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Rosenbeck frilandskø

9330, Dronninglund

Sales of pork and beef from their own animals.

You can also visit the webshop www.frilandskø

Fjordens Minigolf

3390, Hundested

The fjord miniature golf is placed at Hundested Harbour with a view of the harbor, the great 18-hole mini golf course has a maritime look with maritime theme ....
Next to the mini golf is an ice crea...

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Bowling Good Times GB

4500, Nykøbing Sj

The indoor bowling hall in Nykøbing Sj. has re-opened as Good Times Bowling with bowling alleys, bar and restaurant.

Please check the website for further information....

Santiago pilgrimage route's path through Denmark is currently about to be marked by the Association of Danish Santiago pilgrims. The North Zealand has a leg of the route leading from Elsinore via Esru...

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Take a trip with the vintage train from Hundested to Hillerød and maybe return....

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Kurbadet by Ilse Jacobsen

3100, Hornbæk

Thermal pools 

Kurbadet by Ilse Jacobsen is situated in Hornbæk about 50 km north of Copenhagen. It has two heated pools - a big one outdoors and a smaller one indoors. The pools are heated to 34 d...

Yoga in Hornbæk

3100, Hornbæk

Through yoga you can find peace within yourself, improve contact with your breathing, increase your concentration and be more flexible and strong. At Yoga Hornbaek we teach yoga in which everyone can ...

Guided tour with Cycling Aarhus

The best way to experience Aarhus is on a bicycle and that’s exactly what Cycling Aarhus offers. Join one of the daily guided tours and get the perfect overview of the city.

On the tours a local guid...

© No 66

Shop No 66

3220, Tisvildeleje

No. 66 sells both men's and women's clothing
Mads Nørgaard, Scotch and Soda, Ten Feet, Silver Black, Viola Sky, Two Danes and much more
And aaccessories from HAY...

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Bike routes

3200, Helsinge

There are many wonderful cycling routes in North Seeland along the fields, forests and beaches. You can dovnloade map of the routes here

Nordkyststien Hundested - Gilleleje
Nordkyststien Gilleleje -...

Visit a bee-keeper Honningurt

4583, Sjællands Odde

Visit a bee-keefarm

See the bees at close hand on Sjællands Odde, at HonningUrt. Here you can visit the beehives together with the bee-keeper and learn about the fantastic animals and their society. ...

Meet the Locals

5700, Svendborg

Visit an artist, an open garden or how about a cultural pub or dinner with the locals. Meet the Locals who offer a range of options for a different experience....

© Bjørg Kiær

Tour of Ærø Museum, Ærø

5970, Ærøskøbing

Visit the City Museum in Ærskøbing.

Year round there are guided tours by appointment.

In high season you have the opportunity to go on tour of the museum. The tour is free for museum visitors.


© Bjørg Kiær

Marstal Maritime Museum: In high season there is a free guided tour for guests of the museum.
The schooner Bonavista: All year round you can get free aboard the ship during the period: 8:00 to 22:00.

Hvide Sande Bike

6960, Hvide Sande

Hvide Sande Bike is a full-service bicycle rental company. We deliver new and high quality bikes directly to your holiday home.

The service includes quick and easy exchange or repair of bicycles in c...

© Thomas IX

This theme route takes you through Denmark's most breathtaking scenery. With magnificent views of cliffs and sea, winding and hilly landscapes with grasslands and forests. This highly, hilly route pro...

© Møns Turistbureau

The tour around Jungshoved is an excursion into romantic landscape. Cycles glide silently under the beech trees and the view from the top of the peninsula looks into the calm blue sea. Thoughts and fe...

Skanderborg Golf Club

8660, Skanderborg

A golf course in beautiful surroundings
Skanderborg Golf Club is one of Denmark's most beautiful golf courses, and situated by Skanderborg Lake. The course is hilly and there are multiple tee boxes lo...

City walk in Hals

9370, Hals

2014 was the year of the first walking tour through the old streets and alleys in Hals. The participants were very impressed with the small town’s incredibly rich and intricate history. The success co...

