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7700, Thisted

This dolmen, from 4000 - 3000 BC, was 172 m. long, years ago. It is now 132 m. due to the westerl end, that has become a part of the grocery store. "Langdyssen" was previously considered to be a long ...

Sculpture: Omfavnelse

7600, Struer

Size: Hight 0.90, base included....

Struer Swimming Bath

7600, Struer

Tuesday at 20-22 - adults only!July - CLOSED...

© Frisør My Style

My Style Frisør

7500, Holstebro

Our aim is to give all customers a positive experience based on a high professional level with time to give a professional and individuel treatment in a nice atmosphere....


6960, Hvide Sande

Angling and trekking.

Are you looking for equipment for fishing or trekking, we recommend you to visit ”Lystfiskeren”. The shop has experienced and skilled team members, who love the outdoor life th...

Medieval ford by Mojbøl

6630, Rødding

A brief detour from the trail affords the opporttunity to experience a medieval ford. In the course of a project to restore the Jels Å at Mojbøl in 2002, archaeologists examined the meadow beforehand....

Room close to Skjern River.

Two rooms with respectively one double bed and ¾ bed. Kitchen, toilet/ bath and living room with radio and TV. Animals are welcome. Wireless Connection avaible....

© Dayz - Seawest

Dayz SeaWest

6830, Nørre Nebel

Located in the middle of the wonderful nature of western Jutland between Nr. Nebel and Nymindegab - not far from the North Sea - you will find Dayz SeaWest Nymindegab, a unique holiday resort that ele...

© Nymindegab Museum

Nymindegab Museum

6830, Nørre Nebel

Nymindegab Museum is an open air exhibition with family activities during  summer. See the skeleton of a stranded sperm whale. Visit the saw mill and the small house of the carpe...

© cha

Holsted Church

6670, Holsted

The old church of Holsted was situated, where the church yard is placed today.Granite from the old church is used for the plinth. Furthermore the pulpit and the font comes from the old ...

© ls arkiv

Hovborg Holiday Cottages

6682, Hovborg

Spend your holiday in Hovborg Holiday Town!  Hovborg Holiday Town is situated in a beautiful, quiet and child-friendly area near Holme Å (stream), where there are ...

Esbjerg International Chamber Music Festival
in the Academy of Musik and in the Performing Arts Center.

EICMF 16 - 23 August 2015

Hjerpsted Kirke

6280, Højer

Die Kirche in Hjerpsted ist wahrscheinlich die älteste in der westlichen Region Dänemarks. Sie wurde ca. 1130 erbaut. ...

Bicycles for rent at Feriepartner Bork Harbour

You will find the bicycle hire place in an attractive holiday area with summer- houses, camping sites, hotels, yachtharbour, shops and so on. The bicycl...

Nymindegab Kro - Restaurant

6830, Nørre Nebel

The inn has a long tradition as a roadside inn. We have been innkeepers since January 2000, and since then we have been rebuilding and adding parts to offer our guests a modern environment and excelle...

Thisted Forsikring

7700, Thisted

Insurance company...

Camp Ground V. Jørn Laursen. Tentsite with horse paddock. For further information contact Jørn Laursen Ph. +45 9758 4285 +45 4072 1892...

Annes Keramik, Holstebro

7500, Holstebro

Annes Keramik in Holstebro

Anne is a ceramic artist, who has her shop at her permanent address in the basement.

You can see a large selection of glass- and applied art....

© Thyborøn Turistbureau

Thyborøn Tourist Office welcomes you.At Thyborøn Tourist ...

© Sneglehuset, Thyborøn

Sneglehuset, Thyborøn

7680, Thyborøn

The Shell House - amazing house decorated with millions of shells

The Shell House is of course situated in a street called Sneglevej (’Shell  Street’) in Thyborøn.
Everywhere, both inside and outsid...

© Iben Laursen, Struer

Iben Laursen, Struer

7600, Struer

Iben Laursen Gallery in Struer

Iben Laursen makes colorful acrylic paintings and collages added a pinch of humor. There are birds and elks, paint and crayons. Old cigarette packages and handmade pape...

Jupiter Cykler

7190, Billund

Rent a bike for your holiday in Billund.
We offer city bikes, mountainbikes, children's bikes, tandem bikes, helmets, children's seats etc....


6920, Videbæk

The coal bed, which became the coal lake is one of the most important deposits of brown coal. After the extractions stopped, the neked areas were planted, not only to stop sand drifts but also to crea...

