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Revisionsfirmaet Krøyer Pedersen - Struer...

© Sparekassen Vendsyssel

Sparekassen Vendsyssel - Thyholm gives personal service and counselling....

Sparekassen Thy - Thyholm

Sparekassen Thy wants to be the best savings bank in the area. Sparekassen Thy wishes to give you the best service and financial advice....

Thusgaard El-Center - Struer is a modern installation business. In addition to traditional installations Thusgaard El-Center can also offer electronic and automatic solutions....

© Venø Fish Farm

Venø Fish Farm is located on the beautiful Limfjord island Venø. Here, the company Venø Fish Farm produces the famous oysters "VenOyster” and fry like flounder and turbot for release and further breed...

Tømmergården Struer is part of the nationwide chain of DIY centres called XL-Byg. Therefore, the shop has a wide selection at relatively low prices.

Visit Tømmergården Struer and experience professi...

© Vinladen

Vinladen - Struer offer you a different wine- and food experience. Come and see and taste all the delicacies which are produced local. Vinladen - Struer import wines themselves and we are not affraid ...

EDC is an independent estate agency chain. With more than 235 branches EDC is the largest estate agency chain in Denmark. We are where the houses are and we know the local housing market better than a...

Vestjysk Bank - Struer

7600, Struer

Vestjysk Bank is located in the pedestrian street of Struer. 

The bank has an outside automatic cash point....

© Struer Turistbureau

Toftum Bjerge - beach

7600, Struer

Toftum Bjerge(Hills) with their 15 km of coastline are located near Humlum, roughly 7 km north of Struer. At the highest peak, Toftum Bjerge rises 50 meters above the sea. The outstanding landscape wi...

© Klinik Torp, Lemvig

Klinik Torp, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

Klinik Torp in Lemvig

Massage therapy for legs, back and the whole body.

Also trainee treatment offers in acupuncture against pain. Call us and make a reservation....

© Karsten Andersens Bolig og Blomster, Lemvig

Karsten Andersens Bolig og Blomster i Lemvig

A very different kind of shop in the western part of the pedestrian street in Lemvig specializing in beautiful flowers and both old and new furniture.


© Ganefryd, Lemvig

Ganefryd, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

Ganefryd in Lemvig

In one of the beautiful old buildings in the pedestrian zone in Lemvig, you will find the store "Ganefryd" wich mainly sell organic products and health foods.

Here you will find f...

© Fiskehallen, Thyborøn

Havneknejpen, Thyborøn

7680, Thyborøn

Eating place & fishmonger’s.

Visit the restaurant of the Fish Hall on the first floor from where you have a lovely view of the Old Harbour of Thyborøn or enjoy your food outdoors on the square in fro...

© Restaurant Ripasso

Restaurant Ripasso in Lemvig

Confortable danish and italian restaurant, situated in Nörregade in Lemvig.

The restaurant offers you all from fish to pasta Carbonara on their menu card.

Or enjoy "to...

© Café Tante, Lemvig

Café Tante, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

Café Tante in Lemvig

Comfortable café and cocktailbar, situated in the little square of Lemvig.

Here you will find a good selection of lunch, evening und take away menu. Delicious sandwich, tapas, f...

© Café Tante, Lemvig

Hotel Tante, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

Hotel Tante in Lemvig

Modern and comfortable and hotel rooms, situatet in square of Lemvig.

Different types of rooms and a suite - individual furnished and named as "London", "Berlin", "Stockholm", ...

The camp is situated next to an old mill from 1864 which is being renovated. The mill sticks up over the roofs of the village so the area is easy to find.

Shopping: 6 km...

At Det Grønne Hjørne you can sleep in the nice shelters. Visit also the farm shop.

The area has room for play. Shopping: 2 km

Please call ahead at about 10 a.m.!!

Direction: From A11 you turn towar...

Excellent food combined with good movies. Cinema Apollon - Struer has its own restaurant "Limone" with great food, the best coffee in the town, Carlsberg draught beer, and fine wines and excellent fil...

Den Glade Pingvin - Struer

The place, where you relax and have fun - The pub with outdoor restaurant during the summer time.

Opening hours:
Mon-Saturday: 11-?
Sunday and holidays closed...

Fitnesscenter Midtpunktet - Thyholm

The fitness centre Midtpunktet is a small center for all. There are fitness machines, barbells and dumb bells, balls, treadmill, exercise bike, rowing machines, an...

Søndbjerg Beach

7790, Thyholm

Søndbjerg BeachThe protected stretch at Søndbjerg beach is a scenic area along the eastern coastline, large slopes with wonderful views, deep gullies and wet meadows.

Humlum Kro - Struer

7600, Struer

Humlum Kro

A good night's sleep at Humlum Kro could be your starting point for your next holiday in West Jutland.

Situated near the Limfjord.


Jegind Tap - Thyholm

7790, Thyholm

Jegind Tap - Thyholm

Jegind Tap is a long narrow point on the southern tip of Jegindø. A public road leads to the point which has remained a favourite picnic area for many years because of the excell...


7790, Thyholm

OddesundWhen the sea broke through the isthmus Aggertangen in 1825, Oddesund became the umbilical cord for traffic connecting Thyland and Hardsyssel, and the connection acro...

The youngest manor in Denmark Ausumgaard is situated between Struer and Holstebro. The manor runs a modern farm but also makes their special Ausumgaardpigs, organic vegetables and stonegrounded flour ...

© Oste Huset

Ostehuset, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

"Ostehuset" in Lemvig

In "Ostehuset" you can choose from a large selection of specialty cheese from local producers as well as producers from around the world. The Lemvig-Thyborøn specialty is the Ve...

Workshop gallery with paintings, glass and glass bead jewelry. Unique art with humor, edge and colours by Britt Tranekær Fage.

You can join workshops in glass and glass beads, call/email me for furt...

The baroque-inspired  vicarage garden ’Wilsehaven’ in Søndbjerg, is an oasis created in honor of Jacob Nicolai Wilse (1736-1801), who was born in town and then later in life became a priest and profes...

Nørre Kærgård Bison Farm started in 2007 with 13 heifers and 1 bull. The first calves were born in the summer 2008 and to day the stock counts over 100 bsions. Nørre Kærgaard Bison Farm sells bisonmea...

Charming Bed & Breakfast in the heart of Struer - a few 100 metres from the harbour.

Nice and light rooms, 2 bed rooms and a nice large shared living room. Kitchen and bath....

© Osterby islaender

Oesterby Icelander offers you riding tours for both experienced and new beginners, in beautiful surroundings at Bøvling Inderfjord. 1-3 hours. You can always call and make an appointment.

There is al...


Showing 451 - 494 of 494 entries