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The Harbour of the Asnaes Works...

The Museum of Contemporary Art was established in 1991 as the country’s first museum for contemporary art. The basic idea behind it was to create a museum that would engage in the latest art and its l...

The Sankt Laurentii Church in Roskilde is a Roman Catholic church built in modern romanesque style.

Mass times are Sundays at 8.30 and 10 a.m. and Wednesday to Friday at 5 p.m....

© Bed & Kitchen Tigervej

Bed & Kitchen in a small cottage with annex. Living room with  kitchenette and double sofa bed, TV, refrigerator, micro wave, electric kettle and coffee machine.

Room with four bunk beds, duvets and ...

Fru Blomst - Haslev

4690, Haslev

Fru Blomst has two exciting and special flower shops with a lot of different high quality products. We always bye Fair Trade products if they are available and we are also a member of Euroflorist.


© VisitOdsherred


4581, Rørvig

Dybesø is only 1-2 meters deep but a very idyllic lake in the nothern part of Odsherred between Rørvig and Korshage, framed by forest and scrub. There is a walking path of apprx. 2 kms around the lake...


4400, Kalundborg


The next eldest city hall

4400, Kalundborg

The next eldest city hall...

Preserved Building

4400, Kalundborg

Preserved 1954.Originally a church barn called "the Coach House of the Queen Margrethe".Later on a Latin school, now a parish hall....

Ebbeløkke Beach

4500, Nykøbing Sj

Ebbeløkke Beach is very chield-friendly with clean and shallow waters.

Dogs on a leash are allowed on the beach....

Kongsøre Camping is a member of Friluftsnet Nordvest. With our location, the shelter site can be reached on bicycle, by foot or by sea. We welcome individuals as well as families or groups to use the ...

Galleri Laurine

4583, Sjællands Odde

I live in one of the most beautiful spots in Denmark which offers almost any kind of nature, on the long, narrow isthmus stretching into the sea with Sejerø Bay on one side and Kattegat on the other.

© Berit Othman

Berit Othman

4572, Nørre Asmindrup

Beautifully located studio with exhibition of acrylic paintings and sculptures in papier maché. Paintings expressed in strong colours through a dialogue between recognizable symbols and playful abstra...

Room or apartment. Visit the delightful holiday environment in Rørvig.

Rooms with radio, TV, internet, kitchen diner, basthroom and access to terrace  and garden.


Sjællands Rev

4583, Sjællands Odde

Charming restaurant on the jetty in the fishing harbour of Havnebyen at Sjællands Odde. The restaurant offers a terrace near the sea with a beautiful view of the harbour on Odden.

Danish-French cuisi...

OC Møbeldesign

4560, Vig

Furniture Gallery OC by cabinet-maker Ole Christensen.Furniture design and sculptures from own workshop.Access to an old garden.Opening hours 2011:As per agre...

Trouts and Garfish....

The Black Geomuseum

4874, Gedser

The Black Geomuseum is a different kind of museum with a collection of minerals found in the local area.

The collection consists of exciting finds of amber with encircled insects, a huge quarts coll...


4000, Roskilde

Food, people and opportunities. Visit INSP! - a local gathering point and a small new reality created by the citizens of Roskilde. Everybody is welcome and everything is possible. INSP! is a creative ...


4000, Roskilde

Pay a visit to the only organic restaurant in Roskilde. We serve food with inspiration from the whole world, made from scratch of organic foods of the season. It is a creative and changeable kitchen, ...

Orø Kirke

4300, Holbæk

Orø Church Choir and nave of Orø Church have been built in late Roman style using boulders cut like ashlar blocks at corners and in doorways. Windows are framed with limestone and large bricks.

Helligaandshuset - The House of the Holy Spirit - was built in the Middle Ages and was an establishment for the old, the sick and the needy. It also had a church room for services. After a t...

© Bromølle Kro

Bromølle Kro

4450, Jyderup

Bromölle Inn is situated in idyllic surroundings about 6 kms south of Jyderup. The history of the inn dates as far back as the year 1198, and the ancient historical atmosphere has been preserved thoug...

© Legepladser i Roskilde

Playgrounds in Roskilde

4000, Roskilde

The first swing is a big moment, but where do you find a good playground?

