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Parking / starting point:

Kragenæs Marina and Camp, Kragenæsvej 84, 4943 Torrig L.

Special cond...



Parking / starting point:

Sakskøbing Rowing Club, Havnegade 6, 4990 Sakskøbing. Alternative sta...


Parking/ starting point:

54.7693 N, 11.4939 E
Parking and a small jetty for launching.

54.7658 N  11.5113 E
Parking, launching from the beach

54.7565 N 11.4895 E

Parking / starting point:

Nysted Roklub, Strandvejen 4, 4880 Nysted

Special conditions:

Please be aware that once out of Nysted you are in open sea. Only by northern winds you will have a bit of sh...

Parking / starting point:

Nysted Roklub, Strandvejen 4, 4880 Nysted

Special conditions:

Please be aware that once out of Nysted you are in open sea. Only by northern winds you will have a bit of sh...

© Ivan Møllebjerg

Angling at Klintebjerg

5450, Otterup

You can go fishing at the small, nice angling spots on both sides of the small port. The place is under preservation from October 1st to March 1st. This means that after March 1st, there are large amo...

Angling at Egensedybet

5450, Otterup

The area from Egensedybet to Galten Hoved is excellent for winter fishing. The fish come here to eat because of the large amount of food in the sea bed. You have to be prepared for wade fishing - brin...

© Skagens Museum

This tour is only in Danish - Contact Skagen Tourist Office for ordering your own guided city walking tour!

A guided tour will take you along the harbour, which is the largest fishing port in Denmar...

Our Water Sports Center is located at the east side of the Ringkøbing Fjord in Skaven Strand.

We offer lessons and rental for Windsurfing, Kitesurfing and Stand Up Paddling

Furthermore we offer Kaja...

North of Marielyst center. You surf from the wide sandy beach. Small to medium waves between sand banks by strong easterly winds.

Rigging takes place on the grass sheltered by the dunes.

Wind direc...

Best wave spot on Falster.

South of the marina, where you have good parking, areas with grass and sandy beach. This spot offers great waves and completely flat water at the same time.

Rødsand which...

By Holten Beach there is a wooden pier. However, you surf from the coast. Large area of shallow water perfect for beginners. You have to be aware of stones. Vantore is suitable for the whole family.



7000, Fredericia

Nice sandy beach. You surf east of the jetty. The water quickly becomes deep and therefore not suitable for beginners.

Best wave spot on Lolland.

Camping: Western Camp.

Wind directions:
S - SW -...

You surf into Søndernor by Albuen Camping in Nakskov Fjord with access from the parking area. 

Very safe large area of shallow water in the fjord. It is only allowed to enter the surf board in the wa...

By Hestehoved you surf to the south of the Nakskov Fjord Camping next to the restaurant Fjorden from the sandy beach.

There are often good wind at Hestehovedet.

Wind directions:
S – SW – W – NW – ...

The Tour Boat Anemonen

4930, Maribo

Pleasure boat trips on the Maribo Lakes. Maribo Søndersø is Denmark´s eight largest lake and without doubt the one with the most islands. The water areas covers 890 hectares of which 40 hectares are f...

All year, but best outside high summer, except when fishing for eels.

Flatfish, cod, perch, eel and trout.

Fishing area:
You can fish eel and perch in the inner harbor. Cod, flatf...

Fishin Nakskov Habour

4900, Nakskov

Perch is best in spring and autumn, sea trout in winter. During spring there are chances of good catches of cod.

Perch, trout, cod, eel and herring.

Fishing area:
Free fishing on ...

Departure ports:
Langø, Onsevig or Spodsbjerg.

Erik Andersen

All year

Cod in spring– flatfish in autumn.

Boat reservation:
Phone +45 40 36 65 68

Only groups, up to, ...

No access to Hyllekrog 1/3 to 15/7 due to the bird breeding period.

Sea trout, flounder and cod.

Fishing area:
Fishing is restricted to the exterior of the landtip and past the Li...

Albuen - Fishing

4900, Nakskov

Sea trout, flounder and cod from autumn to early spring. The outermost part - the sand isthmus - at “Albuen” is closed to access during the bird breeding period of March 15-15th July. You sho...

Spring, summer and autumn is best for sea trout. Perch in summer and autumn, garfish in May-June

Sea trout, garfish, perch, flatfish

Fishing area:
Park at the marina. On this str...

Spring, autumn and mild winters are best for sea trout. Garfish can be found in May-June.

Fishing area:
Situated at the parking area at the end of “Havlykkevej”. You must wade deep to get ...

Maglehøj beach Fishing

4983, Dannemare

In spring and autumn sea trout can be found. Garfish from mid-May.

Sea trout, garfish, cod and flatfish

Fishing area:
Fishing takes place from Rudbjerghave and west along Sønders...

