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H.A. Brorson

6270, Tønder

Bronze figure of the famous psalmist H.A. Brorson, who was vicar in Toender from 1729-1737. Gift from 'New Carlsberg Foundation'....

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Kagmanden i Tønder

6270, Tønder

As late as in the 19th century the whipping post was of great importance in the urban life of many towns in Northern Europe. The post was placed on a brick-built rise, and chained to it the offenders ...

Møgeltønder Church

6270, Tønder

One of Denmark's largest village churches with valuable furnishing and interior decorations. The church belonged to Schackenborg until 1970. Fully restored 1970-1988. Contains Denmark's oldest church ...

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6261, Bredebro

Restoret Old Marshfarm on a big ground. Serval shared dining/sitting rooms. A Garden with terrace. Party and Courserooms. Distance to Tønder 30 km....

Moselundgaard B&B and Horse Hotel is situated 17 km from Ikast and 14 km west of Silkeborg in the beautiful nature at Hærvejen, Bølling Lake and Moselund Forest. You find different animals and birds i...

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Kølkær Church

7400, Herning

The church is build in 1891 in red bricks with a copper roof. The altarpiece is made in 15th century and it comes from the old Herning church. Comprehensive restoration in 1971 for instance with Øland...

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Baboon City

7400, Herning

Baboon City presents 9000 square metres of indoor amusements where you will find the frames for having fun together through physical efforts and challenges. A variety of activities will be available f...

Birkebæk Plantage

7400, Herning

Birkebæk planatation is located 10 kilometers south from Herning. The area has many good forest paths and some good vantage points. In the edge of the forest area there is three Bronze Age hills "Hjor...

© Lemvig Sodal, Lemvig

Södalen, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

A walking tour in Sødalen

The tour through Sødalen Valley is a walk through what geologists call 'a glacial landscape series', i.e. a range of different kinds of landscape formed by an ice front duri...

© ms arkiv

This was built in the years 1927-28. The foundations consist of granite boulders. There are cavity walls, which at the facings have hand-moulded bricks that have been scoured and whitewashed. The ...

In the western part of the Margrethe Polder, you will find a 2,6 km2 saltlake with a rich animal life....

Mylius Eriksen Statuen

6950, Ringkøbing

The polar explorer Mylius Eriksen

By Ringkøbing Museum is a statue of Mylius-Eriksen. He was in head of the famous Greenland expedition in 1902-04. In 1906-07 he once again was in front of an expedit...

Hotel Bording

7441, Bording

Hotel Bording is centrally located between Ikast and Silkeborg, close to the highway. The hotel offers 10 pleasant rooms, which share three bathrooms. Here, you will also find a restaurant, a large ha...

De Fem Hald'er

8800, Viborg

Visit the landscape of Hald where once the five 'Hald'er' were situated. Two 'Hald'er', the manor house 'Hald Hovedgaard' and the ruin named after Bishop Friis stil exist. The five 'Hald'er' have a lo...

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HTH Køkkenforum

7500, Holstebro

Welcome to HTH Køkkenforum in Holstebro.

Here you get the best service and quality kitchens!...

Hjerting beach - Esbjerg, © Torben Meyer

Hjerting Beach near Esbjerg

6710, Esbjerg V

Here you can enjoy the beautiful view of the Ho Bay, go for a swim, play and be active.

The new 660 metre long wooden sea front is equipped with benches, slopes, stairs and platforms.

Sea pool - als...

© Lemvig Turistbureau

The Sculpture Path in Lemvig

Torvald Westergaard was a very famous sculptor. This route comprises 54 of his sculptures.

The path leads you by a collection of 54 sculptures made by Torwald Westergaar...

Klittens Put and Take

6960, Hvide Sande

Fish Lake at approx. 11,000 sqm. located by a fish farm. One of the few saltwater lakes in Denmark. Fresh saltwater streams into the lake, and gives a great taste to the fish.

We postpone the new fis...

© Arriva

Tønder Railway Station

6270, Tønder

Tønder station
Arriva operates the regional railway between Niebüll and Esbjerg. See the timetable on www.mitarriva.dk or plan your journey on www.rejseplanen.dk.
Tønder station located on Jernbanega...

© Kaj Fjendbo

Gallery Temporary

7800, Skive

Gallery Temporary is owned by seven local artists. The exhibit is very wide, ranging from glass art to paintings and grafics....

