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Ole Skovsmose

9520, Skørping

"Currently the images I paint are about the gaze. The gaze that frames life's horizon.Perhaps when you step out of a bus, leaning back on a bench, watching a train pass.Maybe when you are wa...


It is mainly graphics and painting, I work with.
Usually, the point of origin is nature, but it is not always obvious....

Anne Mette Welling

9520, Skørping

Photography occupies a large part of my life.

It's not just about taking the good picture, but about understanding the story I face and transform it into a photo that can be read and understood.

To ...


9520, Skørping

Bruun's is an inspiring lifestyle shop located at the square in Skørping city. Here you will find the latest trends in fashion clothing, shoes & boots and accessories. In addition, you will experience...

Hans P. Skovsen - Rock Art

9520, Skørping

Rock Art

I primarily work in field stones or stones from gravel pits, as I find it more exciting than working with a granite block.
Field Stones reveal only what they contain, when you start workin...

Goldsmith Dorte Lausten

9520, Skørping

Dorte Lausten creates ornaments and altar silver in the field of tension between the rustic and the sophisticated.

She is educated by goldsmith Bent Exner, who shared his inspiration and skills of ar...


9575, Terndrup

Postcafeen is a cosy little cafe situated in the old post office of Terndrup (village). There is a nice and relaxed atmosphere.

On the menu you find everything from coffee to supper, for example burg...

Angling in Store Økssø

9520, Skørping

Store Økssø is located southward Skørping and is owned by the Nature Protection Agency Aalborg. Here you can catch pike, perch and eels. There is a disability path down to and around the lake, and a n...

Angling in Mossø (lake)

9520, Skørping


Mossø (lake) is located southward Skørping and is owned by the Nature Protection Agency, Aalborg. Mossø has a population of perch and eels. There are trail around the lake, but the width may be ina...

Safari Camping

9520, Skørping

Welcome to the Safari Camping

Quiet family campsite in the middle of Denmark's most beautiful scenery, with direct access to Rold Skov (forest) and Rebild Bakker (national park). Madum Sø (forest lak...

© Henrik Pedersen

Suldrup Kro

9541, Suldrup

Suldrup Kro (inn) is more than 120 years old, but has during the last 28 years been renovated and redecorated so it appears as a modern company today.
Among other things we have 3 separate conferenc...

Michael Sasserson

9520, Skørping

Michael is a trained blacksmith, educator, and has attended art school for 6 years.Michael has throughout his life, used painting and drawing, as his way of communicating his view of life and the...

© Maj-Britt Wisholm

Henriksdal Bed & Breakfast

9520, Skørping

Welcome to Henriksdal Bed & Breakfast.

An oasis in the hilly landscape of Himmerland. Here you will feel welcome and comfortable, and both singles, families and couples without children can sleep a ...

© BS Event

Bjerg & Søbye

9000, Aalborg

BS Event organizes a wide range of outdoor activities in the beautiful surroundings of Thingbæk Kalkminer:

- Nature guiding and guided tours at the springs and forest as well as in the chalk mine
- I...

Rebild Canoe Rentals

9520, Skørping

Experience nature from a different angle. A trip in a canoe down Lindenborg Å is a fantastic experience in a unique nature.

You can go about 5 hours - 14 kilometres down the stream from Rebild to Hå...

Swimmingcenter Terndrup

9575, Terndrup


25m swimming pool, therapy pool and sauna

Look for opening hours here......

Gunilla Rosenberg

9520, Skørping

My paintings are a combination of watercolor and drawing.

I often find a dramatic approach - whether it comes to scenes with carcasses of humans and animals - or landscape - motifs, where Swedish roc...

Rold Horses Stay

9520, Skørping


Bring your own horse on holiday / weekend and experience the Rold Forest's many scenic areas on horseback. Rold Horse Residence is located in the Rold Forest at the foot of Rebild. For horse owner ...

Angling in Lindenborg Å

9520, Skørping

Lindenborg Å - probably the most famous angling water of area Himmerland - is well known for  it's  large Sea Trout's. Nearly every year Sea Trout's of more than 10 kg is catched.

The angling for th...

Gravlev Art and Gallery

9520, Skørping

Lone and Jørn run an art gallery with, first of all, their own work, but they also show the works of different guest artist.
Open by appointment.


Orangerie Nandina

9520, Skørping


Nursery and product development
Nice and inspiring cottage garden

Do you go for a walk around the buildings, you experience the old cottage garden, which is unique in itself. Here in this surrou...

Simested Å

9620, Aalestrup

Simested Å is one of the best watercourses in Denmark with sea trout, and it is known for a famous strain of particularly large, self-reprodu...

"Heden" (the heath) is a small farm very close to Rold Skov (forest). In these beautiful surroundings you find quietness and great nature experiences.
You can rent a guest house all year round.

From ...

Mosskov Pavillon

9520, Skørping

“Mosskov Pavillonen” is a cosy old tea garden situated close to the forest lake St. Økssø. A walk around the lake takes about 45 minutes and would be a great idea before or after a visit at Mosskov ...

