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© Destination Djursland

M/S "SIGNE" is sailing from Grenaa Harbour, and you can book as an individual or as a group for the arrangements listed below.

• 8 hours trip - codfishing (individuals and groups)
• 8 hours trip - c...

© Jens Ove Jespersen

In the heart of Djursland is Moesholm Put & Take located, sourrounded by nature's beauty. In the 12.000 m2 fishing lake, the catch is Rainbow trout, River trout and eel. We have excellent fish cle...

© Laura Kjeldsen

Djurs Fishing Park - Put & Take is located in the beautiful stream valley by Ørum Å in Fannerup. The Fishing Park was established in 2005 in connection with the stream valley was restored. In the stre...

© Destination Djursland

Deepsea fishing with M/S Nana. Departure from the lock at Øer Maritime Ferieby.Information: 45 21 49 89 45, Departure every Wednesday from: Last Wednesday in May until last Wednesday ...

Toftum Bjerge - Struer

7600, Struer

Toftum BjergeWade angling for sea trout. Situated at Nissum Bredning the less impacted part of the Limfjord. Here you find species like, cod, whiting, lump sucker, edible crabs,&...

Marslund Mose/Engbo MoseSituated 6 km north-west of Struer. You need a special angling lisence for this area.DirectionsBy road 513 (Struer-Le...

Thyholm og JegindøWade angling. Sea trout and garfish during season.In shallow waters you can find mussels. Only catch them as far out in the water that they ...

Humlum Fiskeleje & Camping - Struer

Coast and fjord angling. Parking at Humlum Fiskerleje and Camping.

Remember angler fishing license!...

OddesundAngling from the piers, bridge, and shore. In May/June the garfish angling is very good. Sea trout, garfish, and steelheads can be caught.Dire...

Bækmarksbro Put and Take

7660, Bækmarksbro

Enjoy nature while you are fishing, Bækmarksbro Put & Take.

If you like to fish and enjoy nature, then surely Bækmarksbro Put and Take is the right place for you.

Turn off at road signs 8 kilometre...

Munkbro Put & Take

7500, Holstebro

Munkbro Angling lake is situated in a beautiful area 5 km south of Holstebro. The lake is 8,000 m2 with a special handicap-suitable angling area, service building, toilet and a cleaning room. Play gro...

Vibholm Ørredsø

6990, Ulfborg

Vibholm Ørredsø2 hours: DKK 50.-. 3 hours: DKK 60.-. 4 hours: DKK 80.-. 5 hours: DKK 100.-.6 hours: DKK 110.-. 7 hours: DKK 130.-. 8 hou...

© Thorsminde Camping


6990, Ulfborg

Thorsminde is well-known for the tremendous herring-angling in the Spring, garfish in May, and mackerel in the late summer. Nice flatfish, cod, and eel too. Angling licence to be bought at the tourist...

Bjerrely Fiskesø consists of 20.000 m2 lake in lovely nature. The lake has a natural inflow of water from underground springs.

Only organic rainbow trouts from organic fish farms are put in to the wa...

Karstoft Å

6933, Kibæk

Karstoft stream is located 18 kilometres south from Herning. There is a map of the area. Fishing in Karstoft stream is governed by 2 different closed seasons....

Fjederholt Å

7400, Herning

Fjederholt Å is south of Herning, and Herning Sport Fishing Association has 4 fishing areas:
1: Skærbæk part - the bottom part of the fjedergholt Stream right before the outlet to Rind Å
2: Slumstrup ...

Herning Fiskepark

7400, Herning

Herning Fiskepark is one of the most attractiv angling lakes in Jutland. Approx. 25.000 m2 fishing waters divided between 3 lakes, sheltered from the western wind in beautiful surroundings; only 3 km ...

Brande Camping Ørredsø er en Put & Take sø tilknyttet Brande Camping. . Brande Camping Ørredsø er indrettet med bålsteder og borde/bænke sæt tæt ved søen, så du selv kan tilberede din fisk, hvis du sk...

Uhre Fishing Lake

7330, Brande

Pack your fishing pole and a nice picnic basket and bring your family to Uhre Fishing Lake - a nice little put & take lake with great opportunities for a good catch.The surroundings are beautiful and ...

Jelling Put & Take, © Jelling Put & Take

Jelling Put & Take

7300, Jelling

Jelling Put & Take is beautifully situated by Fårup Lake and is surrounded by woodlands and meadows. The 5,000-m2 lake is up to three meters deep. Rivers of crystal-clear spring water is cons...

Fårup Sø, © VisitVejle

Fårup Lake

7300, Jelling

Fårup Lake - Fårup Sø - is 11 ms deep on the deepest spot and thus one of the area’s deepest lakes. Most of the lake’s water comes from springs in and around the lake. Grejs River takes its rise from ...

Engelsholm Castle, © Cees van Roeden

Engelsholm Lake

7182, Bredsten

Fresh well water runs into Engelsholm Lake - Engelsholm Sø - which is therefore very pure. Vejle River takes its rise from this lake. It is possible to walk around eight meters out into the ...

Vester Mølle Put & Take, © Vester Mølle Put & Take

The Put & Take lakes at Vester Mølle fish farm were created when the area next to Rørbæk Lake was dammed in the mid-1900s. Daily stocking with trout from 0.6 – 6.0 kilos. Lakeside picnic tables and be...

© visit kolding

Skovhave Fiskesø

6093, Sjølund

Visit our natural Put & Take lake with good tasty trout.

The lake is located in scenic and peaceful surroundings.
By the lake there are good facilities for the whole family. Toilet, cleaning table, ...

© visit kolding

Stenvad Put & Take

6000, Kolding

Stenvad Put & Take is located 5 km from Kolding towards Lunderskov and Esbjerg, where the large newly planned Lake is surrounded by Vester Nebel Å, and the forest that provides shelter for the vin...

