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Climb the golden spire and watch #Christianshavn from above 

The Danes celebrate Christmas eve on December 24th with lots of Christmas hygge and good food.

Cook your own Christmas dinner

In Denmark, Christmas is celebrated on Christmas Eve (December 24th), which is probably the most hyggelig day of the year. It’s a day full of busy present-buying, dinner preparations and anticipation! Presents are exchanged and Danish families come together to eat, drink and enjoy a hyggelig evening.

Copenhagen Christmas Festival offers more than 100 diverse Christmas events for kids and grown ups

Copenhagen Christmas Festival

During November and December, Copenhagen Christmas Festival offers more than 100 diverse Christmas events for kids and grown ups. You can have a hyggelig time going on a Christmas guided tour of the beautiful halls and the library at Copenhagen City Hall, including a magnificent view of the city from the city hall tower.

Experience the Nutcracker at The Royal Theatre's Old Stage.

Watch a Christmas ballet classic

Dancing snowflakes, giant Christmas trees, dainty sugar fairies, the twinkling eyes of a child, waltzing flowers, cheeky mice and with Tchaikovsky’s magnificent music as the golden thread. The Nutcracker is the greatest of ballet classics and no Christmas hygge is complete without it.

Danish Christmas lunch

Eat your heart out at a Danish Christmas lunch

A Danish Christmas lunch is a feast that often involves the Danish open-faced sandwiches 'smørrebrød' accompanied with Christmas beer and snaps, a small shot of a strong alcoholic Aquavit usually flavored with spices and herbs. Eating good food in good company, that's hygge!

Enjoy a Christmas concert

During December, many of the churches in Copenhagen offer various Christmas concerts. Whether you enjoy Christmas carols, choirs, Santa Lucia candle processions, classical music or gospel, you should be able to find your spot for Christmas hygge

Ice Skating is a great way to experience Christmas hygge.

Ice skate your day away

Whether you are an ice skating rookie or pro, we recommend that you put on the ice skates and have a hyggelig time at the ice rink at Frederiksberg Runddel, by the entrance to Frederiksberg Garden. After skating, spinning or laughing at yourself trying to keep your balance on the ice, you can heat up the hygge factor even more by drinking a cup of hot chocolate.

Enjoy Christmas hygge while making your own Christmas ornaments

Make your own Christmas ornaments

At Juleboden in Tivoli Gardens you can design your own personal Christmas ornament by engraving a picture of yourself or a loved one. What could be hygge than having the whole family decorate the Christmas tree with their own family pictures?

Danish gløgg will keep you warm and create a hyggelig atmosphere.

Keep warm with a cup of Gløgg

We recommend that you can keep warm with a cup of Gløgg from Gløggkompagniet while you enjoy the magical Christmas lights at Tivoli Gardens. Here, you and your friends can hygge with all different kinds of Gløgg including new special H.C. Andersen Gløgg. And if you're not warming up to the Danish Christmas drink Gløgg, you can also get hot elderflower or hot chocolate.

How to find a little bit of coziness at the most hygge time of year

Top Christmas Hygge Experiences in Copenhagen

One of the most commonly-used words in Denmark has no English translation. Hygge, pronounced hoo-ga, is often translated as coziness. But to the Danes, hygge means a lot more than that. Deeply rooted in the Danish culture, hygge is about living in the moment and spending quality time with friends and family. Enjoying delicious food or a great cup of coffee, having a good time with loved ones or creating a cozy atmosphere, usually by lighting candles. That's hygge.

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Christmas in Copenhagen

It's December, and the holiday spirit is sweeping through Copenhagen! Here is a small selection of the many events you can experience this month during the city's festival, Copenhagen Christmas.

NorthSide, Roskilde, and other unique Danish events worth travelling for in 2017

Top Events in Denmark 2017

No matter what month it is, you'll find captivating events to entertain and thrill you in 2017, including world-famous Roskilde Festival and unique events like the Skagen Winter Swimming Festival. The winter and autumn months are a perfect time to check out Denmark's world-class museums. During the spring and summer, there are a wealth of outdoor festivals and music events. Immerse yourself in Danish culture at Denmark's top events in 2017. (Photo: Christina Sørensen)

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Celebrate 400 years of Shakespeare at Hamlet's Castle in Denmark

Something's entering stage right in the state of Denmark.

Introducing Jason Hort, @serialtourist

The travel bug bit Jason Hort at an early age.

"I had an ambition to travel and see the world when I was a kid, and it's never gone away," says the financial manager from the UK, who goes by the tag @serialtourist on Instagram.

When Jason is not working his day job in Kent, England, he's planning his next journey.

Plenty of room off the beaten path in Rømø

According to Jason Hort, Denmark's charm lies in its variety of sights and experiences. The financial manager from the UK has visited Denmark about a dozen times over the years.

Skjoldungernes Land National Park

Located just a 30-minute train ride from Copenhagen, Skjoldungernes Land was created to preserve the rich natural areas that border Roskilde Fjord.