Top Karens House

9520, Skørping

Top Karens Hus (the house of a woman named “Top Karen”) was the very first small restaurant of the area. It was owned by Karen and Jens Andersen until Karen died in 1929.

The place is now a memorial...

Gitte Klarup works with cold glass. 
She colours her own glass with her own colourblends.

The wild birds have in recent years become the primary product.
The products are sold all over Scandinavia an...

Restaurant Røverstuen

9520, Skørping

”Røverstuen” is a very unconventional restaurant situated in the middle of Rebild (village) right next to the official entrance of Rebild Bakker (national park).

The restaurant believes that good fo...

Krastrup Søgaard Farm Shop

9520, Skørping

Krastrup Søgaard is a 36 hectares (1 hectare = 10.000m2) farm and started with beef cattle in 1992. In November 1998 opened Krastrup Søgaard Farm Shop.

The range of products in the first year was not...

Brunholm Farm Shop

9541, Suldrup

Brunholm Farm Shop is a newly established, organic farm shop where we sell some of the products we produce here on the farm:
- Organic beef
- Organic pork
- Organic moulard
- ducks
In addition, we sel...

Logger Show

9520, Skørping

A forest worker show with the real forest worker in Rold Skov.
They perform with all their skills such as throwing wih axe, ripsawing, treeclimbing, archery and much more. They usually perform with 4-...

© Morten Bach

The scout cabin nearby Skørping (town)

Hanebakkehytten (scout cabin) is situated in an area of natural beauty in the northern part of Skørping. The area is at 5,5 hectares and borders in Lindenborg ...

Baskets to order and baskets from stock are offered.
Courses in basket-weaving will be arranged.
Willows are also for sale.

Open: When we are home - call before visit on phonenumber
+45 23 90 19 61 o...

Author Helge V. Qvistorff

9575, Terndrup

Storyteller- Author - Lecturer - Illustrator....

Peter Vilhelm Nielsen

9520, Skørping

Watercolour and collage. It fascinates me to work with watercolor because the media demands that you work in the moment.Quickly and accurately you must underst...

Rold Forest Golfclub

9520, Skørping


Rold Skov Golf Club welcomes you to a fantastic golfing experience at one of the most beautiful runways, which will maybe remind you of the Scottish Highlands.
The original farmhouse now work's as...

Svanfolk Ferieudlejning

9293, Kongerslev

Svanfolk Ferieudlejning is situated in the beautiful area of Himmerland, North Jutland, Denmark.
Here you can enjoy a cozy and relaxing break from the everyday life.

Svanfolk (town) is situated close...

Rold Skov Orienteering Club

9520, Skørping

Rold Forest Orienteering Club have their own control post's in forest "Rold Skov". The club has released a "Tour-bag" containing information maps, instructions and post descriptions, control card and ...

Gallery Sunde

9520, Skørping

Vibeke Sunde makes large, unique sculptures of stoneware.


Motel Gavlhuset

9610, Nørager

Gavlhuset (motel)

Lovely motel rooms – a few 100 m from highway E45.

Nice double bedrooms in a building from 1996 with a light and modern interior. In every room you find a private bathroom, comfort...

Himmerland Football Golf

9610, Nørager

Visiting Himmerland Football Golf gives you a pleasant and fun experience and a couple of hours of exercise in the beautiful nature of Himmerland.
Football Golf is a quite new and wery fun game, wher...

Skørping Taxa

9520, Skørping


Payment per kilometer, per day or per week...

Gudrun Heyn-Johnsen

9293, Kongerslev

I paint oil on canvas and my paintings are abstract figurative.

My inspiration is the color and my ambition to provide the color with accurate form.

I inflict colors to the canvas - adds and reduce...

Niels Fabæk

9520, Skørping

Sometimes I wonder whether the world really need more pictures?

But although thousands of square kilometers are painted daily and several terabytes are photographed, there will always be stories to...

Roldhøj Kunst (art)

9520, Skørping


Roldhøj Art Shop has existed since 1960 and today houses unique art gallery with changing exhibitions, Italian fine wines, exclusive Italian shoes and handbags and ladies clothing primarily produce...

Terndrup Millpond

9575, Terndrup


Terndrup Millpond is nicely located in the middle of Terndrup city. Here's your chance to catch trout and eels.

The fish right in Terndrup Millpond belongs to Terndrup Fishing Association. Fishin...

St. Binderup Kro

9600, Aars

In the year 1871 Store Binderup Kro was set up in the present buildings, which also housed a bakery and a grocer's shop, but the Inn's history dates all the way back to the year 1617, and it received ...

St. Binderup Kro

9600, Aars

Danish food at the very best is served in our cosy restaurant-we have an exclisive menu and exquisite wines.Pleasant and functional banqueting and conference rooms. The konference rooms have audi...

Terndrup Inn and Hotel

9575, Terndrup

Terndrup Kro (Inn) is situated in the middle of the town Terndrup. The inn has both single and double rooms. All rooms has a shower, toilet and TV....


Showing 51 - 100 of 324 entries