Take a look at some of Denmark's best viking sites

Discover Denmark's Viking Heritage

The Vikings were more than simply a raiding and pillaging people. They had highly developed social, religious and commercial structures and were just as adept at farming as raiding. Through on-going archaeological research, we're uncovering more and more about the lives behind the myths. Re-discovered jewellery, handicrafts, weapons, clothes and long-ships all help fill the gaps in our knowledge of the Norsemen.

Take a journey with the Vikings

Which Viking are you?

There's a little bit of Viking in all of us. Young and old, we all share a fascination with the Vikings, their history and their way of life. So whether you want to try your hand at Viking life or immerse yourself in Viking history and culture, Denmark offers it all.

Viking play

Walk through the history of Copenhagen

Copenhagen is rich in history. The Danish capital was officially founded in 1167 by Bishop Absalon, but research suggest that the location was inhabited already in the late Viking age. Copenhagen was a busy and strategically important merchant city throughout the medieval period where it controlled much of the lucrative trade and traffic to and from the Baltic Sea.

medieval food

Medieval food

What did they eat in the Middle Ages? Find out by visiting inns and restaurants serving old nordic food.

Field of poppies

Top 10 nature experiences

Even though it's difficult to restrict yourself we have chosen 10 great nature experiences in Zealand, Møn and Lolland-Falster.

Historic restaurants and inns

Zealand, Møn and Lolland-Falster have a number of beautiful and historic restaurants and inns in the towns and in the country side where you can have a fantastic meal. Visit the lovely historic restaurants where interest in and love of food, service and attention to the guest are passions and very important parts of the experience. Here you will find a number of places where you can enjoy your lunch in historic settings. 

the medieval centre_trebuchets

Experience vikings and the Middle Ages

Formidable sword fights, breathtaking knight tournaments, impressive war machines, fascinating viking ships and historical artwork. Find out more about your ancestors - visit one of the many attractions focusing on vikings and the Middle Age.

Kragerup Estate

Guide to castles and manors

There are many beautiful and interesting castles and manors on Zealand, Møn and Lolland-Falster. They are a very visible and important part of the landscape and their history stretches over a whole millennium. They all tell tales of events, aesthetics and the way of life through centuries. The oldest buildings, which date back to The Middel Age, are found as preserved castles and ruins.

Room at Dragsholm Castle

Spend the night in a castle or a manor

In a number of castles and manors you can enjoy an adventurous sleep in the luxurious chambers. Book your stay in one of the castles or manors below.


Tour of palaces and manors

Take a  tour of castles and manors and learn about their history. Some have regular tours for all to join, others arrange tours for larger groups only.

Cosy inns in Zealand and Lolland-Falster

In Zealand, Møn and Lolland-Falster you will find a number of cosy inns, each with it's own history and food culture. Several of the inns have a royal priviledge and is in itself a part of history. These inns are all situated close to the Danish kings' roads and were used to accomodate the king and his entourage when they travelled the country.

viking shield helmet

Viking and Middle Age events

Viking markets, knight tournaments and viking ship sailings. There are many possibilities to get close to experiencing the way our ancestors in Zealand and Lolland-Falster  lived.

On holiday in the Land of Legends

What’s a family of the past?

Gedser Odde - The South Point of Scandinavia

Gedser Odde – the southernmost point of Denmark – is sea, wind, views and an ultra-flat landscape. From here there’s a fantastic view of the Baltic Sea towards mainland Europe.

Dragsholm Castle

A visit to Dragsholm Castle gives you a special treat with special attention to detail. It’s the owner’s ambition to give the guests a high quality experience. “We focus on giving our guest a complete experience including nature, gastronomy and history and we’re very attentive to give a top quality service”, says Mads Bøttger, the Manager at Dragsholm Castle. 

Møn's Cliff

Walking around on Møns Cliff means walking around on 70 million years of history. A history that tells tales of times with varm seas and unusual animals and seaweed that is unknown to us today. As a spectator you will catch a glimpse of this world if you’re lucky enough to find some of the beautiful fossils at the foot of the cliff.

Stevns' Cliff

The kingdom of the King of the Cliffs at Stevns

Christmas at castles and manors

Christmas Fair at Gavnø Castle

02-11-2013, 03-11-2013, 09-11-2013, 10-11-2013 Gavnø Castle and Park, Gavnø 2, 4700 Næstved