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The parking place in Tarm on Toften is close to the municipality and from here you have the opportunity to experience the many activities located in Tarm.

Click on the link to see more information ab...

This parking place is close to Tarm Church and provides easy access to the city's options. The parking place is very centrally located on Kirkegade....

This parking place in Skjern is located close to shopping and the train station. The parking place is located on Torvet in Skjern and is easily accessible to all the visitors of Skjern...

This parking lot is located behind the hotel Vestjyden and close to the railway station. Possible pads for shopping is great and there is easy access to the rest of the exciting experiences....

This parking place is ideal for you to be on the bus or train. However, you also have ample opportunity to discover the wealth of attractions and activities you can find in Skjern....

The parking place in Videbæk on Vestervang is close to Videbæk Sports and Leisure Centre. Here you can park and take a trip in the leisure center or experience Videbæks many attractions and experience...

This parking place on Sportsvej is close to West Jutland Art Pavilion, which often is used for various art exhibitions. The parking place here is right next to the main street Bredgade which continues...

This large parking place is next to the bus station in Videbæk. From here it is only a few meters walk to the bus stop and not far away is also a gas station located....

This parking place is located behind Westergaard's Hotel in Videbæk. The Parking facilities are centrally located so you can easily explore all Videbæk has to offer....

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7500, Holstebro

At CHANGE Lingerie you find luxourious lingerie. We offer bras in all sizes and with perfect fit. Lingerie must always fit perfectly to you, your body, and your style. 


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Ginnerup Plantage

7860, Spøttrup

Ginnerup Plantage is a coniferous plantation. The plantation is about 50 hectares and is especially known for the only accessible passage grave and its many burial mounds in Salling. Ginnerup Plantage...

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Denmark's largest wellness 2500 square with  18 facility  like - spa, sauna, pool, aroma steam bath, foot massage, sweat boxes, facials, massages and much more....

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Enjoy offers 2 nice conference rooms,  seating for 75 people, we provide varios AV-equipment available....

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Frk. Sommer

7500, Holstebro

Home made Italian icecream. Freshly made every morning!...

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Svane Køkkenet

7500, Holstebro

We fulfil your kitchen dreams - that's not just our ambition, but our objective every time a customer comes in the door... We look forward to seeing you......

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Haunstrup - H101

7400, Herning

Book your accommodation in Herning here.

A cosy farmhouse in a scenic area, located just outside Herning. Newly renovated rooms with a large kitchen. Washer and dryer can be used for kr. 10, -  per t...

The centre of town, a rectangular space paved with stones and sorrounded by prominent buildings. In the 1950s, as a run-up to a contemplated street connection between Herning and the established Sønde...

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Unicorn Ridesport

7500, Holstebro

Unicorn-ridesport.dk is both a physical shop and Westjutland's largest online shop with horseback riding equipment. Here you find a wide selection of equipment for both horse and rider, linke clothing...

Hotel Ringkjøbing built app. 1600. The oldest house in town, except from the church. Originally completely with timber frame, but the gable end and lower floor was converted into foundationwall in app...

Energy Walk

7730, Hanstholm

Take a walk above Hanstholm Harbour with a "digital walking stick", and listen to stories of renewable energy.
At the start you will be given a digital walking stick and a set of headphones. Listening...


7330, Brande

Cykelladen in Brande is a modern bike shop with their own workshop, bikes for all ages, rental of bikes, clothes for biking and lots of other equipment for your bike.

The shop often arranges events a...

Before the making of Torvegade-Søndervigvej in the end of the 1950s, all traffic to Holmsland and Søndervig went through Vester Strandgade, down around the Harbour and through Vester Strandsbjerg. It ...

11. The Honorary bench

6900, Skjern

Station Square, 6900 Skjern.

Artist: Frede Sorensen.
Construction year: 1999.
Materials: Cast iron and wood.

Saturday, September 11th., 1999 the Station Square and the Bank Square were named Ringkøb...

3. The Peaceforest

6900, Skjern

The west intrance by Ånumvej.

The Peaceforest was earlier called "The Millers Plantation" and was in December 1935 granted as a gift to Skjern Council by Mrs. Molly Pedersen.
Mrs. Molly Pedersen was ...

Artist: Hans Peder Pedersen-Dan 1859-1939.
Year of construction: 1907.
Established in Skjern: 2013.

Material: Bronze.

Measure of sculpture:
Height: 188 cm.
Width: 125 cm.
Depth: 170 cm.
Granite plin...