Stenderup Church

7200, Grindsted

Stenderup Church is a chapel of ease under Ansager Church. Designed by architect Harald Lønborg-Jensen and built in 1909, it closely resembles Skovlund Church....

Skjern Å Camping

6900, Skjern

A charming 3-star camp site for anglers situated in the outskirts of Skjern about 500 m from the River Skjern. Trees and low bushes surround the site.

The bath- and toilet building is modern, there ...

© ms arkiv

The Jels Lakes

There are 3 Lakes in Jels Neder- Midt and Oversø. You are only allowed to fish in Neder- and Midtsø. Oversø is preservation of natural amenities.

You are allowed to fish in the Jels L...

Bog & Idé Thisted

7700, Thisted

Books, paper and office supplies....

Fish Restaurant - Here you get Thy´s largest seafood buffet - with a view across the North Sea!
Price DKK 169,-/person, children under 12 years DKK 85,- each. Prices in Euro 23,- and 11,50.


Videbæk Skinnecykler

6900, Skjern

Experience nature from an inspection trolley...

All year round you can hire an inspection trolley at Videbæk-Skjern Veteran- og Modeljernbane. The route between Herborg old station and Skjern is 13 k...

Only a few kilometers from the coast you can see another reminder of the terrible war - a memorial grave for seven English pilots who died om 1st December 1943, when their 4 engined bomber crashed.

© Valentino Pizza House

Valentino Pizza House

7500, Holstebro

Is a pizza and kebab house with 15 years of experience. Valentino Pizza only use fresh products! We fuarantee quality and taste enjoyment. We have chosen not to focus on the Italian menu, but also the...

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7500, Holstebro

Delicious, freshly made sandwiches just the way you want! At Emmas's we make your sandwich when you order it and you can get it excatly as you want. We use only naturally super-fresh products, lean me...

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Papas Pizza

7500, Holstebro

Welcome at Holstebro Pizza in the heart of town. We always have a good service and use fresh products....

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Here you will find almost everything within Pizza. It is possible to order at www.justeat.dk


Estate Wine & Coffee Bar

7500, Holstebro

And that is why, we serve the best coffee & specialties at Estate Wine & Coffee Bar. Enjoy your coffee, beer or wine in our Coffee Bar, sit down and read the daily newspaper whilst sipping on a cappuc...

© Flamingo Naturpark

Flamingo Nature ParkVisit our beautiful nature park and have a unigue experience. Small "rooms" and oasis spread out in the park make the perfect settings for an extraordinary pi...

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Holstebro Taxa

7500, Holstebro

Holstebro TaxaWe offer a 26 trolleys the ideal transportation solution - around the clock, year round - for both private and business customers. Our carriers and drivers are all ...

© Akela Hytten

The Akela Hut

7500, Holstebro

Owned by the KFUM-ssouts in Idom-Råsted....

© Colourbox


7500, Holstebro

Owned by FDF Holstebro Vests Støtteforening....

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7500, Holstebro

Large site around the hut well designed for camping. Owned by Den selvejende instutition Knuden v/FDF Tvis....

© Støberiet

At Restaurant Støberiet (The foundry) we makes seasonal ingredients for tonight's pure enjoyment. Also our wine is in a class all by itself. Enjoy fine wine at the wine bar or beautifully matched to t...

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NF Turistbusser

7500, Holstebro

All kinds of transportation of tourists with coaches from 10 - 77 passengers. We have all kinds of equipment. Please call for prices....

Holstebro Badeland

7500, Holstebro

Aqua Dome and Swimminghall. Exercising room with spinning. Turbo Switchback water massage - water fall - bouble zones. Steam bath.
No time limit on the entrance fee.


Nybo Lejren

7500, Holstebro

Facing the stream Vegen Å the camp is surrounded by meadow and woods.

Situated approx. 3 km from Holstebro Ringroad.

Kitchen ware for 50 persons in the dining hall, 2 dormitories with alltogether 3...

© hygum hjemstavnsård, web master

During Harvest Days at Hygum Hjemstavnsgård, you can experience the harvest development from around year 1900 onwards. It is the evolution from scythe to distributing machine, self-binder and the comb...

North Sea Beach Marathon

6960, Hvide Sande

North Sea Beach Marathon 28th of June 2015

Are you looking for an extraordinary challange? -One that will test your willpower and your endurance. North Sea Beach Marathon will offer you just that, wi...

Private rooms, Brørup

6650, Brørup

2 twin-bedded rooms with a Bathroom.TV and kitchen with refrigerator and cooker.Situated in a quiet neighbourhood, there is access to garden....


Showing 101 - 150 of 4905 entries