© Kaj Fjendbo

Kunst Tour de Spøttrup

7860, Spøttrup

Visit Art tour de Spøttrup: Five local artists in Spøttrup have established an art tour in close proximity of Spøttrup Castle. Within a radius of 5 km you can experience many different artistic expres...

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7500, Holstebro

Come into the shop and get friendly and experienced help to find exactly what you dream about....

© Vandborg Kirke, Lemvig

Vandborg kirke, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

The Church of Vandborg

The Church has a Romanesque Choir and ship with vault....

© Niels Linneberg

Kunsthal vARTe

6800, Varde

Kunsthal vARTe....

© Østdansk Turisme

Sol og Strand - Rømø

6792, Rømø

Sol og Strand Rømø offers more than 450 lovely holiday homes on the popular holiday island between the North Sea and the Wadden Sea. Here you can choose between all types of holiday homes - right from...

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8800, Viborg

Hildas Tricotage, Thyborøn

7680, Thyborøn

Hildas Tricotage by Karen Poulsen in Thyborøn.Hildas Tricotage in Thyborøn has a wide selection of everything in knitwear, yarn, baby clothes, children’s clothes and ladies’...

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Jet Benzin Holstebro

7500, Holstebro

JET Benzin, is a chain of discount petrol stations, found all over Denmark....

Hurup EL-service

7760, Hurup Thy

Electrician and shop....

Thisted El-forretning

7700, Thisted

Electrician and el-shop...

Øster Højst Kro

6240, Løgumkloster

The right choice when you are planning a party. Choose the most safe variation: Make your party on Øster Højst Kro....

Kitchen Annie Holstebro

7500, Holstebro

The Thai cuisine is becoming more and more popular in Denmark, and with good reason. It stands for everything that we think is important when cooking.
Fresh ingredients and small, but exciting flavor ...

The down town destination for knowing travellers and natives alike. Situated in the heart of Esbjerg on the popular Market Square, a few minutes walk from Utzons architecturally spectacular Performing...

The building dates from 1748 and bears witness to the prosperity wich the commanders (1700-1800) brought to Rømø. It is completely restored, including panels, ceilings and doors. The walls are covered...

Mjolden Kirke

6780, Skærbæk

Open by arrangement with Helene Sørensen, Præstegardsvej 10, Mjolden. This little church is situated on a hillrock in the marshland, which was formerly flooded by high tides. There are two noteworthy ...

Brøns Å

6780, Skærbæk

Brøns Å flows into the Wadden Sea between Brede Å and Ribe Å a little north of Skærbæk. Brøns Jagt & Fiskeri sells both fair cards and season tickets to Brøns Å.Season for fishing: 1. March - 1. Novem...

Brøns Antik & Genbrug

6780, Skærbæk

Visit our store...


7330, Brande

The "kilderuten" takes its starting point at Rørbæk Lake close to the source of Skjern River and Gudenåen. The route continues in the northern direction towards Hjøllund. The length is about 20 km. Pl...

Tønder Tourist Office

6270, Tønder

The Tourist Office offers holidaycottages for rent, guided tours in the Palace Park of Schackenborg Castle in Moegeltoender at summer. (Sunday closed)...

© Creme Fraiche

Creme Fraiche

7500, Holstebro

At Creme Fraiche for the best fashion trends inspired by the international fashion scene. You get the stylish clothing items at an affordable price....

© Ferring Kirke, Lemvig

Ferring Kirke, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

The Church of Ferring lay on Bovbjergs Klint

The church is famous for a fresco and a pair of figures from the Middles Ages.

The church yard is worth seeing because of the white railings around the ...

8. The Mask

6900, Skjern

Nordea building, Tinghusvej.

Artist: Jens Galschiøt.  
Year: 2011.
Material: Bronze.

The sculpture has been fitted with a white backplate. This highlights the mask shape against the gray background ...

17. Sigurd Bergs Stone

6900, Skjern

Berg´s Plads, 6900 Skjern.

Artist: Stone mason Rasmus M. Andersen.

The stone was unveiled in 1923 at Station Square in Skjern.
It is raised by voters from Skjern in memory of Sigurd Berg, who was Me...


Showing 4751 - 4800 of 4873 entries