Fønsskov Odde

104. Fønsskov Odde

Perfect summer angling at Fønsskov Odde.

Very few anglers here. A very deep stretch of water with powerful currents around the point, where there is a long reef. Great summer fishing spot but excellent angling in late spring too. Possible to catch cod in the deep water. Possible to catch flatfish in spots with gravel seabed.


103. Føns

Føns fishing spot

The southern flank of Føns is a very long stretch with plenty of sea trout. The area is difficult to get to, so you will not find too many anglers here. If you do not mind a good long walk, there is sea trout fishing here that could almost be described as "virgin territory". Garfish in May. Possible to catch cod. Possible to catch flatfish at several spots.


102. Ålehovedet

Catch large sea trout at Ålehoved.

The north and south sides of Ålehoved are well worth a visit. There is a long walk due to the lack of a car park on the point itself. Tidal flats fishing on the long sides. The water off the point is deep. Angling from land. Possible to catch large sea trout. Garfish in May. Possible to catch cod off the point. Flatfish in several spots – especially from a dinghy.

Husby strand

101. Husby Strand

Husby Strand fishing spot

The inner and northern part of Wedellsborg. There are slightly different fishing conditions here because the first and innermost part is fished as tidal
flats fishing at quite a distance from the shore. Farther still from the shore, the water is deeper. As along the remainder of Wedellsborg, the sea trout are to be found close to the coast. Garfish in May and June. Flatfish on the sandbanks at some distance from the shore and from a dinghy.

Wedellsborg Hoved

100. Wedellsborg Hoved

A good fishing spot at Wedellsborg on the western side of Funen.

Several local sea trout fishermen will only fish for sea trout at Wedellsborg, and they catch many sea trout every year. Wedellsborg Hoved is a worthwhile spot to choose all year round. Fishing from the north, south or western side, depending on wind direction. Only very strong westerly winds make fishing impossible. Garfish in May. Possible to catch cod.

Trelde næs fiskeplads

24. Trelde Klint

Many fine fishing spots at Trelde Klint

March-May and September-November. Many fine fishing spots. From time to time many small fish in the spring. Garfish in season.

Car park: Trelde Næs car park.
GPS: 55.62337, 9.84547

Kulvig fiskeplads

23. Kulvig

Fine coastal fishing – spring and autumn

March-May and October-November. Sometimes good winter fishing. Tidal flats fishing. Fine coast. Garfish in season.

Car park: Trelde Næs car park.
GPS: 55.62337, 9.84547

Trelde Næs fiskeplads lillebælt

22. Trelde Næs

Good, popular fishing spot

One of the most popular fishing spots – with good reason! Lots of fish caught here. Great fishing on the reef, especially in the summer months. Summer night fishing at Trelde Næs is very exciting. Good currents. There are, however, also fish on both sides of the reef. Good fishing spots. Garfish in season. Sometimes cod. A great place to try fishing for turbot from a dinghy over a gravel bed.

Østerskov fiskeplads

21. Østerskov

Beautiful area with varied seabed.

To get to the fishing spot, walk from Trelde Næs. Fine coastal fishing, deep water, varied seabed with rocks and belts of seaweed. Beautiful area and great fishing. Try summer night fishing above the smaller rocky reefs. Garfish in season. Often large flatfish on sandy areas of seabed. Sometimes cod.

Vesterskov fiskeplads

20. Vesterskov

Fine fishing spot at Vesterskov

Fine fishing spot with a number of rocky reefs and belts of seaweed. The water may be cloudy when onshore winds are blowing, due to clay leaching from the cliffs. Garfish in season. Flatfish on the many areas of sandy seabed. Possible to catch cod at most times of the year (not summer).

Gl ålbo fiskeplads

04. Gl. Ålbo

Great stretch of coast

Good night fishing in the summer. Good stretch of coast with deep waters close to the shore. Large fish migrate past this spot. Fishing permitted along a good long stretch of coast past Midtskov and Nørreskov. Many small rocky reefs and points. Don't forget, especially if you cross the spot, to fish on the rocky reef and points closest to land before you wade further across.

Fredericia Havn

19. Fredericia Harbour

Classic harbour fishing spot in Fredericia.

Classic harbour fishing spot - fish in season, cod and flatfish. Very deep water and strong currents. Interesting waters to fish in. Possibly Lillebælt's best coastal spot for mackerel. Sure spot to catch herring in season. Note the fishing prohibited sign. Watch out for ships and do not fish too close to them. Cod and flatfish using seabed tackle. Good cod fishing.

Erritsø fiskeplads

18. Erritsø

Tidal flats fishing at Erritsø

Typical Lillebælt coastline with tidal flats fishing. Cast over cliffs into deep water. Fine sea trout spot for most of the year. Garfish in season. Flatfish on sandy seabed.

Car park: At the end of Ekkodalen.
GPS: 55.53537, 9.73333


17. Ammoniakhavnen (the ammonia harbour)

Fish in deep water at Ammoniakhavnen.

Deep water. Try fishing with float and natural bait. Garfish, herring, mackerel in season. Cod. Flatfish on sandy seabed.

Car park: Small car park before you get to the harbour.
GPS: 55.52320, 9.74147

Lyng Odde-ny lillebælstbro fiskeplads

16. Lyngsodde – New Lillebælt Bridge

Fishing under the New Lillebælt Bridge

Deep water close to the coast. Tidal flats fishing on both sides of the car park and around the point. Possible to catch large trout. Garfish in season. Possible to catch mackerel here. Sometimes cod.

Snoghøj Fiskeplads

15. Snoghøj

You can reach shoals of herring from the Snoghøj fishing spot.

Deep water close to the coast. You will not catch many sea trout here. However, like Gals Klint, you can sail out to the shoals of herring and, with them, the large sea trout.
NB: Many of the small piers here are privately owned. Unauthorised visitors and fishing prohibited. Garfish in season. Possible to catch mackerel here. Good chance of catching cod. Flatfish

Sønderskov fiskeplads

14. Sønderskov

Often sea trout all year round. Northward flowing current is best. There are large sea trout here. Current is very fast flowing – like a brook. Respect that this is the case – never wade too deep. Deep water close to the spot. Garfish in season. Possible to catch cod. Fine flatfish on sandy seabed.

Hagenør fiskeplads

13. Hagenør (Børup Skov)

Classic coastal fishing spot at Hagenør

Classic coastal fishing spot with very deep water. In the autumn, there are often non-migratory fish around the bridge at the end of Hagenørvej. If don't mind a good hike, walk past the cliffs and try the exciting fishing spot off Damgård. Exciting fishing spot with very few anglers. Often fine flatfish to be caught from the cliffs. Garfish in season. Flatfish on sandy seabed. Possible to catch cod.

Skærbæk Strandparken fiskeplads

12. Skærbæk, Strandparken (Børup Sande)

Summer fishing at Børup Sande

Possible to fish in the summer. Fishing permitted opposite the small restaurant and to the east. This fishing spot is actually several kilometres long. You wade out and cast your line over the cliffs. A few mussel colonies and small rocky reefs. Garfish in season. Historically – and from time to time still – a large number of small summer cod.

Skærbæk havn

11. Skærbæk Harbour

You can catch sea trout on Skærbæk Harbour.

Possible to catch sea trout (especially in the spring). Otherwise, garfish in season and some flatfish.

Car park: Car park close to Havnegrillen (fast food).
GPS: 55.51307, 9.63020