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Kongeå Inn

6650, Brørup

A pleasant inn, whose history goes back hundreds of yearsSituated quite near the Kongeå.In the inn they serve exciting traditional and untraditional dishes.Overnight accommodation at fa...

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Troldeparken in Vejen

6600, Vejen

In the park in Vejen there is a nice playground and an enclosure with goats and deer. A nice place for a cosy walk with the family....

A 5,5 km walk which begins in the Town Gesten, about 15 km west of Kolding. On Vejen Touristinformation or you can get a free folder with a description of the route....

Store Barsbøl

6630, Rødding

By the Jels-lake you can rent 5 renovated houses. Each house has room for 6 persons. The houses are situated in nice, peaceful surroundings.In the area there a good posiblities for fishing, ...

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Friheden - Building

6600, Vejen

Historic fieldstone house built in 1870 on the north side of Kongeaaen by an important local landowner, Kloppenborg Skrumsager, who was a loyal Dane during the years 1864-1920 when the land south...

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Café Vejen Gourmet

6600, Vejen

Café, where there is served traditional café food as well as menu´s....

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Sønderskov Hovedgård

6650, Brørup

A museum of cultural history for the municipality of Vejen, located at the historic Sønderskovgaard Manor. The manor house is a Baroque adaptation of a Renaissance building from 1620 and contains a nu...

Christmas at Sønderskov

6650, Brørup

At "Jul på Sønderskov" – Christmas at Sønderskov – the whole main building of the old manor is decorated with flag festoons and candles in the windows. All the rooms are filled with Christmas activiti...

© lintrup zoo

Discover the big birds of prey on very close range, when our falconers coach them in Lintrup Safari Zoo. Fell a sinking feeling, when the owl, the falcon and the eagle cut through the air just above y...

© udviklingvejen købt

For the event Open by Night in Vejen, on August 29, 2014, the theme is cheerful gloom. The shops are open until 11.00 pm and the town will be full of activities.

The commerce town Vejen is known for ...

© simone

Hovborg Connecting

6682, Hovborg

Hovborg Connecting is 3 days of culture, arts and activities under the theme of connections. Connections between people, connections to things, connections to nature.

The program will once again this...

© lintrup safrai zoo

At Glad Zoo, you’ll get a very special experience! Try an hour within stress together with a falcon and a Harris Hawk. During this hour you will get the opportunity to take a walk, while the Harris Ha...

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6600, Vejen

The river Kongeåen meanders through the area and is the southern border of the three municipalities, Brørup, Holsted and Vejen. It is known to be one of the best fishing waters in Denmark with its exc...

KongeåenYou may fish from Gredstebro until 2 km east of Foldingbro. A Fishing licence is required.The Fish:- you can catch all kinds of freshwater fish....

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The Jels Lakes

There are 3 Lakes in Jels Neder- Midt and Oversø. You are only allowed to fish in Neder- and Midtsø. Oversø is preservation of natural amenities.

You are allowed to fish in the Jels L...

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6600, Vejen

Historic place....

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Camping Gesten

6621, Gesten

Spend the night at camping site 3 km from Gesten. Play golf at the "pay and play" golfcourse or catch your dinner in the "put and take". By the sea you can buy or rent equipment.Or spend the...

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Klebæk Høje

6622, Bække

Klebækhøjene is regarded as one of the most outstanding preserved relic. This historical monument consists of two bronze age mounds and a stone ship with a runic stone at the stem. Consequently, two d...


Showing 151 - 173 of 173 entries