Discover fun and happiness in the homeland of the Trolls

Cinema-goers across the world have in recent months been introduced to the adventures of the first Trolls animation movie. The fun-loving Troll characters with their stand-on-end hair were originally toy figurines created in 1930 by Thomas Dam, son of a Danish fisherman.

Fall in love with Denmark - on and off screen

From silent films to the talkies, from escapism to social realism, from family comedies to the Dogme film, from mainstream to avant-garde, from action flicks to documentaries – Danish films and TV series have covered it all and are experiencing grand period of international recognition and natio

Denmark - small country - great stories!

Denmark has a rich history of Danish film and Danish TV series are loved by audiences around the world.

Credit, Christian Geisnaes

You’ve probably heard of Lars von Trier, the controversial director of films like Melancholia and Antichrist. But what about other Danish film directors, like Oscar-winning Susanne Bier? Or Nicolas Winding Refn, who directed Ryan Gosling in Drive?

The Hunt (2012)

Viewers around the globe just can't get enough of Danish crime dramas and political thrillers.

Copenhagen Jazz festival in Denmark

Copenhagen is full of festivals throughout the year. Music, film, food, art, comedy - the Danish capital has an event for everyone. Here's a selection of great festivals taking place in Copenhagen this year.

The Faroese sweater from Danish TV drama The Killing

Sarah Lund

Helena Christensen's favourite