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© ms arkiv

Holme Å winds between green meadows and forested steep banks. The stretch of the river belonging to Hovborg Fiskeriforening has not been regulated – so here you find untouched nature and a sound fish ...

© M/S Sea Hawk

Board the M / S Seahawk and go sea fishing in the autumn holiday. The trip takes you along the coast to some great places for wreck fishing.
From Monday to Friday offers M/S Sea Hawk an early trip out...

Fishing in Hornbæk Lake

3100, Hornbæk

Hornbæk Lake is perhaps one of the best fishing lakes in North Sealand. Among others you can find pike, perch, zander, eel and carp.

Fishing license can be purchased at: 
Jan & Bo's Lystfiskershop, I...

© anke robbens, foldingbro camping

Foldingbro Angling Lake

6650, Brørup

Foldingbro Fiskesø is situated next to Foldingbro Camping og Hytter. Foldingbro Fiskesø is fringed with high trees and landscaped in a beautiful natural resort close to Kongeåen. At the margin of the ...

© Naturturisme I/S

Take the whole family fishing - and get off to a good start!
Join us on a fun and educational fishing trip, and bring home plenty of tips and trips for your the next time you go fishing.
We provide al...

Løkken Fishing Park and Footballgolf is situated in a unique natural area, where the two lakes are attached by a broad channel as well as a sea for children. The area is in a natural valley surrounded...

© Bjørg Kiær

Christmas on Ærø

5970, Ærøskøbing

Christmas on Ærø

Christmas Cheer on Ærø 

Christmas decorations on doorsteps, dressed windows flickering with candlelight – the Christmas spirit radiates everywhere on Ærø in the weeks leading up to ...

© Viggo Lind

Fishing in Langesø

5462, Morud

Go fishing in the Langesø lake. Here you can catch bream, carp and pikes. The lake is beautiful, and you can have a nice day here.Fishing license for the lake: DKK 50,-/dayYou need to fish by boat. Bo...

Bevtoft Lake is one of the few fishing lakes that runs competitions throughout the year. The beautiful surrounding countryside, makes it a popular place in Haderslev Municipality. Bevtoft Lake is loca...

Fishing in Slivsø

6100, Haderslev

Fishing in Vedbøl Sø

6500, Vojens

Fishing for pike is not allowed 1.11 - 1.4....

Fishing in Vedsted Sø

6500, Vojens

Fishing for pike is not allowed 1.11 - 1.4....

© KAFoto

Guided fishing with 

Your path to success with South Fyn’s sea trout!

With the help of local knowledge of the coast and it’s sea trout, your chances of catching fish and enjoying a un...

© VisitMøn-Sydsjælland

Fishing on Møn or Southern Zealand means great nature experiences and unique fishing experiences for life.

Get more information about fishing on Møn or Southern Zealand here and find the good fishing...

This place is a real 'hot spot' if you want to catch a big fish.
Spring, summer and autumn is best for sea trout.

Sea trout, rainbow trout, cod and flatfish: Sometimes mullets can ...

All year. For sea trout high season is in spring and autumn: On the stretch towards Gedser Ferry the current is often strong, allowing for fly fishing or fishing with pieces of herring - the ...

© Aabenraa Turistbureau

Frueskov Lystfiskersø

6340, Kruså

Nature, nice facilities and with a serious oppurtunity for a lovely fishing trip
in scenic surroundings and with plenty fish.
Enquire about our catch warrenty
in the children's pond for a successful...

Wade fishing far off the shore. Extremely good at high tide. Good spots from October to April. Not recommendable during the summer, due to many tourists and few fish. Near this place you will find Fog...

© Ivan Møllebjerg

Angling at Klintebjerg

5450, Otterup

You can go fishing at the small, nice angling spots on both sides of the small port. The place is under preservation from October 1st to March 1st. This means that after March 1st, there are large amo...

Angling at Egensedybet

5450, Otterup

The area from Egensedybet to Galten Hoved is excellent for winter fishing. The fish come here to eat because of the large amount of food in the sea bed. You have to be prepared for wade fishing - brin...

All year, but best outside high summer, except when fishing for eels.

Flatfish, cod, perch, eel and trout.

Fishing area:
You can fish eel and perch in the inner harbor. Cod, flatf...

Fishin Nakskov Habour

4900, Nakskov

Perch is best in spring and autumn, sea trout in winter. During spring there are chances of good catches of cod.

Perch, trout, cod, eel and herring.

Fishing area:
Free fishing on ...

Departure ports:
Langø, Onsevig or Spodsbjerg.

Erik Andersen

All year

Cod in spring– flatfish in autumn.

Boat reservation:
Phone +45 40 36 65 68

Only groups, up to, ...

No access to Hyllekrog 1/3 to 15/7 due to the bird breeding period.

Sea trout, flounder and cod.

Fishing area:
Fishing is restricted to the exterior of the landtip and past the Li...

Albuen - Fishing

4900, Nakskov

Sea trout, flounder and cod from autumn to early spring. The outermost part - the sand isthmus - at “Albuen” is closed to access during the bird breeding period of March 15-15th July. You sho...

Spring, summer and autumn is best for sea trout. Perch in summer and autumn, garfish in May-June

Sea trout, garfish, perch, flatfish

Fishing area:
Park at the marina. On this str...

Spring, autumn and mild winters are best for sea trout. Garfish can be found in May-June.

Fishing area:
Situated at the parking area at the end of “Havlykkevej”. You must wade deep to get ...

Maglehøj beach Fishing

4983, Dannemare

In spring and autumn sea trout can be found. Garfish from mid-May.

Sea trout, garfish, cod and flatfish

Fishing area:
Fishing takes place from Rudbjerghave and west along Sønders...

Hvirring Put & Take

8762, Flemming

A lovely place for the whole family
HVIRRING FISKESØ lies in a beautiful area with rustic scenery. The lakes have been laid out in a re-established gravelpit area and they open in autumn 2014. The are...

Season: all year
Cod in springtime and flatfish in automn.
Only groups, up to but no more than 12 persons. Worms can be ordered in advance and fishing gear can be rented on board (jigs etc)
Price: min...

Charter a boat for yourself. Enjoy a day at the sea on the beautifully restored wooden ship, the “M/S Castor" of Bogense. Go fishing, enjoy a nice meal or try setting sail.Castor was built 1936 in Esb...

The long coastline of the Skive region constitutes together with the many lakes and streams a veritable angler’s paradise.

In the Limfjord you can catch sea trout all year round. Do not forget to bri...

At the local museum in Glyngøre you can rent equipment to catch your own shrimps at the beach. The museum has nets and waders for kids and grown ups. The price is DKK 25,- pr. person. Stop by the muse...

© VisitOdder

There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the nature at Tunø.

Tunø is a car-free island and there are great opportunities for both walking and cycling around the island. It is possible to rent a bik...

© Assens Kommune

Trunderup See

5683, Haarby
© Meet the locals

Fishing in the Little Belt

Are you a group or family of 2, 3 or 4 and are you dreaming of a one of a kind fishing trip, then you have to book this trip with Peter on the Little Belt. Peter is running...

© Meet the locals

A culinary trip in a historic context

Is your group interested in the production af wine, microbreweries and biodynamic food? Then you have found the perfect expedition here at Meet The Locals Lilleb...

Crab Racing

6100, Haderslev

In the autumn holidays from Saturday 10th october - Sunday, October 18 at 12.00. and at 14.00 a span founding crab racing is taking place.
We have a bouncy castle "The Yellow Giraffe" that can be used...


Showing 651 - 700 of 723 entries

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