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6600, Vejen

The sculpture “Skyggen” (The Shadow) is featured at Vejen Art Museum.

“Skyggen” is a sculptor Niels Hansen Jacobsen's absolute masterpiece, modelled in Paris in 1897-98. The horizontally floating scu...

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Jels Søbad

6630, Rødding

Jels Søbad, the bathing area at the lake in Jels, is situated on the edge of Jels Nedersø where you may find Denmark’s most beautiful surroundings for a swim. When the water temperature is acceptable,...

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Hovborg Holiday Cottages

6682, Hovborg

Book your holiday in Hovborg Ferieby here!

In Hovborg Ferieby, we let out 11 various holiday cabins.

Hovborg Ferieby is situated in a scenic, quiet and child-friendly area by Holme Å (stream) with g...

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6600, Vejen

Skodborghus was once a castle located by a low-lying riverbank in the valley of Kongeådalen. It was an important border fortress in the Middle Ages, and in the 1500s it was used as a tax collection po...

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Jels Vikingpageant

6630, Rødding

Burning romance, formidable fencing battles and colourful scenes performed by hundreds of voluntary players create a unique experience at Jels Vikingpageant (Vikingespillet in Jels) every summer. The ...

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Orion Planetarium

6630, Rødding

Orion Planetarium shows various planetarium shows giving the audience an idea of the world of physics and astronomy.

Every hour you can lean back in the aeroplane seats and be initiated into the late...

Langdysse in Klelund

6682, Hovborg

"Langdyssen" in the south of Klelund plantation was in the 1700´s called "Giant Rochs". It is well kept and is 74 meters long....

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Hundsbæk Plantage with its winding roads and rolling hills is quite unusual for a heathland wood, which makes it an ideal spot for a nature walk.

The wood (or plantation) is located north of Vejen....

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A wonderful bowling centre with 10 top modern tracks - 3 children tracks, Special offers in Beef-and-Bowl.Newly decorated party-rooms with room for 20 - 180 people. You c...

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Ideal for fun water activities with the family and friends, and whether you are a recreational or competitive swimmer.

Our 25-meter pool features 27°C warm water. And in the diving pool you can jump ...

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Bed & breakfast - private accomodation.

We have 2 double rooms and 1 single room in a private home situated in the countryside. There is a bathroom as well as a living room with TV.


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“Modersmålet” (The Mother Tongue) is a striking monument in Skibelund Krat.

Sculptor Niels Hansen Jacobsen’s monument to the Danish language was carved in 1903 using granite from the island of Bornho...

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The cottage

6600, Vejen

Niels Hansen Jacobsen lived in this house, called "The cottage" in Vejen, his native town. The house is today private owned, and it is therefore only possible to see the house at a distance....

Byens Brød, Vejen

6600, Vejen

Bakery with freshly baked bread, sandwiches, etc. Plus the serving of ice cream, coffee, cake and light dishes, etc. in a small café....

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Vejen Sportscentre

6600, Vejen

Vejen Sports Centre is one of the largest sports facilities in Denmark and we are committed to offering great experiences within sports, health and culture.

We offer accommodation and events with ac...

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Lenticula is a modern work of art with a contemporary message in the historical monumental park of Skibelund Krat south of Vejen.
“Lenticula” means “lens”, and the artwork consists of two 170 cm wide...

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Come and take part in the feeding of the animals, say “Hello" to the parrot or try to sit on our camel “Sugge Hank” and feel and smell his thick dark fur. Or watch the park from a horseback where you ...

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Poul la Cour Museum

6600, Vejen

Poul la Cour, Denmark’s “Edison,” was an inventor in the age of the introduction of electricity in Denmark. With roots in academia and the Danish folk high school movement – and with a good grip on cr...

Delicatessen store with cold cuts and toppings, freshly made sandwiches, chocolates, specialty beer, wine. You can sit outside the store and enjoy sandwiches from the store (but there is no table serv...

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Discover the big birds of prey on very close range, when our falconers coach them in Glad Zoo. Fell a sinking feeling, when the owl, the falcon and the eagle cut through the air just above your head. ...

Restaurant Ribehøj

6683, Føvling

Restaurant Ribehøj offers gastronomic experiences in a class of its own. Here, local first quality articles of food and vegetables from its own garden, a view of nature, rustic surroundings for the me...

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Sporet til Tranekær Mose, also called Tranestien, is a track at a length of approx. 5.5 km starting at the northern part of the village Gesten.

The track is formed by desire paths and forests paths l...

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Two rooms located in a private home in central Vejen and overlooking a beautiful garden.

One room has a double bed and the other two single beds. Both rooms have access to a shared adjacent bathroom....

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Are you ready for a whole day with sports activities together with your family?

