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7700, Thisted

Kristine Frøkjær

7760, Hurup Thy

Kristine Frøkjær

Visual artist, singer / musician, writer, lecturer:

Photos: portraits with a humorous twist; see literary friezes on Hurup Library, Sondergade 1, 7760 Hurup.

Party Music: folk high...

Harbour Inn

7730, Hanstholm


7700, Thisted

Wagner - Menswear

7700, Thisted


Thy & Mors visit Copenhagen on 23 and 24 May 2014.

Visit this giant event in Copenhagen.

You can book train or bus ride with accommodations at the tourist office.

Here you can read more about this ...

The Limfjord Land is Denmark’s greatest treasure of good and exciting tales. Every week, there is a fixed schedule of 28 different tales in Danish (12 of the tales will also be in English).Skilled sto...


7770, Vestervig

Read more here: Lady Walk in Agger....

Horses Hotel in Bulbjerg

7741, Frøstrup

Horses Hotel...

In Thy you will find stunning scenery and numerous cycle paths and routes.

If you want to rent a bike, please contact one of the following distributors:

Thisted Camping

Limfjordscentret Doverodde


Riding holidays in Thy
- With wonderful tours in Thy National Park and at the North Sea coast.

Riding holidays on the coast:

Hanstholm Camping offers 3 - and 4-day riding vacations with beautiful ho...

See and read the brochure about events in Thy National Park by clicking here.

Here you will find events for both adults and children!

The brochure can also be picked up at the tourist office....


Showing 401 - 450 of 465 entries