Free events in Denmark [1]

Denmark has a world of free events on offer all year round, but especially in the summer months. Shake your stuff to Danish and international artists at a music festival, let your hair down at a harbour or city festival, find that special item at an outdoor market and much more.


Why not check out one of the many urban music festivals, such as Copenhagen Jazz Festival [2], Distortion or Aarhus Festival [3] and enjoy free music to your heart’s content. Or why not visit Tønder [4] or Skagen Festivals and experience spontaneous street music in support of the main events? Or soak up both music and the scenery at the Friday rock event in Tivoli [5], where both Danish and international artists perform (note, concerts are free, but you will still have to pay entrance to Tivoli).

Half price theatre

Young persons below 25 years of age can buy half price tickets to the Royal Danish Theatre [6], but there are numerous free events at the Royal Danish Theatre throughout the year for all ages. If you like the opera, you can get cheap tickets, too – as long as you’re prepared to stand up.

Other free events

If you’re looking for free fun, you could visit one of the summer’s many city or harbour festivals, packed with music and entertainment and good company. Or why not visit one of the bigger outdoor markets? Finally, there are culture festivals all year round throughout Denmark, they are definitely worth checking out.

Search for events across Denmark [7]

Use the cultural calendar Kultunaut [8] to search for free experiences all over Denmark, just do a search for “free”.