Click here to see a map of public playgrounds in Roskilde.


© Restaurant Pizzaria Bella Napoli

Restaurant Bella Napoli serves Italian specialities from different regions in Italy.
Also menu of the day.


Hvedshøj Burial Mound

4000, Roskilde

The Hvedshøj burial mound is among the largest of its kind in the region of Roskilde. It was built about 1.400 BC and is the burial place of a squire from the Bronze Age.

During excavations in 1862 a...

Restaurant Rib House

4000, Roskilde

The restaurant Rib House is situated at the pedestrian street in the centre of Roskilde. The menu of the restaurant is primarily concentrated around spareribs and steaks prepared from fresh basics.


© Palæfløjen

In one of the wings of the Roskilde Palace local artists exhibit various art all year round. In the summertime sculptures adorn the palace garden which also hosts concerts. 

Check out the homepage to...

A bright and friendly apartment of 64 m2, with sloping walls on the third floor, with lovely views of Roskilde, located 7 min. walk from the historic center of Roskilde Station. The house is from 1912...

Hotel Du Vest

4500, Nykøbing Sj

Hotel du Vest is a small charming hotel with own café, patio and shop, located in quiet surroundings in the old market town Nykøbing Sjælland. Hotel du Vest is the popular meeting place in town where ...

Skelby Bed & Breakfast

4874, Gedser

Skelby Bed & Breakfast
Stay overnight in the wonderfull "Skelby old vicarage". Quiet and undisturbed surroundings. You can experience the rooms made in a old fashion stile, which is appropriate to the...

© Tim Krat

Three natural landmarks worth visiting to the southwest of the village of Særløse

Særløse Overdrev is a picturesque ancient grassland grazed by cattle. Walkers will discover particular plants peculia...

Did you know that the world’s smallest kingdom lies out in the middle of Roskilde Fjord? It’s called Elleore and it seems inhabited only by birds when you sail close by it. But make no mistake – the ...

Hørby Havn

4300, Holbæk

Visit Hoerby Harbour at Tuse Naes....

Welcome to the playground on Sejerø marina
The childeren would love to play around, on this playground right by the marina, with slides, swings and ropes to clime.  
The playground is close by calme b...

© Dyrehøj Vingaard

Dyrehøj Vineyard

4400, Kalundborg

Welcome to Dyrehøj Vineyard
Dyrehøj Vineyard was established in 2008, when the 4,000 vines were planted on the south-facing slopes of the Røsnæs peninsula.
Today, the vineyard's approximately 23,000 v...

Birkegårdens Haver is the perfect tourist attraction for all kind of groups both large and small.

Our gardens with all the sitting areas and benches are very praised by our disabled visitors. Wheelch...


4220, Korsør

Norvangen by Korsor Produktionshøjskole. Produced in collaboration with students...

Sct. Michael og Dragen

4200, Slagelse

A fountain decorated with a figure which shows Sct. Michael fighting against the Dragon. Sct. Michael is the patron saint of Slagelse and makes war against the devil. Sct. Michael takes care of the so...


4200, Slagelse

The sculpture is made in granite and is made of Lily Troelsø Borring.The sculpture is situated on Klingeberg and is given by the Improvement Society of Slagelse in 1997 in connection with the rem...

Pyramids on a stonetable

4200, Slagelse

A sculpture by Ole Sjøvold in bronze and granite. The sculpture was a gift from Slagelse Improvement Society in 1994 and is placed at the lawn behind the Library in Stenstuegade....

© VisitNordsjælland


4581, Rørvig

Small Ferry between Hundested and Rørvig....

Boats for rent at Agersø

4230, Skælskør

Rent a boat for fishing at Agersø Camping by the harbour.Contact

Kanehøj Mill

4230, Skælskør

Kanehøj Mølle is a windmill situated in the outskirt of Skælskør. During the summer time one can visit the windmill. It is quite a beautiful experience to see the wings of the windmill turn, when...

Omø Church

4230, Skælskør

 Before the reformation the island of Omø did not have its own church, but a chapel in Skælskør which you will still find added to Sct. Nicolai Church. A stone table on the south wall of Omø Chur...


Showing 1 - 50 of 2319 entries