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Kongeåen is a relatively short, 60 km river. The wellspring of the river is located east of Vejen and flows west to the Wadden Sea. The river is a popular destination for anglers, offering good opport...

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Skoleskoven is a 3.5-hectare area, which in 1997 was forested with approximately 16,000 trees. Part of the forest is planted as an arboretum – a “tree museum” – with 52 different tree species.


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Troldeparken in Vejen

6600, Vejen

In the park in Vejen there is a nice playground and an enclosure with goats and deer. A nice place for a cosy walk with the family....

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Åtte Bjerge

6683, Føvling

The hills of Åtte Bjerge, rising steeply from Kongeådalen (stream valley), used to be covered with heather. The changing cultural influences, however, have changed the area quite a lot. Large sections...

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Folding Church

6650, Brørup

Folding Church was constructed in 1898 as a replacement for a medieval church. Some of the interior from the former church was reused. The altarpiece and the pulpit are both from the ye...

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North and South of the Ancient Road between the Vejen Sports Centre and Askov there are a number of hedgerows lined with oak trees, which were originally planted to provide shelter.

The history of th...

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Rødding Church

6630, Rødding

This whitewashed and tiled church, situated east of Rødding Folk High School, was built in 1909. It consists of a three-sided apse, a short nave with a side nave on the south, and a west tow...

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Centralhotellet in Holsted is looking forward to welcoming you to our renovated hotel. We have 10 doublerooms and a couple of them can be used as familyrooms. We have renovated bathrooms in the corrid...

Løvbjerg, Vejen

6600, Vejen

Major supermarket, food, hardware,batteries,etc....

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At the former vocational school in Stenderup we offer five single rooms and two double rooms There is a large communal kitchen and living room and a shared bathroom in the corridor. The location is pa...

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Brørup Old Church

6650, Brørup

For approximately 1000 years there has been a church at this location. The first church here was made of wood. Later, a Romanesque church was built of ashlars. These stones were reused ...

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Camping Gesten

6621, Gesten

Camping Gesten offers various types of accommodation in peaceful surroundings with a lot of activities. Here you find a golf course, a fire ring, a playground, and, last but not least, your own put-an...

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Located by the Ancient Road on the southern outskirts of Bække, the B&B offers two large rooms with a double bed and a single bed, TV and video.

The rooms have a shared kitchen, bathroom, entrance an...

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Lintrup Kro

6660, Lintrup

Lintrup kro offers you lunch, coffee and much more, call for further information. ...

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Vejen Golf Club

6600, Vejen

Vejen Golfklub is worth a visit - play golf in scenic surroundings on a well-manicured golf course. The golf course has been praised for its unique character and quality.

Our 18-hole course offers a ...

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Mikkelborg Kro (inn) offers bed and breakfast accommodation in 7 double and 2 single rooms. All rooms have private bath/toilet and are located in a separate building with shared lounge. Rates include ...

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Holme Å Camping was started in 2002 and has all modern facilities with swimming pool, small private Krolf and (Golf) course, jumping pillow, moon cars etc. The campsite is located at the edge of Hovbo...

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Sønderskov Hovedgård

6650, Brørup

The Sønderskov Hovedgård manor was originally built as a fortress in medieval times. The present main building is a Baroque adaptation of a Renaissance building erected by the nobleman Thomas Juel in...

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Welcome to Sportshotel Vejen – a family-friendly hotel with unique sports facilities for the whole family. We offer nice big family rooms and central location for good family experiences. Sportshotel ...

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Jels Church

6630, Rødding

Jels Church is located right in the heart of Jels and near the lakes of the town. It was consecrated in 1854, replacing a smaller, somewhat dilapidated chapel of hewn granite. The location near the la...

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Læborg Church

6600, Vejen

Læborg Church is situated on a hillside on the southern outskirts of the village of Læborg right next to the Ancient Road. The church was originally located in open land and was used as a landmark by ...

Hovborg Kro & Kursuscenter is situated in the middle of the nature appr. 20 km from Legoland. In the area of Hovborg are large fir plantations where it is possible to walk for hours without m...

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At the Jels Motel and Sports Centre you can basically enjoy all kinds of sports:
- Football
- Handball
- Volleyball
- Badminton
- Tennis
- Basketball
- Table tennis

In addition, the centre include...

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The Sports Café at Vejen Sports Centre offers light, tasty and varied meals and snacks. We were the first sports centre in Denmark who ditch the fryer, and have since developed many different offering...

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Enghavens Put and Take are 3500 squaremetres and 6500 squaremetres. We have Tables and benches and arrangement for cleaning the fish. Open from sunrise to sunset. WC. You are welcome to visit "Søstjer...

