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Tørninggård is found just off the route to the south of Tørning Mill. The hostel has 36 beds, kitchen, 4 bathrooms and 4 toilets.
Food can be bought at the hostel.

Address: Knagsledvej 1, Hammelev, ...

Hammelev B&B

6500, Vojens

Hammelev Bed & Breakfast is located centrally right by exit 68 (Haderslev-Vojens) on highway E45.

Hammelev is located in a picturesque nature area with excellent opportunities for hiking and biking ...

Restaurant Hotel Pauli

6500, Vojens

The restaurant is open at lunch seven days a week.

We are closed for 3 weeks in July and 2 weeks in December, please call us for further information....

Finn Burichs New Orleans Quartet plays revival-New Orleans jazz spiced with swing and blues.

Price incl. a two course dinner: DKK 390,-


© Cafe Ellegaard

Holiday apartment/artist apartment
In an ideal setting of nature and atmosphere we rent this apartment to artists and others that need peace and quite of a limited time. The apartment is built with e...

The Irish sing/songwriter and entertainer Tom Donovan is probably the singer with the largest collection of Irish ballads on his repetoire.

Enjoy an evening with Irish music while sailing on Hadersle...

Tuesday trip for retirees

6100, Haderslev

Enjoy a trip on the lovely Haderslev Fiord.
On the first leg of the trip you will be served coffee and rolls.

When you reach Aarø guides will be ready to give you a guided walk around the island. Th...

© VisitHaderslev

Over Lerte Church

6560, Sommersted

The origanal chapel was built in 1892 and was first dedicated to the church in 1932.
In 1962 the church was renovated  by an architect called Holger Garnach. At that point of time the baptismal font a...

© Lene Hedegaard (V)

Ice rink, Vojens

6500, Vojens

Roofed icerink. Skates for hire....

The museum at Tørninggård is a small farmersmuseum witch shows old tools that were used by farmers, many years ago i Denmark.  

The museum shows ancient agricultural tools and craft from year 1800 to...

Anni Erichsen

6100, Haderslev

Patrician home close to the centre of Haderslev.
We have 4 double rooms and one single room. In one of the double rooms there is room for an extra bed.
There is a common kitchen and living room with T...

© Projekt Hærvejen

The tent site is part of the farm’s park and forest. Jels Stream runs through the forest and adds a fairytale-like atmosphere to the area with a rich animal- and plant life. Ellegård is an old Inn at...

Mobil home parking in Haderslev

In Haderslev mobil homes can stay overnight in lovely surroundings near the harbour and fiord.

Haderslev Sejlklub has opened an area for mobil homes and you can use ...

Vojens Campingplads

6500, Vojens

Small campingsite close to the  City of Vojens.8 huts without kitchen and bathroom but table, chairs and div. serive to rent.Cooking- and washing facilities are situated in th...

Fishing in Slivsø

6100, Haderslev
© Anneli

Hindemade - a lake recreated

Sorrounded by wooded inclines is the lake district of Hindemade - but it was not always thus. In 1935, the area, which was previously a marshy area of ponds and meadows, ...

© Visit


Kim Nordsøn, Ribe Landevej 69, 6100 Haderslev, tel. +45 74 52 11 11 and 20 91 11 11

The site is a large garden on the outskirts of Haderslev, 200 m. from Haderslev Dam. Shopping: 400 m.


Quickstop for RV's

6100, Haderslev

Perhaps the weather isn't particularly suitable for a swim or a day lazing on the beach in the sun? And perhaps you would rather do something special, where you might have the opportunity to bring hom...

© Visit

Hjartbro Scout Centre

Karen M. Beckert, Hjartbro Byvej 21, Hjartbro, 6541 Bevtoft, tel. +45 74 41 68 69 – please call between 5 PM – 9 PM

The site is located on the outskirts of the camp owned by Hj...

© Haderslev Domsogn

Haderslev Cathedral

6100, Haderslev

Beautiful Gothic cathedral. Luther's ideas were preached here for the first time in Denmark in 1525. Other churches first followed suit 11 years later. Tallest church windows in Scandinavia. One of th...


6100, Haderslev

At Snogager Bed & Breakfast you can enjoy lovely rooms with a view of forests and fields.

On the second floor you find ywo rooms with a shared bathroom and living room with a TV and wireless interne...

© VisitHaderslev

Tørning Mølle

6500, Vojens

Castle mounds from 1331, house of a judge from 1700, now restored. Toerning Thingstead (famous in 1841). Large barn from 1878, now restored. Miller's house and mill from 1908 with functioning power st...