Hvilested Put and Take

6000, Kolding

Hvilested Angling Lakes (Hvilested Lystfiskersøer).

Two beautifully situated natural lakes surrounded by wooded hills.
Throughout the area runs River Vester Nebel, with the possibility of catching se...

Seest Mølle Put & Take

6000, Kolding

Old mill-lake with shelter from big trees.

You are allowed to fish from sunrise to sunset.


Grumstrup Put and Take

8732, Hovedgård

Open from May until August from 7 AM to 10 PM and from September until April from 7 AM until sunset.

Grumstrup Lystfiskecenter has 3 lakes and is situated in quiet and beautiful surroundings. All lak...

© MS Neptun

Neptun Sea Charter

7000, Fredericia

Fishing trips on the Little Belt for groups and individuals. Departures from Skærbæk Harbour. Booking and info from skipper Henrik Holleufer....

Palsgaard Fishing

7000, Fredericia

Anglers lake with shelters near Trelde with rainbow trout. Fishing permit: Three hours, DKK 70 - one day permit: DKK 140. Special arrangements for groups.

Opening hours and period: 1/4-31/10, every ...

© Frueskov Lystfiskersø

Frueskov Lystfiskersø

6340, Kruså

Situated in beautiful, quiet surroundings, close to forest and beach (Flensborg Fjord). There are 2 lakes, a total of 17,000 m². One is a children’s lake with a depth of 4 metres, the o...

The Vidåen river

6372, Bylderup-Bov

The Vidåen river, which branches out into a total of 8 watercourses, is a 90 kilometre long river system offering very varied fishing.Buy your fishing license here:I...

The lakes are open for fishing throughout the year and throughout the day. Outside reception hours it is possible for self-service, by paying in the box at the reception. Guests staying at the site ma...

Mjøls Lystfiskeri

6230, Rødekro

Mjøls Lystfiskeri.20-hectare area with two lakes. Rich flora and fauna. Fish from 0.5 to 12 kg are put out. See the info board. Mainly trout are put out. Other fish include eel and perch. Ta...

© Rødekro Fiskepark

Rødekro Fiskepark

6230, Rødekro

Opening hours; All year round from one hour before sunset. Night fishing only by appointment. We are settled in an area with beautiful nature scenery, the area is 60 hectares big, and has 5 large lake...

© Aabenraa Turistbureau

Lovtrup Lystfiskesø

6360, Tinglev

Lovtrup Lystfiskesø is situated near a gravel pit close to Friisvej.W A R N I N G !!! There are areas in the lake where there is QUICKSAND. Activities by the lake is at own risk. Daycard is ...

© Aabenraa Turistbureau

Put and Take lake with 1.-class DCU campingfacilities located in beautiful surroundings. Enjoy nature. From our lake is a lovely view over the marsh with abundant wildlife. Benches, tables and cl...


6818, Årre

Lystfiskergaarden is surrounded by beautiful nature.Nice new apartments and rooms for rent....

© Varde Erhvervs- og Turistråd

Varde Å

6800, Varde

Varde Å: Angling is allowed from the village Sig to Janderup church. About 20 km. Pay attention to signs....

Alslev Lystfiskersø

6800, Varde

Alslev Lystfiskersø is 10.000 m2. Licens can be bought on the spot. Children under 10 years half price.Open every day all year round from sunrise to sunset....

Blaksmark Fiskesø

6800, Varde

Blaksmark Fiskesø is situated in beautiful nature. Licens can be bought at the lake. Children under 12 years of age free. Facilities: Tables, chairs, toilets, playground for...

Damsmark Lystfiskersø is situated in beautiful nature.Licens can be bought on the spot....

Bækhuse Put and Take

6855, Outrup

Bækhuse Put and Take is a delightful place for the whole family.2 lakes with a total of about 13.000 m2. surrounded by beautiful nature.There are tabels,benches, huts, toile...

Karlsgaarde Sø

6800, Varde

Karlsgaarde See is surrounded by beautiful nature.Licence is also for Holme Canal and Ansager Canal and can be bought in:Dagli´BrugsenVardevej 33,...

Skaven Fiskesø

6880, Tarm

Catch your dinner in Skaven… Skaven Fiskesø (fishing lake) is a family-friendly area with tables, benches, playground and good shelter conditions. In extension of the lake is a building with indoor fa...

Grindsted Put-and-Take

7200, Grindsted

A fishing trip to Grindsted Fiskesø is always a fantastic outing. The fishery consists of an 8,500 m² lake and 250 m stretch of river stocked daily with fish of 0.8 to 6 kg and features disabled ...

Filskov Put-and-Take

7200, Grindsted

This fishery consists of three lakes near Filskov where you can catch rainbow trout, brook trout, brown trout, pike and eel. The service building contains a permit dispenser, heated picnic room, ...

© Varde Erhvervs- og Turistråd

Vrøgum Fiskesø

6840, Oksbøl

Vrøgum fishing lake lies about 4 km north east from Oksbøl in lovely country surroundings. Every consideration is taken for the comfort of fishermen: refrigerator for the storage of f...


Grærup Fiskesø

6840, Oksbøl

Grærup Fiskesø: Fishing license is available from Oksbøl and surburban Sportsfishing Club offers fishing in Graerup Fischin Lake and Praestesoen by Oksboel. However, to fish in Praestesoen an addition...

© Varde Erhvervs- og Turistråd

Ho Fiskesø

6857, Blåvand

Ho Fiskesø is situated in a very scenic area between the holiday houses in Ho. A toilet is placed next to the lake, and also washing place for fish, sitting arrangements around the lake are available....


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