20. The kiss

6900, Skjern

The roundabout north, Holstebrovej/Ringvejen, 6900 Skjern.

Artist: Piet Hein.
Built year: 16-12-2005.

" Who have you kissed in your street door?"
That can one rightly ask the town Skjern about. It s...

4: Smedegade and Mellemgade

6950, Ringkøbing

Smedegade has some older houses in the lower end. Housing street with workshops for trade companies.

Mellemgade is a quiet brick-laid street with several old houses. In the first part of the 17th cen...

15. Opus 83

6900, Skjern

The entrance, Skjern townhall, Finderupsvej, 6900 Skjern.

Artist: Ejgil Westergaard.
Year of construction: 08-04-1983 (Named :03-05-1983).

Was on the occasion of Skjerns 25 year market town jubilee ...

1. The Pulpit

6900, Skjern

Skjern medows, with King Hans bridge (at the end of Petersmindevej), 6900 Skjern.

Artist: Bjørn Kromann-Andersen.
Construction year: 2010.
Material: Corten steel.

The Pulpit is one of the 7 pieces o...

The Bank square(opposite the railway station) 6900 Skjern.

Artist: Hanne Varming
Year of construction: 03-07-1998.
Material: Bronze.

"Skjernpigen" is the result of a jubilee competition printed by S...

In 1726 called " Østergade to beach ". At the top old wings of big merchant´s houses in Algade. In the Matas property timer frame with brick Chequer work, northernmost two panels of small Frisian bric...

21. The super egg

6900, Skjern

Roundabout east, Arnborgvej/Østergade/Ringvejen, 6900 Skjern.

Artist: Piet Hein.
Year of construction: 03-12-1999
Material: Silver bronzed fiberglass.

"The Super egg is a geometric innovation in th...

19. "Without name"

6900, Skjern

Common area for housing association Lejerbo, Bredgade/ Nørregade/Nygade/Nygårdsvej, 6900 Skjern.
Artist: Karl Åge Riget (b. 1933, d. 2001).
Year of construction: 07-08-1992.
Material: Polished stainle...

2. Directory stone

6900, Skjern

The corner of Vardevej / Ånumvej.
Stone mason: Unknown.
Year of construction: unknown (before 1850).

On the corner of Vardevej / Ånumvej is sat down an old directory stone.
The stone is known from th...

6. Frederik d. VII

6900, Skjern

The Park in Skjern town Mellemgade/Fredensgade.

Material: Bronze statuette on cementbase.

Raised the 5. june 1877 on Skjern Brogård of the constituencys residents.
The Stature is today raised in the...

6: Østergade in Ringkøbing

6950, Ringkøbing

The old main radial road to the north ended at Nørreport, and mid-17th century was replaced by Nygade. The small house no. 40 has lain right outside Nørreport and is called the Octroi. It was built in...

16. The Harvestman

6900, Skjern

Skjern Librarys main entrance, Engtoften 1, 6900 Skjern.

Artist: Bent Sørensen.
The construction year: 29-05-1962.

Gift for Skjern from Ny Carlsberg fonden on the occasion of the town´s transition t...

14. Jubilee stone

6900, Skjern

Place Mølletorvet, 6900 Skjern
Artist: Stone mason Charles Vendelbjerg.
Build in 2008.
Material: granite.

Gift to the city from Skjern trade association and Skjern Business Council on the 50th- anniv...

8. The Mask

6900, Skjern

Nordea building, Tinghusvej.

Artist: Jens Galschiøt.  
Year: 2011.
Material: Bronze.

The sculpture has been fitted with a white backplate. This highlights the mask shape against the gray background ...

The entrance in front of Skjern Post office, Bredgade, 6900 Skjern.

Artist: Poul Bækhøj.
Year of construction: 14-1-1987.
Material: Granite.

The column was unveiled by museum inspector Jesper Knudse...

17. Sigurd Bergs Stone

6900, Skjern

Berg´s Plads, 6900 Skjern.

Artist: Stone mason Rasmus M. Andersen.

The stone was unveiled in 1923 at Station Square in Skjern.
It is raised by voters from Skjern in memory of Sigurd Berg, who was Me...

5. The Reunion stone

6900, Skjern

The south western part of the playground in the park by Kirkeskolen / Fredensgade.

Was originally in 1921, set opposite the railway station in Skjern on the point where the Center is today. The stone...


Showing 4651 - 4700 of 5023 entries