Danish Jews transported by Red Cross busses from Theresienstadt to Sweden

Rosh Hashanah 1943

A good relationship

Rosenbaums Tailor

Jewish Denmark

Though a very small minority group, the Jewish people in Denmark have made significant contributions to the economic, political, cultural and scientific development of Denmark. And the rescue of the Jews during World War II is an important chapter in both Jewish and modern Danish history.

Fleeing Jews in Danish fisherman's boat

The Rescue Route

The Danish Riviera

Watersport, activities, Do Water, Middelfart, Lillebælt

Watersport activities during summer

Besides Tuesday and Thursday, other watersport activities can be booked here.

Watersport, activity, Middelfart, Lillebælt, Do Water

Watersport, available activities

Watersport activities, available if requested. Contact VisitMiddelfart or take a look at our bookingsite for timetable and prices.

town, activities, Do Art & Culture, Middelfart, Lillebælt

Activities in town

The town of Middelfart has many activities. Find inspiration for inspiration below, including bowling, a trip to the cinema or the library. Are you the creative type, you can participate in an art workshop (only in the summer) or try raku burning.
The housing exhibition HUSET is also a interesting place to visit. Here you will find inspiration for energy improvements in your home, patio solutions, a new roof or bathroom furniture and much more.

the medieval centre_trebuchets

Experience vikings and the Middle Ages

Formidable sword fights, breathtaking knight tournaments, impressive war machines, fascinating viking ships and historical artwork. Find out more about your ancestors - visit one of the many attractions focusing on vikings and the Middle Age.

Cherry Wine from Frederiksdal

Frederiksdal Estate was not pre-destined to be famous for their cherry wine. For many years the output from the estate’s cherry plantation varied to a degree so Hans Krabbe, the proprietor, had decided to cut down the cherry trees and grow corn instead. Furtunately it never came to that. A talk over lunch with journalist and wine enthusiast Morten Brink Iwersen resulted in the successful cheery wine production at Frederiksdal Estate.

On holiday in the Land of Legends

What’s a family of the past?

Kernegaarden on Fejø

The idea behind Fejø Apple Juice Plant is to give the visitors a special experience by being close to food production. The food products are always present whether you walk through the apple plantation, taste the apple juice or the cider in the production hall, pat the sheep in the surrounding fields or meet the family, who lives and works at the farm all year.

Knuthenlund - happy goats and the best cheese in the world

1st of July 2007 Knuthenlund started the largest conversion to organic farming in Danish history. The number of staff increased from 4 to 22. Now 1800 out of 2400 acres are grown organically and the herd numbers 320 dairy sheep and 125 dairy goats. The former cow shed now houses a farm dairy and visitors can get an imminent look at milking and cheese production.


Royal and Historic Sights in Copenhagen

Amalienborg Castle

The Royal Family residence