T7: Rands Inlet

Egeskov - Bredstrup - Brøndsted

T5: The Church Route

Føns - Båring

T4: Along Lillebælt

KulturØen - Strib

T3: Middelfart Marina

KulturØen - Middelfart Marina

Naturen ved lillebælt

Nature at Lillebælt

The natural surroundings at Lillebælt are generally robust and most locations can withstand the burden of being used. There are some legal restrictions and regulations you must observe when you move around the natural environment and when you are fishing. You are responsible at all times for ensuring that you know how to deal with the natural environment and how to fish correctly.

Panorama route: In the quiet of the green woods

Cyclists on bridge

4. In the quiet of the green woods

Panorama route: Fun on the pedals

Præstø harbour

3. Fun on the pedals

Panorama route: Billowing waves and broad beaches

Fårup Sommerland

2. Billowing waves and broad beaches

Panorama route: Between sea and fjord

Viking market

1. Between sea and fjord

Panorama route: Animal paradise

Cold Hawaii

1. Animal paradise

Panorama route: Clifftop drama

Stevns Klint

3. Clifftop drama

Panorama route: The Royal Marshland Route

Schackenborg Castle

1. The Royal Marshland Route

Some of the best activities in Denmark are free

Five Free Things To Do in Denmark

It's no secret - Denmark can be an expensive place to travel. But it doesn't have to be!