Enjoy a trip across Falster – past the country's little-known largest living oak and over to the beautiful east coast, which holds another little secret: the General's pavilion.

1. Start in Nykøbing ...

Nakskov Fjord is known for being the Danish fjord with the most islands. The wide, open spaces and the special light over the fjord offer unique experiences in its natural surroundings.

Your bike rid...

A beautiful bike ride through gently undulating farmland filled with large farms, estates and forests.

1. The route begins in Nakskov, at the roundabout on Maribovej.

Cycle along Maribovej from Naks...

A nice little tour of the Lolland Alps that stops at historic sites along the way.

1. From Pederstrup, continue down Magletving Møllevej towards Magletving.

2. Follow the road round for about 3 km, ...

The Maribo lakes are located in a slightly hilly landscape of dead-ice. Spanning 852 hectares, Sønder Lake is Denmark's eighth-largest lake. The Maribo Lakes Nature Park is a maze-like area of lakes, ...

Oreby Castle and Berritsgård by Sakskøbing look like castles straight out of a fairytale with their slender, elegant towers and curved gables – Krenkerup Castle is Lolland's most beautiful. This is an...

Hesnæs is a small fishing village on the east coast of Falster. Most of the houses are covered with reeds on the roof and walls. The thatching on the walls are said to insulate and protect the walls a...

The route east of Nysted leads along the Baltic coast, through lush Danish forests and wide-open fields in a stunning Lolland landscape.

1. From Nysted Harbour, cycle south towards Skansen along the ...

There aren’t actually any mountains in the Nysted region, but there are smaller hills where cyclists can work up quite a sweat if they so choose. By Lolland’s standards, the area northwest of Nysted i...

Few know this corner of Falster by Grønsund, where Marie Grubbe was the ferrywoman back in her day. The trail passes a Klondike-like harbour environment and classic Danish landscape with forests and b...

Stubbekøbing is one of Denmark's oldest market towns, with municipal privileges dating right back to 1354. Today, the town holds just over 2,000 people, offering a fine harbour and a ferry to Bogø, se...

Gedesby is a small village with a large holiday cottage area right next to a lovely beach for bathing. The route between Gedesby and Gedser follows small roads through a beautiful landscape with many ...

The route here travels through parts of Maribo Lakes Nature Park – around Røgbølle Lake and around Musse Mose, locatd east of the nature park. Half of the route follows the Røgbølle Lake route, which ...

The route goes around the former Vålse Vig and offers a magnificent open-air area with Falster’s highest point: the Bronze Age mound Bavnehøj, a famous pilgrimage church and a splendid view of the rec...

The beautiful figure-eight route over the flat plains of South Lolland offers lovely nature, antiquities and history of the great flood of 1872. The eastern route stretches across 27 km, and the weste...

The beautiful figure-eight route through South Lolland’s landscape offers lovely nature, antiquities and history of the great flood of 1872. The eastern route stetches accross 27 km and the western ro...

The route begins in the town square of the picturesque market town of Maribo. Take a picnic basket and enjoy the ride past quaint, half-timbered houses in the village of Maglemer and through a beautif...

The ring road naturally links the town and the country, and it offers new and exciting opportunities to experience nature close to an urban environment. Take the kids too – they'll love the tour!

1. ...

Hvirring Put & Take

8762, Flemming

A lovely place for the whole family
HVIRRING FISKESØ lies in a beautiful area with rustic scenery. The lakes have been laid out in a re-established gravelpit area and they open in autumn 2014. The are...

© VisitHerning

Culture factory

7400, Herning

Buy a day-ticket to Herning’s skating centre, Kultur Fabrikken (culture factory). Here you can find a hall where you can skateboard, roller skate, and ride a scooter or BMX. There is also a parkour ar...

Als Brindle route

6400, Sønderborg

Welcome to Als Bridle RouteAls I the 7th biggest island in Denmark (about 312 km2). The island is connected to the mainland Jutland by two bridges and it has ferry connections to Jutland and Funen.The...

© VisitHerning

Kousgaards Plads

7400, Herning

Have a game of basketball or football at Kousgaards Plads square in Herning. There is a small well-used court that, especially young people enjoy.
You can also train outdoors by using the fitted tra...

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7400, Herning

In Herning you can try water-skiing or wakeboarding. Herning Vandski
& Wakeboard Club is located by the lakes of Knudmose. All you need to bring is your swimsuit, a towel and some courage! 


© Dayz Rønbjerg

Spa & Wellness, Dayz Rønbjerg Ferie Resort- Vesthimmerland...

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Hou Coastal Path

8300, Odder

The route is approx. 10 km long. Scan the QR-codes en route to learn more about the history and development of the town of Hou.

Download map:


Showing 4151 - 4200 of 4407 entries