Carrying our red bracelet as a sports passport you and your family have access to all our activities. Put together your...

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Jels Vikingeby

6630, Rødding

Jels Vikingeby at this time contains of a workshop and a longhouse from the Iron Age that was reconstructed from a viking settlement that was found by Hammerlev in Southern Jutland.

Jels Vikingeby o...

Askov butcher shop

6600, Vejen

Meats, ready meals, cold meats, etc....

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Jels Pigen

6630, Rødding

Bronze sculpture by Jels Søbad created by schoolteacher Jørgen Thoms.

The sculpture came to town in 1953 and was made available following a negotiation between doctor H. H. Ravn and the Ny Carlsberg ...

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At Glad Zoo, you’ll get a very special experience! Try an hour within stress together with a falcon and a Harris Hawk. During this hour you will get the opportunity to take a walk, while the Harris Ha...

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Grillbar Søstjernen is placed in Enghave Dyre- and natutpark....

Christmas at Sønderskov

6650, Brørup

At "Jul på Sønderskov" – Christmas at Sønderskov – the whole main building of the old manor is decorated with flag festoons and candles in the windows. All the rooms are filled with Christmas activiti...

© Herregårdskælderen

The gourmet restaurant Herregårdskælderen is situated in the basement below the manor Sønderskov south of Brørup. Whitewashed vaults, original floor covering from 1614 and crackling logs in the old ov...

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Kongeåkroen (a wayside inn) offers 11 charming rooms: 6 double rooms on the first floor with shared bathroom and toilet in the corridor, 3 double rooms on the ground floor with shower and toilets in t...

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Have a dip in Brørup Svømmebad (outdoor swimming bath) and enjoy an afternoon with water fun in the pleasant warm water at 27 degrees C.

Actually, our water is just as warm as the water in the swimmi...

Kvickly, Vejen

6600, Vejen

Major supermarket, food, hardware,batteries,etc....

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The Jels Motel and Sports Centre is located close to the scenic lakes of Jels in wonderful surroundings overlooking the green areas. We offer a beautiful outdoor seating area with views to the playgro...

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Foldingbro Angling Lake

6650, Brørup

Foldingbro Fiskesø is situated next to Foldingbro Camping og Hytter. Foldingbro Fiskesø is fringed with high trees and landscaped in a beautiful natural resort close to Kongeåen. At the margin of the ...

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Kongeåen is one of the few small rivers in Denmark that wind in their almost original stream, as the flow has not been regulated. In 1980, Kongeådalen, the valley of the small river, was designated a ...

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Tracks in the landscape at Hovborg (Sporene ved Hovborg) are two tracks forming a bow at a total length of 18 km. The tracks are mostly desire paths leading through distinctive meadows, heath plantati...

Shell Vejen

6600, Vejen

Petrol station with kiosk and fast-food sales. Beverages, dairy products, ice cream, sweets, etc....

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The natural resort around the country seat Baldersbæk tells the story of Københavnerplantagerne (Copenhagener plantations), their owners and the view on nature at the beginning of the 20th century. He...

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Vejen Church

6600, Vejen

Vejen Church is located right next to the Ancient Road, Jutland’s old main thoroughfare. The church itself is of newer date so take a look at the cemetery opposite where you’ll find the traces of the ...

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Vejen Miniature Town

6600, Vejen

The association "Vejen Miniby" has constructed a miniaturised copy of Vejen (around 1900-1930) in the scale 1:10. The purpose is to show how Vejen developed from market town to industrial town.


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Lintrup Church

6660, Lintrup

The church is Romanesque built 1150-70, with a very square boxlike nave. It has a beamed wooden ceiling, a stone floor and granite walls. The windows are very small and have been changed throughout th...

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Øster Lindet Church

6630, Rødding

Øster Lindet Church is located at the southern end of the village of Øster Lindet in the northern part of Southern Jutland.

The church consists of a Romanesque chancel and nave from the mid-1100s as ...

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Please call the planetarium for further information....

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The reunification of Southern Jutland with the rest of Denmark in 1920 is the event in the history of the nation that has been commemorated the most on monuments nationwide, not just in Southern Jutla...

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Café Orangeriet is located in the heart of Vejen and offers an exciting menu with brunch and lunch and an exquisite coffee selection.

Café Orangeriet is dedicated to good taste, fresh ingredients and...

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Royal Oak Golf Club

6630, Rødding

The Royal Oak golf course with its 18-hole course of extraordinary quality meets international standards with large greens and ample bunkers. The location of Royal Oak in the gently undulating landsca...

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In beautiful nature close to motorway E20 (exits 65 and 66), we rent out 2 double rooms and 1 single room.

All rooms are equipped with radio, CD player, wireless Internet, and a DVD player enabling y...


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