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In March 2016, the UN World Happiness Report (WHR) announced that Denmark once again ranked as ‘the happiest country in the world’ – the third time our Scandinavian country has topped the UN list since it was introduced in 2012.

Iconic Aalvar Aalto KUNSTEN Museum of Modern Art in Aalborg re-opens on Jan 23rd - photo by Lisette Hedegaard

Working from the premise of “What acoustics are to a concert hall, light is to a museum of art"; Aalto initially designed KUNSTEN Museum of

christmas hygge

One of the most commonly-used words in Denmark has no English translation. Hygge, pronounced hoo-ga, is often translated as coziness. But to the Danes, hygge means a lot more than that.

So what is this thing called 'hygge'?

With no direct English translation, hygge is most closely translated to "cosiness". But 'hygge' is so much more than that. Some claim that it's an entire attitude to life, while others describe it as a particular feeling.  

2016 will see the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare and to mark the occasion HamletScenen, the organisers of the annual

Meander through Faaborg's small streets, enjoy the city's relaxed atmosphere, or visit the historic city centre which includes half-timbered houses and a monastery church dating from 1477.

The Danes value their daily life to the fullest – from spending quality time with friends and family and celebrating local traditions to taking part in public gatherings, and preserving the great Danish tradition of

Fall in love with Denmark - on and off screen

From silent films to the talkies, from escapism to social realism, from family comedies to the Dogme film, from mainstream to avant-garde, from action flicks to documentaries – Danish films and TV series have covered it all and are experiencing grand period of international recognition and natio

Denmark - small country - great stories!

Denmark has a rich history of Danish film and Danish TV series are loved by audiences around the world.

Sustainability – Part of Danish DNA

Living with Danish history

With a thousand years of royal history, Denmark is home to castles, palaces, churches and remarkable Viking monuments, inviting visitors to experience the greatness of ancient times.

Original Nordic food in Denmark

From the legendary open sandwiches to gourmet hot dogs, fresh fish, local cheese and outstanding organics, Denmark invites you to enjoy a stunning selection of amazing food – in cool coastal vistas, vibrant city centres or q

Located by the meandering inlet of Limfjorden, Aalborg has always been an industrious port city. Currently reinventing its waterfront, Aalborg offers inspired contemporary design and creative new cuisine.

4. In the quiet of the green woods

3. Fun on the pedals

2. Billowing waves and broad beaches

1. Between sea and fjord

4. Take the family exploring

2. North Sea Nature Park 


Showing 20 from 104 marked with "Culture"