© Haderslev Domprovsti

Hjerndrup Church

6070, Christiansfeld

One kilometre sourthwest of Vojens, on the Skrydstrup field, stands the barrow in which the Skrydstrup Woman was found in 1935. A sign by the Vojens-Over Jerstal road points to the barrow. The oak cof...

Anholm Fishing lake in Gram

25,000 m² lakes, fish put out daily during the season 20/3–11/12. Fish-cleaning room with units, running water and freezer. (Only fish caught in the lakes may be cleaned)....

Canoe trip on Haderslev Dam

6100, Haderslev

The canoes plow easily through the mirror-like surface.  There is a crane, there a fish jumping, and there one can see a heron.  Nature opens itself for us. Slowly the canoes are gliding over the lake...

© Visit


543 Sommersted

Gerda S. Limbrecht, Mosevænget 10, 6560 Sommersted, tel. +45 74 50 41 81 preferably between 10 AM and 1 PM

A 500 m2 lawn in a large residential garden on a closed road. There is sh...

Enjoy a race for the hole familie - also children in "Bambini Karts"....

© Projekt Hærvejen

The area around the elevatede plateau near Pothøj has many grave mounds from the Neolithic period and the Bronze Age. The Germans made use of this when constructing the "Sikringsstilling Nord" batter...

Naturstyrelsen – Sønderjylland, Tel.: +45 2424 9067

Toilet and water is available to the north of the site. There is also a nature playground. Right across from the site you find the power station w...

Hotel Pauli

6500, Vojens

Welcome to the Hotel Pauli. A small family hotel with nice rooms and an international kitchen. Spectacular and modern dining halls and conference rooms at your disposal. Situated within a 5 minutes wa...

© Haderslev Domprovsti

Vedsted Church

6500, Vojens

Romanesque - Cruciform since 1900.

On the cemetary you will find a granitstone in memory of 65 soldiers who died under World War I....

Bergs Plads, Sønderskov

6100, Haderslev

Primitive campsite with 3 shelters. Access to water and toilet in the forestside Berg's house. The camp is also campsite, so there may be busy.

The campis located at Pamhule Forest. There is 300m to...

Fishing in Gels Å

6510, Gram

The beautiful landscape inspires to nice outdoors aktivities. Gelåens big population of trout attracts a lot of fishermen....

© Haderslev Domprovsti

Hammelev Church

6500, Vojens

Cosy small church - three winged altarpiece from 1480. In the churchyard, the family grave site for the Boysen family may be seen. The Boysen family inhabited nearby Toerning Mill....


6100, Haderslev

Beautiful restored Restaurant situated at Haderslev lake....

Bitten Ravn, Kelstrup

6100, Haderslev

At the end of a quiet street you find this lovely Bed and Breakfast.

2 spacious double rooms.

One of the rooms has a private entrance, living area and bedroom.

Both rooms have a TV and private bat...

Hotel Vojens

6500, Vojens

A comfortable hotel positioned near the railroad and the highway. A 1. class kitchen, restaurant and pub. Things worth seeing: The historic Tørning mill, walking alleys in the tunnel valley of Vojens....

Gram Slotskro

6510, Gram

Old cosy inn in protected buildings erected after a fire in 1714. Situated next to Gram Manor, park and lake. The inn has been in posession of this family for 4 generations....

Irish rhythms with greeting from the green island, folk songs and sing-along song.

An evening with John og Brian O'Driscoll.

Price incl. 2 course dinner DKK 390,-...

Stevning Pond and Törning Lake are linked to eachother.
Fishing in the Mølledam only is permitted anlongside the road (Tørningvej).
If you have accomplished the 14. year of life, you have to purchase ...

Sønderjysk evening

6100, Haderslev

Enjoy a delicious feast of local sausage specialities from butcher Vollstedt while listening to cosy acoordion music.

Price including dinner: DKK 330,-...

© Haderslev Domprovsti

Nustrup Church

6500, Vojens

The church was built in around 1150, the steeple and the hall were bulit 200 years later.
In 1609, the top of the steeple burnt off so that the steeple had to be rebuild.

mainly consisting of granit ...

Slukefter Kro

6500, Vojens

The inn is from 1761. The motel wing contains modern and com- fortable rooms, all with private bath and toilet, telephone and colour t.v....

Sct. Severingade

6100, Haderslev

Bed and Breakfast


Exclusive 2nd floor luxury flat located just a few hundred meters from the heart of town and very close to the recreational areas in Damparken and sho...


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