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No access to Hyllekrog 1/3 to 15/7 due to the bird breeding period.

Sea trout, flounder and cod.

Fishing area:
Fishing is restricted to the exterior of the landtip and past the Li...

Albuen - Fishing

4900, Nakskov

Sea trout, flounder and cod from autumn to early spring. The outermost part - the sand isthmus - at “Albuen” is closed to access during the bird breeding period of March 15-15th July. You sho...

Spring, summer and autumn is best for sea trout. Perch in summer and autumn, garfish in May-June

Sea trout, garfish, perch, flatfish

Fishing area:
Park at the marina. On this str...

Spring, autumn and mild winters are best for sea trout. Garfish can be found in May-June.

Fishing area:
Situated at the parking area at the end of “Havlykkevej”. You must wade deep to get ...

Maglehøj beach Fishing

4983, Dannemare

In spring and autumn sea trout can be found. Garfish from mid-May.

Sea trout, garfish, cod and flatfish

Fishing area:
Fishing takes place from Rudbjerghave and west along Sønders...

Season: all year
Cod in springtime and flatfish in automn.
Only groups, up to but no more than 12 persons. Worms can be ordered in advance and fishing gear can be rented on board (jigs etc)
Price: min...


4700, Næstved

Drive from Næstved towards Sorø (Sorø Landevej) about 2,5 km. and turn left (Gerdrupvej) and drive for another 100 m. On your left hand you will find a small farm (no. 15) You can park on the grass ne...


4736, Karrebæksminde

Season: The best season are in the spring and in the autumn where there are a lot of flounders along the channel. The harbour itself is suitable for eel fishing in the summer, best in the evening and ...

Angling in Mastrup Søerne

9530, Støvring

Mastrup Søerne (lakes) in the middle of Støvring - a suburb to Aalborg -are ideal for a picnic and anglingtour. Here you can fish trout, roach and eels. During the wintertime sea trout draws into the ...

Angling Lerkenfeld stream

9620, Aalestrup

The Stream "Lerkenfeld Å" rises at Mejlby south of Rold Skov and after a course of about 30 km through a typical and very beautiful landscape in Himmerland it flows into Louns Brednin...

Angling in Store Økssø

9520, Skørping

Store Økssø is located southward Skørping and is owned by the Nature Protection Agency Aalborg. Here you can catch pike, perch and eels. There is a disability path down to and around the lake, and a n...

Angling in Mossø (lake)

9520, Skørping


Mossø (lake) is located southward Skørping and is owned by the Nature Protection Agency, Aalborg. Mossø has a population of perch and eels. There are trail around the lake, but the width may be ina...

Angling in Lindenborg Å

9520, Skørping

Lindenborg Å - probably the most famous angling water of area Himmerland - is well known for  it's  large Sea Trout's. Nearly every year Sea Trout's of more than 10 kg is catched.

The angling for th...

Simested Å

9620, Aalestrup

Simested Å is one of the best watercourses in Denmark with sea trout, and it is known for a famous strain of particularly large, self-reprodu...

Terndrup Millpond

9575, Terndrup


Terndrup Millpond is nicely located in the middle of Terndrup city. Here's your chance to catch trout and eels.

The fish right in Terndrup Millpond belongs to Terndrup Fishing Association. Fishin...

Volstrup Fishing Park

9500, Hobro

Volstrup Angling Park operated as a put and take lake, was built 1993 and is continually refurbished. Volstrup Angling Park is located in an incredibly scenic area a few km west of the highway exit 34...

Angling in Hornum Lake

9530, Støvring

Hornum Lake is located south of Aalborg about 7 km from the suburb Støvring. Here you can catch pike, perch, roach, and eels.  
The north-eastern part of the lake is owned by Rebild Municipality, and ...

Ribe, © VisitRibe

The River - Ribe Vester Å - flows from the outskirts of Ribe (main road A11) to Kammerslusen (lock).

The river is known as one of the best places in Denmark to go fishing for salmon and trouts....

Storkesøen - Ribe, © Storkesøen - Ribe

Storkesøen - a holiday centre for anglers.

Large recreation area with holiday cottages and apartments. All houses and apartments have fully equipped kitchen with fridge/freezer, living room with fla...

Stauning Put & Take

6900, Skjern

Fishing in Stauning fishing lake. The fishing lake of 10,000 square metres is created in fine children- and wheelchair friendly surroundings. A building with a roofed terrace. The site has both toilet...

Klegod fishing lake

6950, Ringkøbing

In the beautiful nature between Ringkøbing and the Northsea, you find Klegod Fishing Lake. In the 2 lakes you are guarantied an extraordinary fishing experience. You can catch trouts and with Holmslan...

Søndervig Put and Take

6950, Ringkøbing

Put & Take only 2 km south of Søndervig. Søndervig Put & Take Lake of 7.000 square metres is situated between sea and fjord. The area is wheelchair-friendly and you also find a building with t...

Lodbjerg Heath Trout lake

6950, Ringkøbing

Lodbjerg Heath Trout Lake lies in beautiful surroundings between the sea and the heath, a mile or two north of Søndervig. The Lake, which covers 15.000 square metres, is always stocked with lovely tro...

Oxriver Put and Take

6950, Ringkøbing

Oxriver is located by the village No close to Ringkøbing. With its six lakes and more than 1000 meters long stream, Oxriver is one of the biggest and most beautiful Put & Takes in Denmark. Fishing are...

