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Sorø Boat Rides welcomes you to an trip on Sorø Lake.
You can buy your ticket directly aboard "Lille Claus"
Information about cancellations will be available from : the Tourist Office, tel. +45 57 8...

Mullerup Strand

4200, Slagelse

One of Kalundborg's beutyful beaches along The Great Belt....

Oerslev Church

4200, Slagelse

The church has a Romanesque chancel, and the nave is made of fieldstone. During the Gothic period the church was vaulted, and the chancel was extended towards the east. In the same period the church w...

© Hotel Jens Baggesen

Hotel Jens Baggesen

4220, Korsør

Cosy and romantic cityhotel, with a view to the Great Belt Bridge. 39 big rooms with own bath, television, phone and clockradio. In the restaurant the big breakfastbuffet is served.

Follow me.....

Villa Fjordhøj

4230, Skælskør

Villa Fjordhøj was built at 1915-16 by the family Lotz (marchand, ship owner, miller), as a privatquarter. The house was sold to Sorø Amt (Sorø county 1952) and decorated to a recreation facility, but...

© Vilcon Hotel & Konferencegaard

Vilcon Hotel & Conference Centre is beautifully situated in rural surroundings with fine views of wood and fields. At our farm, we have reconstructed all the outbuildings, faithful to their former...

Hotel Antvorskov

4200, Slagelse

Welcome to Hotel Antvorskov....

© Golfhotel Vilcon

Vilcon Golfhotel

4200, Slagelse

Welcome to Vilcon Golfhotel...

Restaurant Skipperkroen

4200, Slagelse

A la carte restaurant...

Mullerup Havn

4200, Slagelse


Skipperkroen Inn

4200, Slagelse

One of the most beautiful inns in Denmark. Skipperkroen lies in a quiet and relaxing environment surrounded by nature, beaches ideal for children, and right outside the front door is a small marina. Y...

Mullerup Stenene

4200, Slagelse

Monuments from the stone age...

Sejeroe Eatery

4592, Sejerø

Small cosy restaurant in the small village
Kongstrup on the island Sejeroe.

We serve leckere menus with inspiration from
the French and Italian kitchen, as well as many appropriate exciting bevera...

Løgtvedgård Sø

4470, Svebølle

The lake is about 50.000 square meters and trouts in the size 0.5 to 8 kilograms are put out. Besides fine fishing possibilities the area offers lovely nature experiences. Tab...

© vvvs

The Sejeroe Church

4592, Sejerø

Sejeroe church is an incredibly beautiful church from 1250-1300, built in the time between Norman and Gothic style. Extremely worth seeing frescoes from 1558 with biblical situations are fou...

Myrehoej Bed and Breakfast

4593, Eskebjerg

Beautifully situated old 4-winged farm from 1686.

All rooms have sofa and refrigerator.
All rooms are furnished in different patterns:
Africa, Asia, Mediterranean, Cottage etc..

Possibilities fo...

Gæstehus Brandsbjerg

4400, Kalundborg

Guest house overlooking Kalundborg fiord

The guesthouse is 27m2, own terrace; inside 2 beds, 2 extra beds, microwave oven, cooker, refrigerator, coffee machine, dinner set; freee WIFI; smoking is not...

Restaurant Gisseløre

4400, Kalundborg

Welcome to the Farm Museum at Birkendegaard (Landbomuseet)

The museum is located in the old bull pens at Birkendegård. 

A group of enthusiasts and volunteers started putting the Farm Museum together...

Ravskulptør Pia Ahrenst

4281, Gørlev

Amber sculptor Pia Ahrenst
Pia Ahrenst is a master amber sculptor. She works with amber, birch knots, driftwood, bone and teeth - mother nature is her main inspiration. 

Open mainly on Saturdays, Sun...

kl. 06.30-10.00
Kl. 15.00-17.00
Kl. 19.15-21.30 

Kl. 11.30-14.00
Kl. 15.00-17.00
Kl. 19.15-21.30 

Kl. 06.30-08.00
Kl. 15.00-17.00

Kl. 15.00-17.00
Kl. 19.15-21.30


Esbern Snare by Erik Varming

4400, Kalundborg

Varming, Erik - Esbern Snare...

Sculpture by Jens bloch

4400, Kalundborg


Jack Lundsdal

4400, Kalundborg

The artist Jack Lundsdal lives andworks in the outskirts of Kalundborgon the beautiful peninsula of Røsnæs.Here at his studio he works on his largeoil/acrylic canvases and the...

Kalundborg Marina

4400, Kalundborg

The harbour-office at Baltic Plads is open Monday-Thursday at 7-15,30, Friday at 7-15....

The Church of Nyvang

4400, Kalundborg

The church in the eastern part of the town is the result of 55 years of effort. On August 20 1967 the parish hall was finished and the largest room consecrated to be used as a church. Seven years late...

The St Mary's Church

4400, Kalundborg

A Catholic Church.Mass every Sunday at 3,30 p.m....

The Church of Our Lady

4400, Kalundborg

The church was probably built in the beginning of the 1200 by Esbern Snares daughter, Ingeborg.The groundplan comes from Asia Minor and has the shape of a Greek Cross.The position ...

© Ole Lunds Gaard

Hotel Ole Lunds Gaard

4400, Kalundborg

In the 270 years old grocer's farm are· hotel rooms· restaurant· rooms for private parties· meeting roomsIn the buildings of half-timbering there are rooms of an earlier ...

Restaurant at Roesnaes Hotel

4400, Kalundborg

You can make use of the course centre as a hotelguest without using the course facilities, if you want to stay overnight....

Town portal by Erik Heide

4400, Kalundborg

Town Portal....


4400, Kalundborg


Vågehøj - delightful view and an underground bunker

Take a walk up Vågehøj. From here you can enjoy the view of beautiful Vindekilde and visit the bunker beneath the mound with its exhibition of i...

Sculpture by Claes Lorentzen

4400, Kalundborg


Sculpture by Martin R Olsen

4400, Kalundborg


The Nostrup Field

4400, Kalundborg

The Nostrup Field...

The Bog near the Mosevangen

4400, Kalundborg

The Bog near the Mosevangen...

Røsnæs Rifle Club

4400, Kalundborg

Shooting in the Kalundborg Sports Centre every wednesday....

The South Harbour

4400, Kalundborg

The South Harbour...

Hans Jacob by Hanne Varming

4400, Kalundborg

Hans Jacob....

The Meadow Moor

4400, Kalundborg

The Meadow Moor...

Sculpture by Børge Bertel

4400, Kalundborg

The Farmer Well....

Outing in the woods

4400, Kalundborg

Outing in the woods...

Bissen, H. W. - preliminary work...

The Harbour of Røsnæs

4400, Kalundborg

The Harbour of Røsnæs is called The Harbour of Nyby too.The owner is the municipality of Kalundborg, but 'The Harbour of Kalundborg is the manager. ...

The Roesnaes Church

4400, Kalundborg

Small and beautiful village church, situated on a hill with a view over Kalundborg inlet. The church has preserved the original chancel. Most of the equipment from the 1600s....


Showing 1 - 50 of 1069 entries