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Hirtshals Klint (cliff)

9800, Hjørring

Hirtshals Klint (cliff) is a coastal location southwest of Hirtshals - packed with prehistoric traces. The cliff is 250 meters long and up to 10 meters high.

What might look like an ordinary beach w...

© Hotel Strandlyst

Restaurant Hotel Strandlyst

9850, Hirtshals

Hotel Strandlyst offers food of high gastronomic quality at prices which are affordable to all. Hotel Strandlyst is a beach hotel and is open every day and evening throughout the summer, so drop by an...

It is exciting to go searching for amber and it only takes is a bit of practice and patience to have good luck. Here are 5 tips for a successful amber hunt:
Go out after a good storm. Your chances for...

© Kurt Prentow

Discover the starlings go to roost

If we are lucky, we will see large flocks of starlings gather at the reed beds and form amazing aerial formations, on a small scale. Furthermore, there are good cha...

Vidstrup Kirke (church) is Romanesque and has never had the tower. The Romanesque part consists of nave and choir, while the porch is late Gothic.

The original Romanesque altar was removed in the ear...


Follow “Den Grønne Kløversti” (small harbour tour) and experience an interesting walk around the port of Hirtshals.

If you follow “Den Grønne Kløversti” in Hirtshals you will experience an interestin...

© NO

North Sea sharks

9850, Hirtshals

North Sea Oceanarium focuses on the North Sea sharks in autumn 2015.

Learn more about the sea best-known predators! Have some of the myths confirmed or denied and meet the North Sea sharks.

At the N...

© Fyrklit

Family Kite Festival

9850, Hirtshals

Join the Kite Festival at Feriecenter Fyrklit from October 12th to 16th. Build your own kite in the workshop, and watch it fly high in the sky. Flying with kites is a fun outdoor activity for the whol...


Showing 51 - 58 of 58 entries