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Lyngtoppen is a top modern camp building for camps, parties and conferences.
Lyngtoppen is situated in beautiful natural suroundings by the woods with hills covered with heather to the ea...

Jegindø Marina and Fishing Port - Thyholm

The harbour with its three piers was built in 1939

Yacht harbour was inaugurated in 1989, and has a capacity of 40 boats. In 1990, a new toilet building and...

Voldhøj Church - Struer

Voldhøj Church, Parkallé, Struer, is a wooden church built by the Church Foundation. The architect was Palle Rydahl Drost.

It was inaugurated in 1988 as a district church an...

© Fousing Kirke

Fousing Church - Struer

Fousing Church was built about 1200 of ashlars. It is situated near the forest Klosterheden.

The tower dates back to 1783. The church has a characteristic altarpiece with la...

Søndbjerg Bakker Søndbjerg Bakker (Hills) make up a very varied area of countryside with deep clefts, small marshes and lakes surounded by hills covered in heather and woodl...

Oddesund MarinaOddesund Marian is worth a visit. After the breakthrough of the isthmus Aggertange in 1825, Oddesund became the traffic umbilical cord, connect...

© Lone Birgitte Bavnhøj

Bremdal Strand - Struer

The Blue Flag is also this year flying over Bremdal Strand, which is situated directly north of the town.

From Bremdal Strand it is also possible for disabled to access to t...

Humlum Fiskerleje & Camping - Struer is a peaceful family camp site situated directly at a child-friendly sandy beach and a small harbour. Fantastic view over the Limfjord to the island Venø, and well...

Struer Museum:

Bang & Olufsen - experience the adventure of radio- and television, which put Struer on the map of the world.

The city and the Liimfiord  - see the development from fishing town to ma...

Monument - Johs. Buchholtz - Struer

Size: Bust on the base 1.50 m....

The site is situated at the outskirts of Plethøj Plantage. There is 1 shelter and place for bonfire.

Distance to shopping ca. 3 km.

Please follow the tourist signs from Hvidbjerg to Plethøj Planta...

OddesundAngling from the piers, bridge, and shore. In May/June the garfish angling is very good. Sea trout, garfish, and steelheads can be caught.Dire...

Humlum Strand Lejren - Struer

Situated at Venøsund - ca. 1½ km from the main road A11.

The camp consists of:large meeting/dining hall with view over the Liimfiordliving roomcellar with exit to a ter...

"Kjærgaardsmølle" - Struer

Kjærgaard Mølle is situated 6 km west from Struer and 15 km southeast from Lemvig in a landscape where the last Ice Age has left its characteristic marks. The nature is ver...

Katholm and Munkholm - Thyholm

On the north side of Thyholm you find a large, preserved area with tidal meadow. No access to the area from 1st of April to 1st of July due to the birds' breading seaso...

The Old Water Tower - Struer

Constructed in 1908 of reinforced concrete. In 1950 the water tower was raised and today it measures 41.5 m....

Kræmmergård, Bækmarksbro

7660, Bækmarksbro

Kræmmergård by Siri and Niels Peder

Kræmmergård is a farm/garden with the aim of producing fresh products with the shortest possible route to the consumer.  Much of the production is sold directly at...

Tangsø Centret, Bækmarksbro

7660, Bækmarksbro

Between sea and moor you find the Tangsø Centre and Tangsø Wellness.

In the Tangsø Centre something is always going on. Here all the activities take place under the same roof. They include swimming, ...

© Galleri Nordenkaer, Lemvig

Galleri Nordenkær by Merete Blak Lisby  in Baekmarksbro

Visit the gallery and see Meretes paintings. The most paintings is in acrylic.
Merete is specially fascinated by colours and shapes. She is wor...

© Iben Laursen, Struer

Iben Laursen Gallery in Struer

Iben Laursen makes colorful acrylic paintings and collages added a pinch of humor. There are birds and elks, paint and crayons. Old cigarette packages and handmade pape...

© Sneglehuset, Thyborøn

Sneglehuset, Thyborøn

7680, Thyborøn

The Shell House - amazing house decorated with millions of shells

The Shell House is of course situated in a street called Sneglevej (’Shell  Street’) in Thyborøn.
Everywhere, both inside and outsid...

© Lemvig Turistbureau

Thyborøn Tourist Office welcomes you.

At Thyborøn Tourist Office you can always get help, information and advice for your stay in Thyborøn and its environs.

The Tourist Office also sells posters, po...

© Thyboroen Faestningen, Thyboron

The Thyborøn Fortress, one of the largest plants in Denmark

Initially there were a total of 66 large and 40 small bunkers along the coast of Thyborøn. Several of the bunkers have gradually disappeare...

JyllandsAkvariet, Thyborøn

7680, Thyborøn

JyllandsAkvariet - A maritime universe full of activities…

In JyllandsAkvariet you can see, feel, and experience a wide variety of the many different fish living in the North Sea and the Limfjord. We...

SJ Holiday Cottage Rental by Steen Jørgensen.

SJ Holiday Cottage Rental is a local accommodation agency at Vrist and Vejlby Klit with more than 25 years of experience.

The agency rents about 400 pr...

