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© vino

The exhibition "Holbo District from the present to the past" traces the major events in the area's development back to the early medieval period. Exhibition on Gilleleje in the 20th century...

© Stine Ringheim


3390, Hundested

Kikhavn, the oldest fishing hamlet, can be traced right back to the 13th century. Kikhavn once consisted of small, closely-built farms. A devastating fire wiped most of them out and only a few remain....

Bell Gallery

3370, Melby

I am a Danish artist. I favor painting with water colors, gouache, powder and ink. I find my inspiration in my local environment, danish landscapes and from my inner imagination, thoughts and dreams.

Hike: Melby

3370, Melby

4 km of beautiful hiking in the open country, where there is 5 bronze age mounds. A folder can be bought at Halsnæs Tourist Office in Frederiksværk and also in Liseleje  durin...

Glass-blowers' workshop and gallery. Closed monday....

Melby Overdrev is a piece of nature you don't find other places on Sealand and for several species of flora and fauna the only known living and growing place on Sealand....

Green Roofs at Rigsarkivet

1560, København V

Go for an exploring tour on the roof of the new National Archives at the corner of Bernstorffsgade and Kalvebod Brygge.

In the summer of 2009 the National Archives established a green roof of 7,200 ...

© Lars Høgsted

Ryvangen Memorial Park

2900, Hellerup

Ryvangen Memorial Park (Mindelunden) in Hellerup on the outskirts of Copenhagen is a beautiful park commemorating the Danish freedom fighters who were executed here or elsewhere, or died in German con...

© Connie Maria Westergaard

Our Fallen statue

1263, København K

Our Fallen in Danish and allied military service 1940 - 1945 - Erected by the Danish people. That is the wording on the bronze monument at the entrance to the Citadel in Copenhagen.

The monument was ...

© Connie Maria Westergaard

The Monument for Denmark’s International Effort Since 1948 by artist Finn Reinbothe was erected by the Danish people and inaugurated on Flag Day 5 September 2011.

You will find the monument in the Ci...

© Lars Høgsted

Vestre Prison

2450, København SV

Vestre Prison is a closed, active prison, which was built on Vestre Fælled in Copenhagen in 1895. It has housed some of the worst criminals of all time, but also many Danish resistance fighters were b...

© Lone Haubro

Copenhagen Prison Museum

2450, København SV

See how life in a prison cell in Copenhagen has evolved since 1662 in Copenhagen Prison Museum, located in Vestre Prison. The museum is run by volunteers who have previously been employed in the Copen...

Today all you see is a boring petrol station. But during World War II the corner of Kampmannsgade and Vester Farimagsgade in inner Copenhagen was equal to the Gestapo headquarters in Denmark.

The ori...

© Heerup Museum

Heerup Museum

2610, Rødovre

In Rødovre is a small, overlooked gem of an art museum: Heerup Museum.

The work of Danish painter, sculptor and graphic artist, Henry Heerup (1907-1993) is placed in a fine, light building in Rødovr...

Copenhagen City Hall Tower

1599, København V

Experience Copenhagen from a new angle and get a taste of the city's history with a guided tour to the City Hall Tower.

Its 105.6 meters makes the City Hall Tower one of the tallest buildings in Cop...


2100, København Ø

The 3 meter tall and 2,5 ton heavy metal sculpture is placed on Nordre Toldbod by Langelinie and has caused quite the stir Copenhagen.

The Little Mermaid has gotten a new neighbour called Zinkglobal....

© Nationalmuseet

Johan Friedrich Struensee was beheaded 28 April 1772 on Øster Fælled in Copenhagen. At the National Museum in Copenhagen you can see the original axe that was used to decapitate the young physician an...

Copenhagen Arena, © 3XN

Copenhagen Arena

2300, København S

In primo 2016, the new Copenhagen Arena is expected to be ready in Ørestad Syd.
The whole area is developing rapidly and will be called the Arena District.

Copenhagen Arena will be Copenhagen's new i...

© Nationalmuseet

The Little Wind Mill

1424, København K

The home has been transformed into a restaurant and café, and the windmill proper shows a somewhat extraordinary but still in some ways typical home from the turn of the century.

Contact the National...

Brede Works

2800, Kgs.Lyngby

Brede Værk used to be an old clothing factory, today it is a museum. Here you can see the evolvement of the industrialisation - and its influence on everyday life in Denmark.

At Brede Værk you are g...

© Simon Lautrop


3480, Fredensborg

As a part of the castle grounds of Fredensborg Palace, located north of Copenhagen, Nordmandsdalen sculpture park displays baroque statues commissioned by the king in the 1700s.

Today, the statues st...

Equestrian statue of Frederik V, © Connie Maria Westergaard

Equestrian statue of Frederik V

1257, København K

At Amalienborg courtyard (Danish: Amalienborg Slotsplads), the old equestrian statue of Frederik V is situated.

The equestrian statue is a work of the Frenchman Jacques-François-Joseph Saly and was u...

© Birgitte Rubaek

Mammoths - the giants from Russia

2100, København Ø

Experience prehistoric mammoths from Russia first hand at the Zoological Museum this autumn.

A mammoth family from Sevsk in Russia is now moving into the Zoological Museum to form the core of this ye...

