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2. Vikings and the Wadden Sea

Take a journey with the Vikings

There's a little bit of Viking in all of us. Young and old, we all share a fascination with the Vikings, their history and their way of life. So whether you want to try your hand at Viking life or immerse yourself in Viking history and culture, Denmark offers it all.

Viking event, Vikings fighting, Moesgaard beach

The Viking age


Aalborg: Denmark's laid-back city


At the heart of Denmark

  1. Marvel at Roskilde Cathedral, the dramatic resting place of Danish kings and queens
Læsø salt
  1. Stand in two seas at once at The Branch (Grenen), Denmark’s northernmost point
Ring Riding Festival

The ruined castle

Koldinghus Castle Ruin is a treat in itself, but it also houses some interesting museums, including one dedicated to Danish silver. Just outside Kolding, you’ll find the Trapholt museum, where you can enjoy contemporary art, handicrafts and design.

The Tollund Man

Museums galore in East Jutland

Kronborg Castle

Helsingør (Elsinore)

Viking Denmark

Denmark’s Birth Certificate

trail of the Vikings

National Museum (Nationalmuseet), Copenhagen

Denmark history

c. 12500 BC - The first hunters inhabit Danish lands.

3900 BC - Basic society built on agriculture and animal husbandry.

400-700 - Urbanisation begins.

866-867 - Viking conquest of York, which becomes the Viking capital of England.


Showing 19 from 19 marked with "The Vikings"