© Kystcentret, Thyboron

Kystcentret, Thyborøn

7680, Thyborøn

Kystcentret, an Exploratorium that invites its visitors to be active.  The...

Eating place & fishmonger’s.

Visit the restaurant of the Fish Hall on the first floor from where you have a lovely view of the Old Harbour of Thyborøn or enjoy your food outdoors on the square in fro...

Thyborøn Camping and Hotel

7680, Thyborøn

Thyborøn Camping, Hotel and Cottages.

Thyborøn Camping, Hotel and Cottages is a small, cosy, renovated camping site very close to the North Sea and only a few minutes’ walk from a fantastic sandy bat...

Mallemukken in The Red Huts, an excursion for the whole family.

The Red Huts in Thyborøn are beautifully situated within a stone’s throw from the North Sea. Here is a cosy atmosphere with something t...


This place is located 600 m away from the west oast. The house itself is constructed by recycled material from the harbour of Thyborøn. Here it is
possibility to try footballgolf at ...

Cykel Mads, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

Cykel Mads in Lemvig

At (Bicycle) Cykel Mads in Lemvig.

You will find all the well-known make of bicycle as: Kildemoes, Trek, MBK, Cube, Cannnondale, Batavus, Avenue, Everton.

Cykel Mads make an ...

ØnskeBørn, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

Ønskebørn in Lemvig.

Ønskebørn in Lemvig has a wide range of baby equipment, toys, children’s clothes, maternity wear and much more. 

Visit the shop in Konsul Andersensgade 4 in Lemvig. Here you can...

Floristen, P.P Madsen in Lemvig.

Get some new inspiration and ideas from P.P Madsen in Lemvig.

They have a large selection of flowers, bouquets, glassware, decorative art. ect. P.P Madsen has somet...

Lemvig Sports and Cultural Centre.

This centre provides the ideal framework for sport, exercise, swimming, courses, meetings, congresses, cultural events and festivals of all kinds.

Lemvig Sports a...

The Art and Culture Centre Tuskær.

The Art and Culture Centre Tuskær is situated south of Fjaltring behind the outermost dike with the sea as its nearest neighbour.  Here each individual can get expe...

© Museet for Religiøs Kunst

The Museum of Religious Art in Lemvig.

On one of the most beautiful sites of Lemvig you will find The Museum of Religious Art. 

The fact that we have an art museum in Lemvig today with special empha...

© Lomborg Kirke, Lemvig

The church of Lomborg

On the North wall with its orginally Romanesque appearance hang a big crucifix, a so called laymancross from 1300. The pulpit ist from the beginning of the year 1500. The Tower ...

Hornvarefabrikken, Bøvlingbjerg

7650, Bøvlingbjerg

The "Hornvarefabrikken" in Bövlingbjerg

Open workshop – free admission all year roundVisit the workshop at Hornvarefabrikken to see the traditional craft of horn working being practised as we turn be...

Private accommodation by Gunda and Kurt Nygaard

First floor with space for 4-(5) persons. There is access to bathroom and a kitchenette. Private entrance, living room with TV, DVD, video and balcony....

Søhest, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig
© Mariane Majgaard, Lemvig

Ceramic artist Mariane Refstrup Majgaard in Nr. Nissum

The ceramic artist Mariane Refstrup Majgaard graduated from Kolding Design School in 1976. She has had her own pottery in Nr. Nissum for the las...

Private accommodation by Kurt Staunstrup.

Five double rooms on the first floor with access to shower/toilet. Private entrance, kitchen, and living room with TV. There is a possibility of extra bed.

Kynde & Knak, Thyborøn

7680, Thyborøn

Kynde & Knak in Thyborøn.Kynde & Knak in Thyborøn is a special-store who has a wide selection of women's wear from the age of 15 and up. The...

Stark, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

Stark in Lemvig.

Stark in Lemvig has a wide selection for everything for construction and housing. The selection consists of well-known brands in different price ranges so there is something for ever...

© Tæppegården, Lemvig

Tæppegården, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

Tæppe-Gården in Lemvig.

Tæppe-Gården in Lemvig is a company with more 30 years of experience in sale and installation of flooring/carpets/curtains. The company is located in the middle of town. 


DB Lædervare, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

DB Lædervarer in Lemvig.

DB Lædervarer has a large selection of bags/schoolbags, purses, suitcases, rucksacks ect.

All this is has different prices and designs. There are something for every taste....

© Matas, Lemvig

Matas, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

Matas in Lemvig

Matas is a nationwide chain that has a broad assortment of products for personal care and wellness. The selection is a mix of well-known brands within various price ranges.

In Matas...

Degn, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

Degn in Lemvig.Degn in Lemvig has a large selection of everyday- and party clothes. They have also different accessories e.g. necklaces and scarfs.Degns targe...

The Jens Søndergaards Museum in Bovbjerg.

The Jens Søndergaard Museum is placed on the outermost edge of the cliff, at the village of Ferring, in a magnificent setting, the museum with its fine small...

Kvickly, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

Kvickly in Lemvig.

Kvickly in Lemvig has everything you need in daily life, plus a little extra.

The shop has a large selection of both specialities and groceries, butchery, fruit and vegetable sec...


Showing 101 - 150 of 451 entries