Season: Spring, summer and autumn are best for sea trout.. The chances for sea trout are best when fishing in shallow water on both sides of the bridge. In summer there are sometimes chances of rainbo...

Season: All year for sea trout, but optimal in spring and autumn. In the summertime fishing is best in the evening, night and early morning. This is also a good spot for fly fishing.

Species of fish:...

Season: Year round fishing ground for sea trout, high season is spring and autumn. In the summertime fishing is best in the evening, night and early morning. Good garfish ground in May-June.


Trout fishing peaks in spring and autumn. In summer time one can fish late evening and night until a few hours after sunrise.

Sea trout and garfish. There may be found large sea tr...

Pomlenakke Fishing

4850, Stubbekøbing

Season: Peak season in spring and autumn. The rest of the year more scarce catches.

Sea trout and garfish.

Fishing area:
All around the tip there are good chances of migrating fish. Sout...

Halskovvænge fishing

4850, Stubbekøbing

Season: Spring, autumn and mild winters are best for sea trout. Garfish can be found in May-June.

Sea trout and garfish.

Fishing area:
You can fish 1 km to either side of the small parki...

Spring, autumn and mild winters are best for sea trout. Garfish can be found in May-June.

Fishing area:
The areas of seaweed reach far out, so expect some wading in order to fish effectivel...

Sea trout throughout the year. This is a great place for garfish in May-June.

Sea trout, garfish, turbot.

Fishing area:
Just north of "the pavilion" is a stone reef approx. 150 m...

Havlykke Fishing

4850, Stubbekøbing

Spring, summer and autumn. There are often small herrings and sand eels which are food for sea trout. During certain periods - from summer to autumn - insects are blown from the forest out to...

Sea trout can be found in fall, winter and spring. In the summertime, bait fishing for perch and eel in the shipping channel and along its slopes is possible.

sea trout, eel and pe...

Summer and autumn provide opportunities for angling perch, eel and flounder. There is also a chance of sea trout. Perch and trout often shelter from the current behind the bridge piers. Augus...

Sea trout in spring and autumn, garfish peaks in late May. This is an excellent spot for garfish.

Sea trout and garfish.

Fishing area:
You can fish from the headland where there ...

Football golf course

4291, Ruds Vedby

Football golf course...

Sea trout in spring and autumn, good fishing for large migrating fish. Garfish from mid-May.

Sea trout, garfish, cod and flatfish

Fishing area:
Fishing takes place from “Østersøb...

Maglehøj beach Fishing

4983, Dannemare

In spring and autumn sea trout can be found. Garfish from mid-May.

Sea trout, garfish, cod and flatfish

Fishing area:
Fishing takes place from Rudbjerghave and west along Sønders...

Eels and flatfish are to be found in the summer. In autumn, sea trout, perch, herring, eel and flounder. During the winter months, sea trout, cod and in the spring, sea trout, perch and cod.


Fishing for herring and cod in late autumn, especially in the 7-8 m deep navigation channel. Just north of the bridge there are excellent opportunities in summertime for coarse fishing eels a...

The tunnel - Fishing

4862, Guldborg

Sea trout in autumn, winter and spring. In summer, opportunities for rainbow trout and eel. Late summer and autumn, perch and flatfish.

Fishing area:
The stone walls around the tunnel on bo...

Season: All year. Good fishing for brackish water perch from November to April

Species: pike, perch and possible chance of trout and eel.

Fishing area: From the main road A2 to the iron bridge by th...

Season: All year

Species: perch and pike

Driving directions: Take road 297 from Nykøbing F towards Nysted, at Nagelsti turn left down Bymarken, park approx. 300  meters further ahead and walk down t...


4070, Kirke Hyllinge

Saeby-Gershoej swimming pool & minigolf is a small oasis, placed in the  northern part of

Lejre municiparlity, where grown up and kids during the summer period, can swim, have fun, soaking up the sun...

© Steen Nielsen

Have a pleasant bicycle ride in the beautiful scenery of Mols and Djursland in East Jutland, Denmark. Bicycles can delivered nationwide for a fee, get an offer cheaper than you think. All prices are i...


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