Denmark's attractions Aarhus
Denmark's attractions Aarhus

Attractions within three hours of Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a doorway into Denmark, a jump-off point for the entire kingdom. Within three hours of Denmark's capital city is a wealth of royal castles and national parks, including Denmark's newest UNESCO World Heritage Site, The Wadden Sea National Park. Use historic cities such as Aarhus or Ribe, Denmark's oldest town, as memorable bases for exploring the very best of Denmark's sights and attractions. Highlights include top family attractions like LEGOLAND Billund and the UNESCO World Heritage Viking rune stones at Jelling.

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East Jutland

East Jutland

A region that really has it all - fjord, beaches, forests and Denmark's second city Aarhus, just voted one of the world's happiest cities!

South Jutland

South Jutland

You'll find the very south of Denmark to be one of our most historic regions. Head here to explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Wadden Sea National Park.

Viking ship on fjord

Danish Vikings

The merciless ancient Danes that still strike fear into the hearts of people around the world.


Aarhus is THE place to be!

Lonely Planet has named Denmark's dynamic second city one of their 10 European destinations you must see in 2016.

See famous sights in and around Copenhagen

Famous sights in and around Copenhagen

How many of these famous sights in or near Copenhagen have you heard of?