Cheap holidaying in Denmark [1]

Denmark has a reputation for being an expensive place to holiday, but it is quite possible to have a cheap or even free vacation once in Denmark, if you chose the right activities and destinations. Here are some suggestions for cheap or budget holidays in Denmark.

Free holiday on an ecological farm

If you’re looking for a free holiday with a great sense of community where you can learn about ecological farming, contact the organisation Willing Workers On Organic Farms (WWOOF). As a “wwoofer” you will take part in the practical day to day work in return for free board and food. The idea behind WWOOF is to spread knowledge of - and interest in – environmentally friendly agriculture, production and living, but it is also a cheap way to holiday. Use WWOOF’s homepage for more information and help with finding a host family in Denmark [2].

EU-citizens can work for 3 months in Denmark without a residence permit, but it is recommended that you find the job before to coming to Denmark, to ensure that all formalities are taken care of. On Seasonal Work’s website you can find the necessary information [3].

Volunteer at the Roskilde Festival

Each year Roskilde Festival is looking for volunteers [4] who will help out in return for tickets. Check out the Roskilde Festival website for more info. The deadline to apply is usually end of April/beginning of May.

Become a strawberry picker

Pick strawberries during the day and get paid for it. And enjoy life in the afternoon. Denmark is an agricultural nation and EU-citizens can enrol in seasonal work in the country side. Picking strawberries in Denmark is popular summer occupation for young people from across the EU. You live in tents on the farms and you get to meet lots of other young people. When the strawberry season ends, there’s often other produce to pick on the same or adjacent farms.

Live for free in the middle of nature

Denmark has a number of designated areas where you are allowed to pitch up a tent free of charge and spend a night or more. Look at the Danish Nature Agency’s map of free places to put up your tent [5]. The designated areas are marked green.

Active holiday on the cheap

Denmark has a lot to offer both cyclist and ramblers, and if you spend the night anywhere along your route on one of 1,000 nature camping areas, you can really keep to a strict budget.

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