmerlands oldest settlements was found here. In the area is found fields from the iron ages as well, as old sunken ...

Guide in Rold Forest

9520, Skørping

Rold Forest is the biggest Forest in Denmark. Book a Guide: 1 Hour DKK 500, and each following hour DKK 300,-.Booking:Rebild Turistbureau, KulturS...

© Maj-Britt Wisholm

Henriksdal Bed & Breakfast

9520, Skørping

Welcome to Henriksdal Bed & Breakfast.

An oasis in the hilly landscape of Himmerland. Here you will feel welcome and comfortable, and both singles, families and couples without children can sleep a ...

Baskets to order and baskets from stock are offered.
Courses in basket-weaving will be arranged.
Willows are also for sale.

Open: When we are home - call before visit on phonenumber
+45 23 90 19 61 o...

Kongens Tisted Church

9610, Nørager

Village church

The church was built around 1100. 

It was typical for churches of that period, it had a northern and a southern door – for women and men. The remains of the door that is bricked up, ...


9575, Terndrup

Postcafeen is a cosy little cafe situated in the old post office of Terndrup (village). There is a nice and relaxed atmosphere.

On the menu you find everything from coffee to supper, for example burg...

Simested Å

9620, Aalestrup

Simested Å is one of the best watercourses in Denmark with sea trout, and it is known for a famous strain of particularly large, self-reprodu...

12 timer i Rold

9520, Skørping


12timerirold a fun , exciting and challenging 12hr MTB race.

- Anyone can join
beginners - intermediate and the very "old" and experienced riders . - We have room for you !

Saturday 18 Jun...

Mosskov Pavillon

9520, Skørping

“Mosskov Pavillonen” is a cosy old tea garden situated close to the forest lake St. Økssø. A walk around the lake takes about 45 minutes and would be a great idea before or after a visit at Mosskov ...

Since 1996 I've worked with creating/ molding and expressing things in clay with my hands.Visualizing human communication,  till a new angle is created, that is the angle I like.

Hans P. Skovsen - Rock Art

9520, Skørping

Rock Art

I primarily work in field stones or stones from gravel pits, as I find it more exciting than working with a granite block.
Field Stones reveal only what they contain, when you start workin...

Terndrup Millpond

9575, Terndrup


Terndrup Millpond is nicely located in the middle of Terndrup city. Here's your chance to catch trout and eels.

The fish right in Terndrup Millpond belongs to Terndrup Fishing Association. Fishin...

Øster Hornum Church

9530, Støvring

Village Church

The church can be dated back to 1172.
It is quite a long church with the special feature that the southern wall is slightly longer than the northern one.

The tower was added in the...

Rebild MTB Guides

9520, Skørping


Rebild MTB Guides offer

Individually arranged guided MTB tours in Rold Forest.
We customize each trip based on your wishes. 
We create tours for both companies and individuals.
The guides are you...

Skørping Library

9520, Skørping

Skorping Library is situated in KulturStationen opposite Skorping station.
The library is located in a very vibrant house with many activities.
Here is one of many exciting exhibitions, cozy toddlers ...

The Fiddler´s Museum

9520, Skørping

The Fiddlers Museum was established in 1951, partly as a rallying place, complete with an archive for the traditions of fiddlers and folk dancing in Northern Jutland; partly as a regional museum, taki...

Aarestrup Church

9520, Skørping

Village church

The church is quite big for a village church, and is built in the 11th century.

The tower was added around 1500. The pulpit is very old – dating from 1550. The church has quite a fe...

Nihøje Pottery & Glass

9530, Støvring

Nihøje Glass and Ceramics was established in 1997 by Lena Gade Christensen.

The workshop produces unique glass and ceramic art with a wide selection of glass and ceramics for the home / business / o...

Arden Playground is a Nature Playground, where you also can stay for the night, having a barbecue and a lot of funny stuffs....

Publicly available memorial of the children’s friend Anders Stephansen. Born august 20th 1791 – dead march 21st 1870....

There are about 230 ancient burial mounds in Rold Forest.

The map " Værd at se i Rold Skov ", shows where to find all monuments of antiquity.

You can buy the map at Rebild Tourist Office....

The Peoples festival in Terndrup is a recurring annual event.
The Festival is always held at Pentecost.
There is music, parades, markets, amusement park, dance and the festivities conclude with firewo...

Logger Show

9520, Skørping

A forest worker show with the real forest worker in Rold Skov.
They perform with all their skills such as throwing wih axe, ripsawing, treeclimbing, archery and much more. They usually perform with 4-...

© Marianne Have


A picture is a story without words ...

To many, being photographed is loaded with difficulties.
I place great emphasis on humor and a relaxed atmosphere during shooting.

Many of my photo shoots ...

On Saturday the 3rd of Mai 1995, on the 45th anniversary of the Liberation of Denmark, His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik unveiled a monument at Rebild, in honour of the 69 allied airmen who we...

Solbjerg Church

9574, Bælum

Village church

This church lies on the top of a hill, and can be seen from far away.
It was built in 1160. Around 1500 the church was extended by 4,7 meters. In the porch you can see the old church...

Terndrup Church

9575, Terndrup

Village church

The church was built in 1901 in a late Gothic style.
It has a 5-sided choir. The furniture in the church is from the same age as the church....


Horse-drawn tours of pace with driver Ejgil Nielsen and his faithful Norwegian fiord horses Vocal and Pegasus. With Ejgil Nielsen by the reins, you are in safe hands. He has since childhood years b...

Safari Camping

9520, Skørping

Welcome to the Safari Camping

Quiet family campsite in the middle of Denmark's most beautiful scenery, with direct access to Rold Skov (forest) and Rebild Bakker (national park). Madum Sø (forest lak...

Fruesko (The Lady's Slippers)

On a slope in Bjergeskoven (northwest of Skørping) you will find the only habitat of our biggest orchid Frueskoen (The Lady Slippper).

The orchid is flowering from the...

Rold Large Inn and Hotel

9520, Skørping

Rold Stor Kro is situated in the middle of Denmark's most beautiful scenery, with Rebild Bakker (national park) next door and direct access to Rold Skov (forest).

The hotel has 49 cozy rooms all fur...


It is mainly graphics and painting, I work with.
Usually, the point of origin is nature, but it is not always obvious....


Showing 101 - 150 of 335 entries