T12: Christiansfeld

Hejls - Christiansfeld

The route from Hejls to Christiansfeld has something to offer every member of the family. It follows national route 5 and regional routes 10 and 51. Hejls and Hejlsminde are like pearls on a string facing the Little Belt, surrounded by water on three sides. At Hejlsminde, there is

T11: The Waterway at Kolding

Kolding - Sønder Stenderup - Sønder Bjert

The waterway is an attractive bike ride along Kolding Inlet. It follows national route 5 most of the way. The route starts at Koldinghus and continues to the Stenderup peninsula where you can enjoy beautiful views over Kolding Inlet and Lillebælt.

T10: Kolding River Valley and Hylkedalen

Kolding - Seest - Vondsild

T9: Trelde Promontory

Trelde Næs - Fredericia C

If you are looking for a bike ride that will show you interesting war history, town life and nature, then this route is a good choice. It follows national route 5 and regional route 58. Take care to follow the instructions on the map, as not all parts of the route are signposted. You can

T8: Hannerup Forest

Hannerup - Snoghøj - Skærbæk

T7: Rands Inlet

Egeskov - Bredstrup - Brøndsted

T6: The Culture Route

Middelfart - Emtekær - Harndrup - Middelfart


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T5: The Church Route

Føns - Båring

T4: Along Lillebælt

KulturØen - Strib

T3: Middelfart Marina

KulturØen - Middelfart Marina

T2: Fresh country air and beaches

Svenstrup - Vejlbyfed

T1: From Coast to Coast

Kulturøen - Teglgårdsparken

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