Sea and beaches

Kikhavn North Zealand
The Kattegat Coast is dotted with many, mild-watered swimming beaches waiting for you to take a dip.

Historic holiday region

North Zealand's coast has always been an extremely popular holiday area. There are beaches all the way along the coast, but you’ll find the widest beaches in the cosy little towns of Hornbæk, Tisvildeleje and Liseleje. The sand here tends to be white and fine. Large sand dunes provide shelter from the wind, which blows more here than further south.

The Oresund Coast

The Oresund Coast to the south is calmer and the beaches are smaller. You can access great swimming via the little wooden bridges or piers that are built out into the water in the summer months. Typically Danish, you'll see Danes climbing off the ends for a dip regardless of the water temperature!

Fjord beaches

At Isefjord and Roskilde Fjord, you also find a number of nice, small beaches with shallow waters, particularly around Lynæs. The fjords are also dotted with picnic areas and are a wonderful alternative to the coast.

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