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Skibelund Krat

6600, Vejen

Skibelund Krat is today a monumental park. The location was established in 1865 after the loss of Southern Jutland to Prussia and was used as a gathering place for celebrations. Today, it features mem...

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Enjoy a nice lunch, a good cup of coffee, a homemade cake or a pleasant evening in beautiful surroundings at Vejen Golf Club.

Restaurant Greenen is located near Vejen Gold Club in a scenic area with ...

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Vejen Art Museum

6600, Vejen

Vejen Art Museum is dedicated to Danish Symbolism / Skønvirke (a Danish version of Art Nouveau) from around 1900. The principal artworks, including sculptures and ceramics, are by Niels Hansen Jacobse...

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6640, Lunderskov

Private accomodation on the farm Engdal.

3 Beautiful double rooms with private toilet and bath and with acces to a fully equipped kitchen.

Lovely garden with a small playground for the children.


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Three double rooms with private entrances are available right next to the Ancient Road in central Skodborg, which is located midway between Jels and Vejen and close to the river of Kongeåen.

The room...

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Rødding Folk High School

6630, Rødding

Rødding Højskole is Denmark´s oldest and the world´s first folk high school (school offering non-formal adult education). It was founded in 1844 and, after having experienced difficult years, it reope...

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Markedsrestaurationen i Brørup is part and parcel of the experience at Brørup Marked. Here cattle dealers and other people meet to celebrate their bargains.

The day at Brørup Marked og husdyrauktion ...

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Jels Voldsted is believed to have been a castle or fortress of significant size. There are approximately 130 meters between the northern and southern boundaries of the mounds.

The landward side of ...

Hotel Skibelund Krat

6600, Vejen

Hotel Skibelund Krat is a small hotel, idyllically situated in a small beech wood. From the terrace there is a magnificent view of the Kongeå valley. 19 tastefully furnished rooms, each with bath, TV,...

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The rune stone by Bække Church was erected on a small hillock. The stone came to light in 1807 when a new gateway was to be made in the churchyard embankment where the stone had been hidden in the soi...

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The museum shop at Sønderskov is a charming boutique with a specially selected range of gifts and design articles, quality toys with a vintage touch and Sønderskov’s own products. The shop is furnishe...

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Hotel Søgården Restaurant is a family-friendly restaurant offering a la carte in the evening from Monday to Saturday and a buffet when pre-ordered. In the summer, you may enjoy the food on the roofed ...

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Hjerting Church

6630, Rødding

A Romanesque church from approx. 1200. It is very small and is constructed of raw granite. It has no tower but does have a rigde turret, where the bell is. There is an interesting, and very ...

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The restaurant at Hotel Rødding offers a bright and exclusive ambiance with quality furnishing, creating the perfect setting for a lovely evening.
The menu varies with fresh seasonal produce of premi...

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Experience the market atmosphere at Jels Viking Market. The Viking market will be held in the Viking town beside the open-air stage.


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Klelund Plantage is the largest plantation in the area. It was founded in 1868. Today it is owned by Sofie Kirk Kristiansen....

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Hotel Søgården Brørup

6650, Brørup

Hotel Søgården is a nice family-held hotel from 2003. The hotel has 19 double rooms where 2 extra beds for children are available on request. All rooms are equipped with private bath and toilet, TV, s...

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Art Gallery at Enghave Animal - and Naturepark....

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You can rent a nice holiday home situated in beautiful and peaceful surroundings by the lakes of Jels. The area around Jels offers ample opportunities for angling, hiking, cycling, golf and relaxation...

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The Jels Lakes

There are 3 Lakes in Jels Neder- Midt and Oversø. You are only allowed to fish in Neder- and Midtsø. Oversø is preservation of natural amenities.

You are allowed to fish in the Jels L...

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The campsite by Frihedsbroen (Freedom Bridge) is located by the southern banks of the river of Kongeåen at the intersection by Frihedsvej. The hiking and cycling routes along the Ancient Road, Route 3...

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Jels Mill

6630, Rødding

Jels Mølle (Jels Mill) is a large Dutch-style smock windmill built in 1859. It was in use until 1959 to mill feed grain, flour and grist. Jels Mill is situated on a hilltop in Jels, allowing it to har...

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Danhostel Vejen

6600, Vejen

Danhostel Vejen – the hostel with ideal opportunities for an active stay

Centrally located at the motorway between Esbjerg and Kolding, you find Danhostel Vejen.

The youth hostel is part of Vejen Id...

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"The living Country Village" Hygum Hjemstavnsgård is a small open air museum. This is where the whole family can follow the seasons of the year, just like in the old days.The children can ta...


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