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According to Jason Hort, Denmark's charm lies in its variety of sights and experiences. The financial manager from the UK has visited Denmark about a dozen times over the years.

The travel bug bit Jason Hort at an early age.

"I had an ambition to travel and see the world when I was a kid, and it's never gone away," says the financial manager from the UK, who goes by the tag @serialtourist on Instagram.

Jason Hort of the UK is a true fan of Denmark.

Located just a 30-minute train ride from Copenhagen, Skjoldungernes Land was created to preserve the rich natural areas that border Roskilde Fjord.

Some are jogging across the new Circle Bridge designed by Olafur Eliasson. Others are biking it. Latte-drinking parents push their prams across, and stock traders take a break on it.

Understated #70s cool

Backstage from the Bruuns Bazaar show.

The quality assessment mark Bed+Bike shows you the way to bicycle-friendly accommodation throughout Denmark. Follow the blue Bed+Bike sign, and you you no longer need to worry about, whether you can put your bike in a locked shed, get your tires pumped, or borrow tools for any repairs.

Tour of Denmark – your way

Nørrebro dining at #Relae

The Relae restaurant in Noerrebro, Copenhagen. Photo: @Meltingbutterdotcom

Meander through Faaborg's small streets, enjoy the city's relaxed atmosphere, or visit the historic city centre which includes half-timbered houses and a monastery church dating from 1477.

The cliffs of Møn in Denmark

What's the weather like in Denmark?

Entry to Denmark for meetings

If you are travelling to or from Denmark from another Schengen EU country, you do not need to show your national ID card or passport as Denmark is part of the European Union's Schengen agreement.


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