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Sea angling with M/S Tinker

9850, Hirtshals

Deepseafishing - Yellow Reef.

For more information please call:

+4530993737 or



Sea angling tours

M/S Albatros sets up various tours from the harbour of Hirtshals. Both near the coast (4 – 8 hours) and longer trips (10 – 16 hours) to different places in Skagerrak as the sea wes...

Lønstrup beach

9800, Hjørring

The groynes at Lønstrup are a good spot for sea fishing, with good opportunities for catching cod, sea trout etc. In the summer there are weekly trips along the beach with instruction in sea angling. ...

© Dvergetved Søpark

Dvergetved Søpark

9870, Sindal

Dvergetved Søpark, Tolne

Dvergetved Søpark consists of 22,000 m2 of Put & Take lakes beautifully situated on an elevated seabed from the early Stone Age. Gold- and Rainbow trout released daily. Feedi...

Hjørring and District Angling Association.

The riverlet Uggerby Å, Uggerby, Hjørring has a large stock of sea trout, river trout, eel, roach and pike. Uggerby Riverlet´s sea trout stock is unique bec...

Gaaser Put and Take lake

9362, Gandrup

Gaaser fishing-lake is close to the small idyllic town of Gaaser. In scenic areas of the farm 'Nygaard' you can catch large rainbow trout, rent horses and spend the night in tents, shelters or apartme...

St. Restrup Fishing lake is surrounded by a little park with tables and benches. In the old mill building you will find sitting-room, toilets, seperate room for cleaning fishOpening hours for St. Rest...

Aalborg Harbour by the Limfiord is a unique place. You can go fishing in the heart af the city. Fishing is permitted from the quayside in Aalborg, Nørresundby and on the water in the Limfjord.In order...

Hvorupgård Put and take

9400, Nørresundby

Hvorupgaard Put and take is situated only 6 km north of Aalborg, north of Nørresundby. There are 2 put and take lakes connected by a canal that crosses a bridge. The fishing lake is opened 24-hours an...

Angling in Mastrup Søerne

9530, Støvring

Mastrup Søerne (lakes) in the middle of Støvring - a suburb to Aalborg -are ideal for a picnic and anglingtour. Here you can fish trout, roach and eels. During the wintertime sea trout draws into the ...

Løkken Fishpond

9480, Løkken

A unique natural fishing area
The two lakes are attached by a broad channel as well as a fishing pond for the kids. The area is in a natural valley surrounded by forest.

There is a shop in connectio...

Gølstrup Fishpond

9480, Løkken

Tall trees encircle the 20,000 m2 of fishing lakes into which 1-12 kilos of trout are released on a daily basis.

Tickets can be purchased at the lakes. Tackle can be hired and bait bought. Phone: 27...

Nedre Ryå

9440, Aabybro

Fishing in RyaaDownstream Ryaa offers diverse fishing for every line of fishing. You can catch sea trout – some of them very big – trout, eel, pike and perch. For map and lice...

Blokhus Fiskepark

9490, Pandrup

Fishing Park on 17 acres land in beautiful surroundings.

The pond is 25.000 m2 and a depth up to 5 meter.

You will find walking trails throughout the area (some of the trails are handicap friendly)....

Jægerumgård Fiskepark.2 hours Dkk 60,-4 hours Dkk 80,-6 hours Dkk 100The hole day Dkk 160,- ...

Gøttrup Fiskepark

9690, Fjerritslev

Fishing Park.

2 hours  Dkk  70,-
3 hours  Dkk 100,-
5 hours  Dkk 140,-
8 hours  Dkk 200,-
24 hours Dkk 350,-...

Lerkenfeld Stream

9600, Aars

Lerkenfeld Å is a stream surrounded by nature and filled with fish. You can find tables and chair by Søkbæk, by the manor and by the old electricity plant. The latter is located across from Møllegårde...

Angling Lerkenfeld stream

9620, Aalestrup

The Stream "Lerkenfeld Å" rises at Mejlby south of Rold Skov and after a course of about 30 km through a typical and very beautiful landscape in Himmerland it flows into Louns Brednin...

Angling in Store Økssø

9520, Skørping

Store Økssø is located southward Skørping and is owned by the Nature Protection Agency Aalborg. Here you can catch pike, perch and eels. There is a disability path down to and around the lake, and a n...

Angling in Mossø (lake)

9520, Skørping


Mossø (lake) is located southward Skørping and is owned by the Nature Protection Agency, Aalborg. Mossø has a population of perch and eels. There are trail around the lake, but the width may be ina...

Angling in Lindenborg Å

9520, Skørping

Lindenborg Å - probably the most famous angling water of area Himmerland - is well known for  it's  large Sea Trout's. Nearly every year Sea Trout's of more than 10 kg is catched.

The angling for th...

Simested Å

9620, Aalestrup

Simested Å is one of the best watercourses in Denmark with sea trout, and it is known for a famous strain of particularly large, self-reprodu...

Terndrup Millpond

9575, Terndrup


Terndrup Millpond is nicely located in the middle of Terndrup city. Here's your chance to catch trout and eels.

The fish right in Terndrup Millpond belongs to Terndrup Fishing Association. Fishin...

Simested Creek

9620, Aalestrup

Simested Creek is one of the best streams with sea trout in Denmark and is known for its famous line of perticularily large, self-reproducing sea trout.

The creek, wich is 3-8 metres wide with a mode...

© Læsø Fiskesø - put and take

Læsø Fishing Pond open all year ...

Lyngså Strand

9300, Sæby

Fishing: between Sønderklit & Stensnæs.