Skaven Fiskesø

6880, Tarm

Catch your dinner in Skaven… Skaven Fiskesø (fishing lake) is a family-friendly area with tables, benches, playground and good shelter conditions. In extension of the lake is a building with indoor fa...

Fiske og Familiepark West

6950, Ringkøbing

Fishing in scenic surroundings and playground for the entire family.

Between Ringkøbing and Ulfborg is a large park with activities for the entire family. Four beautifully situated lakes give fishing...

Klittens Put and Take

6960, Hvide Sande

Fish Lake at approx. 11,000 sqm. located by a fish farm. One of the few saltwater lakes in Denmark. Fresh saltwater streams into the lake, and gives a great taste to the fish.

We postpone the new fis...

Ringkøbing Put and Take

6950, Ringkøbing

Ringkøbing Put & Take at approx. 7000 m² is situated in a natural area, only 1 km from Ringkøbing.

There is the possibility to enjoy your own lunch at benches around the lake. Near the lake you there...

MS Muddi

7680, Thyborøn

Fishing trips from 4 hours till 5 days. Special tours for catfish, turbot etc..

We know over 4000 wreck positions in the North Sea. Ship with lots of space. Sailing all year round....

Small river, which offers angling possibilities from the eastern side.
Bridge with good accessibility for disabled persons.
Map obtainable at Ringsted Tourist Office at the Library, Tvær Allé 1-3 in R...

With 2,400 members, Silkeborg Angling Society, which was founded on 3 March 1869, is Denmark’s largest angling society.
The society’s fishing waters are also among the best, biggest and most diverse ...

Lystfisker Oasen

8600, Silkeborg

A really peaceful and idyllic oasis for anglers. There are three lakes here, one of which is a children’s lake, covering a total of 8,500 m². Always plenty of first-class quality fish of all sizes. Ni...

Tollundgaard Put and Take

8600, Silkeborg

Tollundgaard Put-and-Take is one of Denmark’s oldest angling lakes. The angling lake was opened in 1982 in the existing Lake Tollund sø. The lake has since been expanded to around 60,000 m². The lake’...

With its lakes and Denmark’s biggest river, Gudenå, Silkeborg has much to offer in the way of great outdoor experiences, including a cooling dip on a hot summer’s day, a fishing trip or a canoe trip. ...

Grønbæk Put & Take

8643, Ans By

Grønbæk Put & Take is located in a 7-hectare area of natural beauty nestled between woodland and hill.
Picnic benches. Possible catches: Brown trout, brook trout, walleye, eel, pike...

Tange Sø

8850, Bjerringbro

Lake Tange Sø contains the species perch, pike, walleye, whitefish, eel, trout, bream and roach. There is a chance of catching burbot and tench.
Fishing licences and fishing permits can be purchased ...

Resenbro Put and Take

8600, Silkeborg

Resenbro Put and Take is located in the scenic Lake District between Silkeborg and Gjern, roughly 1.5 km from Jyllandsringen Camping. Fish are stocked daily, so you are guaranteed a pleasant fishing t...

As 2 seas meet at Skagen, there are plenty of fishing opportunities from the coast or the piers. Large flat-fish & cod from the west pier in Skagen all year round & garfish, mackerel...

© Nikolaj Godsk Vestergaard

HP's Fiskesø/Put & Take

7860, Spøttrup

The lake covers an area of approx. 10,000 m2 and is situated in a reestablished gravel pit. Brown trout and rainbow trout are put out daily. Open: 6 a.m.- 11 p.m., from March 1.-November 30.


Vile Put and Take

7870, Roslev

Daily from 6 a.m.-10 p.m. Prices: Adults: 2 hours DKK 70. 3 hours DKK 80. 6 hours DKK 135. Children's discount.


Skive Karup Å

7800, Skive

The long coastline of the Skive region constitutes together with the many lakes and streams a veritable angler’s paradise.

Karup Å is one of Denmark’s cleanest and very finest fishing waters, and the...

© Tommy Andersen

Lundbro Put and Take

7800, Skive

Lundbro Put & Take is situated in a beautiful nature area close to Skive and only 10 minutes’ walk from the river Karup Å. No catch limits and we guarantee that there are always at least 250 kilos fis...

The long coastline of the Skive region constitutes together with the many lakes and streams a veritable angler’s paradise.

In the Limfjord you can catch sea trout all year round. Do not forget to bri...

At the local museum in Glyngøre you can rent equipment to catch your own shrimps at the beach. The museum has nets and waders for kids and grown ups. The price is DKK 25,- pr. person. Stop by the muse...

Natural environment.Prices per fisherman: 2 hours 90 kr, 4 hours 140 kr, the whole day 180 kr.For large groupes and nightfishing, please contact Annelise Munkholm, telephone number +45 57 82...


Fishing water by Tryggevaelde river.

The trouts are protected from 16/11 - 15/1 

Maximum 3 trouts per day Maximum 6 perches, one only more than 35 cm.
Lincens can only be uptained from the p...


Fishing courses at Lund and Vemmetofte beach.

Fishing takes place mainly from the second ledge.
But beware - just outside the sandbar will be very deep. In strong onshore winds, fishing shoul...

Fishing water by Hoejstrup.

4673, Rødvig Stevns


Hoejstrup common forest fishing.

Use fly rod with a long rig that must be max 0.16 in the tip. Good and velfangne ​​flies Red Tag, Palmer, Black Zulu or other dark palms flies in sizes 8-12.


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