Iconic Aalvar Aalto KUNSTEN Museum of Modern Art in Aalborg re-opens on Jan 23rd - photo by Lisette Hedegaard

Working from the premise of “What acoustics are to a concert hall, light is to a museum of art"; Aalto initially designed KUNSTEN Museum of

2016 will see the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare and to mark the occasion HamletScenen, the organisers of the annual

Located by the meandering inlet of Limfjorden, Aalborg has always been an industrious port city. Currently reinventing its waterfront, Aalborg offers inspired contemporary design and creative new cuisine.

Denmark has a fine tradition for art and crafts, which owes much to the nation’s modern design tradition.

Postwar Danish visual art is back in review in 2014 as the nation celebrates the centennial of the birth of Danish CoBrA painter Asger Jorn.

Kunsten Museum of Modern Art in Denmark

Engross yourself in art in Denmark! This time of year offers a great selection of art exhibitions from both famous artists and Danish names. Here's a guide to some of the best art exhibitions in Denmark this autumn.

1) Enjoy a city break with a cultural difference in Aalborg

Viewers around the globe just can't get enough of Danish crime dramas and political thrillers.

Every second year, the beach and forest along the southern coast of Aarhus turns into a world class, international art exhibition, free to the public.
Copenhagen Jazz festival in Denmark

Copenhagen is full of festivals throughout the year. Music, film, food, art, comedy - the Danish capital has an event for everyone. Here's a selection of great festivals taking place in Copenhagen this year.

Denmark is a haven for culture. Arts, music, dance, theatre, fashion, events – Denmark offes it all, all year round. Here's a brief guide to some of the best cultural activitites in Denmark.

Copenhagen history

Copenhagen is rich in history.

Aalborg's new and historical sights to help you plan a short break

The city of Aalborg offers something for everyone, regardless of interests and budget. The harbour is a buzzing new area of cultural attractions, including the Utzon Centre, and a great place to walk and take in views of the city.


At the heart of Denmark

Man Meets the Sea Esbjerg
  1. Feel the power of the North Sea on West Jutland’s wind-swept beaches.
  1. Lose yourself in the rolling heathlands of Djursland’s National Park
  2. Spend an exciting weekend in Aarhus, Denmark’s second city