Parking. Toilet. Disabled access....

Voer Å - Sæby

9300, Sæby

Fish for sea trout, river trout & eel. Sea trout start to swim upriver at the beginning of June (night-fishing recommended). The greatest numbers are available in August & Septe...

Sæby Å

9300, Sæby

The stretch of Sæby Å from Sæby Watermill to the river’s mouth is best fished with spinning bait and wet flies. Between 16 January and 15 April you can catch ”Greenlanders,” the Danish name for immatu...

Sæby Havn - Sydmolen

9300, Sæby

From the south breakwall you can fish for flatfish and cod (Oct. - Nov.), garfish (May - Jun) and brown trout (Jul. - Nov.).Fishing is only permitted from the south breakwall as the northerly bre...

Sulbæk Strand Sæby

9900, Frederikshavn

Fishing stretch from Sulbæk & south towards Sæby. Fish for eel in the summer when a light southerly wind & sea trout, flatfish. ...

Dybvad Søpark

9352, Dybvad

A former marl stratum, in the 1940's it was converted into a recreative nature area.There is a path around the lake, which is now a beautiful recreational area with lawns, tables/benches, beech t...

Tversted Å, Tversted

9881, Bindslev

Idyllically placed little creek, which flows into the North Sea. At the moment it´s not allowed to fish in Tversted Å....

Tversted Fish Park has a 10,000 m2 lake set in scenic marshland. Trout are released frequently, so there are good opportunities to make a good catch. The lake, which originates from t...

Skærum Å

9900, Frederikshavn

Skærum ÅYou can fish from Øster Skærum (at the church) to Kvissel. Chance of catching brown river trout, rainbow trout, roaches and eels. Fishing licenses for sale...


9900, Frederikshavn

RønnerneBeach, 3 km from the town centre, with good opportunities for catching sea trout. Recreational area MarinaRestaurant Ice-cream parlour.Fishing...

Bangsbo Å

9900, Frederikshavn

Directions: From Frederikshavn follow the road from Bangsbo, past the Bangsbo Museum heading towards Gærum.

The road is parallel to the stream and has secondary roads that cross the stream.


Åsted Å

9900, Frederikshavn

Åsted Å is a small stream which runs through Åsted Ådal reserve.
You can fish from Lindet to Kvissel for river trout, rainbow trout, brown trout, roaches (rutilus) and eels.

Catch options: Brook trou...

Strandby Nordre Mole

9970, Strandby

Strandby Nordre MoleFishing from the pier, with opportunities to catch:CodDabPalaiceEelMackerelGarfishFishing licences for sale at Frederikshavn Touri...

Elling Å

9900, Frederikshavn

Elling ÅFishing is allowed between Elling and KvisselChance of catching trout, roaches (rutilus) and eels.Only members of the local fishing society "Lystfiskeri...

Nordre Mole

9900, Frederikshavn

The  pier is a popular fishing spot. There is plenty of room on the long pier to sit and fish in peace and quiet on the large boulders, watching the ferries sail in and out of the harbo...


9970, Strandby

Sandy beach, popular among coastal fisherman.
The fishing spot is north of Strandby. Fishing at the mouth of the Rugholm stream is not permitted. Fish for sea trout, garfish, eels and more.

Fishing ...

Øster Møllesø

9330, Dronninglund

Øster Mølle is a water mill from the sixteenth century and contains an exhibition about the mill and the history of the milling trade. Fishing is allowed with a day permit, which can be obtaine...

Buy your Angling Card here:
DagligBrugsen i Dydvad, Markedsvej 14, 9352 Dybvad, Tlf.:98864322
Brasholt, Fuglsigvej 50, 9800 Hjørring, Tlf.: 96232900
JC Fiskegrej og Frit...

Klokkerholm Møllesø

9320, Hjallerup

Vendsyssels largest lake lies in Klokkerholm, The old mill-lake (Klokkerholm Møllesø), which has been re-established after having been reclaimed land for 65 years.Fishing card is valid for 1...

Lagunen Put'n'Take

9370, Hals

In Lagunen Put'n'Take, you can find beautiful rainbow trout fish ranging from 1 to 8 kg. Lagunen offers benches and tables along the lake with small cabins with baits. In addition, there is also a sma...

© VisitDenmark

Serritslev Fiskepark

9700, Brønderslev

3 Put´n´Take lakes of 25.000 m2 in the beautiful setting in the Nørreådal between Serritslev and Brønderslev. 3 lakes - 25,000 m2 - 1270 m shore. Daily addition of rainbow trout. Unlimited catch of ra...

© Ny thorup Fiskepark

Ny Torup Fiskepark Brønderslev

9700, Brønderslev

The Fishing Park is located in the beautiful nature near Brønderslev....

© Brønderslev Lystfiskeriforening

Fishing in Kraghedesøen

9700, Brønderslev

Kraghedesøen is near Hvilshøj (Brønderslev). You can fish for perch, eel, roach and pike.

Closed seasons:
Salmon and trout: 16/11 to 1/3
Pike: 1/4 to the first sunday in may (in Kragshedesøen)


Karup Å

7470, Karup J

Karup i situated 18 kilometers north from Herning.
Fishing is allowed from 01.03 to 31.10.
Species: Trout, seatrout, rainbow trout, eel and spikes....

The Viborg Lakes

8800, Viborg

Nørresø and Søndersø in Viborg are attractive fishing areas.

Fishing is permitted from all public areas near the lakes and only a state-fishinf licence is required.

Pike, zander and perch are not a...


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