Nature experiences in Middelfart, Denmark

Natural experiences within a short distance


Brende Mølle and Brænde Ådal

Brende Mølle is a mill that was built back in the 1500’s, where Brænde stream flowed strongly enough to turn the mill. This prevented access for the fish to swim into the open waterways.

Discover top conference hotels in Denmark

Througout Denmark there are a great variety of high capacity conference hotels. In the following we have gathered some of the best in order to give you an impression of the great diversity of the conference hotels in Denmark.

Discover the untraditional meeting venues in Denmark

There are a great variety of beautiful and functional hotels in Denmark. But how about giving your delegates a special experience by choosing some of the more unique and special venues that Denmark has to offer. Have your meeting or conference in an old train station, an opera house or dine among the fish at Denmark's new National Aquarium! The possibilities are endless! 

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Follow in Arne Jacobsen's footsteps around Denmark

Explore Arne Jacobsen's Architecture

Arne Jacobsen is a Danish design icon and a famous architect who left a strong architectural legacy across the globe. As well as iconic Danish furniture, like The Egg chair and The Swan chair, Arne Jacobsen designed a number of famous buildings in Denmark. Take a day out of Copenhagen to visit his break-through architectural project, the Bellevue Beach Resort just north of Copenhagen.

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The Best of Danish Architecture: 21 Buildings To See in Denmark

If you appreciate memorable architecture that makes a statement and often divides opinion, then have a look at this list of iconic Danish buildings. It includes famous buildings like The Blue Planet and the Danish Maritime Museum, alongside classic modern architecture like Arne Jacobsen's Radisson Royal Blu Hotel.

Bridgewalking in Denmark

Bridgewalking – a new unique attraction in Denmark
You can travel to Sydney. Or to Lillebælt (the Little Belt). Both places you can walk on top of a bridge. Experience the height. Fell the frisson of fear. A very special experience!

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Bicycling holidays and bicycle hire

Middelfart is easily accessible by bicycle. Within a short distance you can experience a widely changing landscape. Hire a bicycle, pack a picnic (or even buy one from the local butchers or fishmongers) and spend the day in the fresh air. Enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the area: the stunning scenery, the chirping of the larks and the changing fragrances of the woods, the sea and the fields.

Overview of tour proposals

Map with the 19 selceted tour proposals around Lillebælt

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T19: The East Coast Route

Bøgeskov - Hejlsminde

The east coast route, which follows national route 5, is slightly hilly. It follows Lillebælt through Fredericia and Kolding and along the way provides views of Kolding Inlet, Mosvig and Hejlsminde Bay. The centre of Fredericia consists of streets at right angles surrounded by one of

T18: Lillebælt Classic

Middelfart - Snoghøj - Kolding

T17: Kongeådalen

Kolding - Vamdrup

T16: Troldhedebanestien

Jordrup - Kolding 

T15: Elbodalen

Højrup - Gudsø - Kolding

T14: Drejens Peninsula

Sønder Vilstrup Skov - Nørre Bjert - Drejens Halvø

The route from Herslev to Kolding follows national route 55 and is an attractive ride in slightly hilly terrain. Along the way you will see varying scenery with green hedges, low dams and woods. Route 55 joins national routes 5 and 6 at Nørre Bjert. At Elvighøj there is an excellent view of both the Kidholmene islands and Skærbækværket and a chance of a refreshing dip.

T13: The Medieval Route

Jordrup - Lunderskov - Stepping