Free and budget experiences in Denmark for kids [1]

Bringing your kids to Denmark? If you’re looking for ideas and inspiration for budget or free attractions in Denmark for kids, read on. Learn about free entry museums, films and theater, fun experiences in cities and nature and much more. It is possible to do Denmark on a budget or for free even with the kids in tow!


All national museums in Denmark have a free access policy for young persons under the age of 18. They are:

National Gallery of Denmark, Copenhagen [2]
National Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen [3]
Open Air Museum, Lyngby [4]
Danish Music Museum, Copenhagen [5]
Post and Telegraph Museum, Copenhagen [6]
Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen [7]
Royal Arsenal Museum, Copenhagen [8]
The Hirschsprung Collection, Copenhagen [9]
Danish Museum of Hunting and Forestry, Hørsholm [10]
Royal Danish Naval Museum, Copenhagen [11]
Thorvaldsen Museum, Copenhagen [12]
Museum of Copenhagen, Copenhagen [13]
Dansk Landbrugsmuseum (Danish Agricultural Museum), Auning [14]

There are many other museums across Denmark that operate a free entry for kids policy. Please consult your local tourist office for more details.

Find local tourist offices in Denmark [15]
Search for museums in Denmark [16]

Free or cheap cinema and theatre

Keep an eye out for Festival - Theatre for Young Audiences in Denmark [17], that offers a world of theatre experiences. The festival takes place different cities from year to year. In Copenhagen there’s a free puppet show in Kongens Have [18], in Odense there’s the HC Andersen Parade [19]. If you’re looking for free cinema, one place to check out is the Film House & Cinematec [20] in Copenhagen, where films are shown all weekdays for free for kids aged 3-6. It is also worth checking out local libraries across Denmark, as they often organise special events for kids.

Free events for kids

All year round, but especially in the summer months, there’s a wealth of free events for kids and young people - harbour and city festivals, historical markets and much more. Contact your local tourist office for up to date details.