© Ernst Tobisch


1218, København K

Slotsholmen is home to Rigsarkivet (Danish National Archives) which collects and preserves historical sources. Indulge in Danish history or explore some of the other museums on Slotsholmen.


© Davids Samling

The David Collection

1306, København K

The David Collection in Copenhagen is the largest collection of Islamic art in Scandinavia. Furthermore the collection contains European 18th century fine and applied art, displayed in interiors from ...

The Lapidarium of Kings

1220, København K

Experience royal sculptures in a unique, atmospheric setting at The Lapidarium of Kings in Christian IV’s Brewhouse on Slotsholmen island.

Have you ever wondered what happens to old sculptures and st...

Gallery Inge Albertsen

3360, Liseleje

Open by appointment kindly phone. "Non Toxi" graphic, photo, drawing and painting....

Træskærer Jan Mogensen

3390, Hundested

Jan Mogensen makes beautiful animals in wood found on the beach. Open when the flag is out.


Fjordstien is a bicycle and hiking path along Roskilde Fjord and Isefjord. It gives you the possibilty to experience the landscape, the nature and the culture of the fjord and its history....

Rie Lykke-Gallery

3390, Hundested

Welcome to gallery Rie Lykke in Hundested.


Hamiltons Harbour Gallery

3390, Hundested

Hamilton Harbour Gallery opens its fourth season in a completely renovated gallery, but with the old charm intact and at the same location - now entry via the alley. The Gallery shows during summer ch...


3390, Hundested

"ART IN Torup" is an association of artists and craftsmen living in Torup. The group was formed in 2005 and has since created Cellar Gallery, where we show partly own and partly invited guests exhibit...


3390, Hundested

In X-Porten there will be different exhibitions during the year. Please come and have a look....

Gallery Rosenberg

3390, Hundested

The "Nordic Nature" is the theme of Rosenberg Gallery, located at the center pier on Hundested Harbour, with stunning views of the marina and Isefjord. The shop contains gallery / gift shop and studio...

3390, Hundested

The Textil Studio is open: 2. Saturday in every month and by appointment....

At the foot of the cliffs, on the shore just east of Lynæs harbour an ancient holy well, Boes Kilde, flowed out into the sea. In the 18th century it was much sought-after for its miraculous effects, a...

The gallery and artisan boutique DE UNDERLIGE FISK has moved to the other side of the marina right next to the “pet a fish” platform. Besides our own crafts – ceramics, jewellery and paintings – we se...

Skansen ved Spodsbjerg

3390, Hundested

High cliffs tower above the beach in Hundested, and there you can find the remains of the 1807 redoubt, along with other entrenchments put in place along isefjorden in connection with the privateering...

Hytholm Ceramics & Pottery

3650, Ølstykke

Allan Hytholm was born in 1947. His education in ceramics is very wide. He knows very well potttery and stonewear as well as modelling. Allan Hytholm studied at the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain and...


3650, Ølstykke

Impressive 5.500 years old Megalithic burial moud carefully restored by the Danish National Museum 2006. The great barrow inside the burial moud is open to the public....

Græse Å

3600, Frederikssund

To experience the small local river, Græse Å, a very good starting point will be a few km west of Slangerup at Hørupbro and Åbrinken. Here you will find a unique opportunity of seeing the typical open...

Galleri CC

3550, Slangerup

The artist, Mrs. Christina Christiansen's special gift and talent is to combine living colours and tranquility in her paintings.What's unique for Galeri CC is, that the visitors are guests i...

Slagslunde Skov Forest

3550, Slangerup

Slagslunde Forest is a tradtional Saealand forest dominated by the Danish beech trees. At shore of the remote lake, Gulbjerg Mose, there are good and family friendly places for open air fire.

Movie Theater Slangerup Bio

3550, Slangerup

Modern and comfortable movie theater. At the outside the building is decorated by the Danish artist Mrs. Hanne Salamon. In the foyer a minor art exhibition takes place. Free coffée or tea when buying ...

Farum Kulturhus

3520, Farum

House of Culture in Farum are offering visitors 5 galleries out of which one is specific for children.At the bright and large foyér are held exhibitions, concerts, dancing, soirées, lectures...

Bastrup Sø

3540, Lynge

North Sealand 20 km North of Copenhagen is quite often called the "Danish Lake District". Lake Bastrup Sö is one of the more remote lakes.Located in a great nature preserve the lake invites ...

© Stenhuset

Collected through 50 years by Mr. Willy Falk, who committed himself to the earliest periods of mankind history.Today this collection is one of the most representative for the stona...

Lake Sct. George

3550, Slangerup

Small remote lake in a great landscape just outside Market-Town Slangerup. During the Medieaval the Leprosy Hospital was located here. Today the area is a nature preserve primarly for birds and frogs....

King Erik 1st "the Good" was born on the Royal estate in Slangerup in 1056. He ruled Denmark from 1095 until 1103. In his short reign King Erik succeeded in making peace with the enemies of the countr...

Village Jordhøj

3550, Slangerup

The history of the village Jordhøj dates back to pre-historic times. The founder of market-town Slangerup came from Jordhøj in the 10th century. Todays Jordhøj is part of Slangerup, but still one can ...


Showing 101 - 150 of 8676 entries