Inspiration from the Nordic Kitchen [1]

New Nordic Cuisine is quite literally about going back to the roots of Danish cooking. It’s about getting out into the Danish landscape to forage for the best and most unusual ingredients.

It’s about experimenting and presenting exciting new ways of combining traditional ingredients. And of course, it’s all about giving you the best taste and dining experience possible.

Recipes from the New Nordic Cuisine 

Horseradish and turnip sprinkled with black mustard seeds [2]

The Fish Academy [3]

Braised beef brisket, beef tongue and fried parsley root [4]

Grandma’s pork with apples [5]

[5]'Schmorrebroud'? - A taste of Danish traditions
[6]    - We also have an app for Danish Smørrebrød go to iTunes store [7] 

Sweet pickled plums with salted caramel ice-cream, crunchy malt loaf and turnip syrup [8]