Budget or free accommodation in Denmark [1]

There are many possibilities of cheap or free accommodation in Denmark, so if you’re a budget-conscious traveller, read this article for saving tips for cheap accommodation.

Primitive tent sites / Outdoor accommodation

Camping offers a cheap form of accommodation, but it can be done even cheaper! If you like the outdoors and spending nights underneath the stars, Denmark offers nearly 1,000 primitive tent sites spread across farms, forests, colleges and other fun places. Many of these places have pre-built shelters and there you won’t need to bring a tent. Most places have areas for making fires, as well as access to toilets and water. One night’s stay will cost at most DKK25 per person, and some places it is even free of charge. The sites are exclusively aimed at people travelling by foot, bicycle, and horse or by water.

Read more about outdoor accommodation on the Danish Outdoor Council’s website [2].

Live for free in the middle of nature

Denmark has a number of designated areas where you are allowed to pitch up a tent free of charge and spend a night or more. Look at the Danish Nature Agency’s map of free places to put up your tent. [3] The designated areas are marked green.

House swap

Do a home swap with a Danish family for your next vacation. Home swap is an economical and popular way of holidaying, as the cost of accommodation becomes negligible. It is a great way to come closer to the community you are visiting and make you feel more like a “local”. There are home swap organisations in more than 50 countries worldwide, and they usually incur an annual fee, but no money changes hands between the two groups doing the swap.

Read more about home swapping here. [4]

Live for free in private homes

Another form of free accommodation that is growing in popularity and use, is the network Couchsurfing. It lets members of the network stay for free at other members’ homes. It is not a pre-requisite that you open your own home to strangers, but it is of course considered good practice if you’re using Couchsurfing yourself.

Read more about the service on Couchsurfing’s homepage [5].