North Zealand: Holiday on the Danish Riviera!

If you're looking for day trips from Copenhagen, then head to the Danish Riviera. You'll quickly see why North Zealand is a popular holiday destination in Denmark. It's full of things to do near Copenhagen, beautiful nature and pristine Danish beaches. Drive north along the coast road and stop off at picturesque seaside towns and fishing villages. Or head inland to explore deep woodlands, including the UNESCO World Heritage Site of King Christian V's royal hunting grounds. North Zealand is also an ancient playground of royalty, packed full of famous castles like Frederiksborg Castle and Kronborg Castle, gatekeeper of the Baltic Sea and the home of Shakespeare's Hamlet.

Top attractions near Copenhagen

Seeing the biggest sights north of Copenhagen is easy and a great way to spend a day out from the capital. There are trains and buses along the coast of the Danish Riviera and North Zealand's castles, museums, beaches and parks are all within a short drive of one another if you are travelling by car.

Try these cultural highlights for an authentic taste of the North Zealand region. All these top attractions and experiences are within an hour of Copenhagen!

See why Denmark's unique underwater universe in Helsingør is so special.

Classic castles you'll never forget

North Zealand has long been the playground of Danish Kings and Queens, and the region is dotted with castles, royal parks and fascinating history. It also offers you some of Denmark's most popular museums and art galleries.

The dramatic Kronborg Castle at Helsingør (Elsinore) is a must-see on any holiday in Denmark. This famous World Heritage Site, an hour north of Copenhagen, is where Shakespeare set Hamlet.

The Danish Riviera

Just a short drive from Copenhagen and lined with lovely, calm beaches, North Zealand lives up to its nickname, The Danish Riviera. The famous Coast Road winds north on the way to some of Denmark's most popular holidays destinations. You can follow in the footsteps of famous Danes who lived along the Danish Riviera, including Karen Blixen and polar explorer Knud Rasmussen.

Enjoy an easy-to-get-to region dotted with lakes, fjords and forests and surrounded by sea.

Map of North Zealand

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