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Gertrud Oxenvad Ceramics

3300, Frederiksværk

Open by appointment. Stoneware and porcelain....


3300, Frederiksværk

A bike and hike tour from Hundested to Roskilde along Roskilde fiord.Folders can be achived from Halsnæs Touristbureau in Frederiksværk and in Liseleje  during the summer....

Arresø- Lake

3300, Frederiksværk

The largest lake in Denmark, earlier connected with Kattegat. The water level is very low in average about 3 m. and no place over 6 m. A little under 1/10 is covered with a wood of...

Blistrup church

3230, Græsted

The Church Blistrup is a Romancesque granite boulder building. Consecrated in 1140 to Maria the Virgin. Altarpiece of Eckersberg....


3230, Græsted

You can se the old stone by the oak right opposite the Inn in memory of all the people from Græsted, who died in the wars 1850-58 and 1864....

© Naturstyrelsen

Gurre Sø

3000, Helsingør

The lake is very shallow - only about 4 metres deep. Gurre Lake is associated with Gurre Castle-ruin and the Danish king Valdemar, who lived at the castle in the 1300. 

Angling licence: Jan & Bo´s Ly...

© Henriette Engom Larsen VNS

Gurre Slotsruin

3000, Helsingør

Situated north of the road between Gurre and Tikøb. The Central Tower was built at the end of the 12th century, while the outer wall was erected during the reign of King Valdemar Atterdag in the 14th ...

Frederiksborg chapel

3400, Hillerød

The palace chapel is part of the Museum, but funktions also as a parish church. It is therefore closed to visitors during church services.The Chapel was the absolute monarch´s coronation chapel. ...

Esrum Abbey and Mill

3230, Græsted

Esrum Abbey was founded by the Cistercian Order in 1151 and was greatly influential as the spiritual centre of the Cistercians in Denmark. At present Esrum Abbey is an open attraction with changing ex...

© Kødsnedkeren

Lovely butcher shop that puts animal welfare and meat quality very high. Kødsnedkeren primarily sells meat from free-ranging animals from the Northsealand, where transportation time is minimal....

© Jota

Christian Bahr is trained both baker and confectioner, and are trained by the former owner of Jota Chocolate in making first class handmade chocolates.

Christian Bahr took over Jota Chocolate in 1984...

Agerskov Angus

3320, Skævinge

Our animals have af fantastic life – they graze on meadows and pastures, strengthening biodiversity naturally. The animals are butchered humanely and the meat prepared by expert local butchers in appr...

© Mette Schjønning VNS

Abbey beer, schnapps, honey, mustard, herb salts, spelt bread, oil, vinegar and salami -find it all at Esrum Abbey shop or in Esrum Møllegård café shop. You can also enjoy a delicious meal in Restaura...

Fiskerhuset, from the 1820's, shows how a fisherman's family used to live in the mid 19th century. In Gilleleje Museum's Ship's Hall the history of the North Zealand fishermen is traced from the Middl...

Grønnesse Forest

3390, Hundested

Grønnesse forest covers together with forest areas belonging to the farm Grønnessegaard 133 acres. It is the biggest forest area at Halsnæs. The forest is beautiful and very varied with several wetlan...

© Finn Rasmussen

Artist Finn Rasmussen

3100, Hornbæk

Finn Rasmussen tells about his work:
I paint the Nordic light into my depictions of nature as seen in Hornbæk, as well as from traveling in the Nordic countries. In the painting, I aim at combining t...

© Lida Jahn, Galleri Montmartre

Galleri Montmartre

3000, Helsingør

Welcome to my studio, here I will show you a selection of my watercolors and acrylic paintings. Watercolors prices are incl. glass and frames, acrylic images on canvas with a narrow list as pine frame...

© Galleri Elander

Galleri Elander

3220, Tisvildeleje

House of books and modern art....

© HP Landhandel

HP Landhandel

3250, Gilleleje

Sale of fruit and vegetables directly from the farm where the products have grown....

© Gribskov Lokalarkiv

Gribskov Lokalarkiv

3230, Græsted

Gribskov Lokalarkiv

© Galleri Tibirke

Galleri Tibirke

3300, Frederiksværk

Gallery Tibirke opened on 26 May 2012 and is located in an old farmhouse from 1870 on the corner of Frederiksværkvej and Bishop Absalonsvej leading down to Asserbo castle ruins.
The intention of the g...

Garbolund vineyard is located on the south side of the hill, Baunen out to Helsingevej north of Annisse. The vines grow so to speak, with roots in holy water. At the foot of the hill lies indeed sacre...


Kulturhavn Gilleleje

3250, Gilleleje

Kulturhavn Gilleleje is a project that will contribute to the development of a vibrant and attractive town center, ensuring that Gilleleje is still thriving and sustainable in commerce and culture. So...

© Mette Schjønning VNS

Gillelejes new art and culture centre, The Joinery, is the first phase in the development of Culture Harbour Gilleleje and the geginnings of af lively and attractive town centre.

The Joinery has unde...


Galleri B

3250, Gilleleje

Gallery B is a gallery where there is room for the quirky, beginners and those well established.

 Gallery B must always be at the forefront of happenings, events and inspiration to get Gilleleje on t...


3400, Hillerød

The art is now calling for an audience in one of Hillerød’s most beautiful buildings, Annaborg, which was built in 1782-83 by the county manager F.C. Brammer, who named the house after his wife, Anna....

Nødebo Church

3480, Fredensborg

Nødebo Church is North Seeland's oldest church. The oldest parts of the building  date back to Roman times, i.e. 13th. century. Around year 1400 the church got vaults  and simultaneously an extension ...

Hillerød Kirke

3400, Hillerød

Town church in Hillerød. Located not far from the station in Hillerød....

© N!chen


3000, Helsingør

You will find Nichen in Stengade in one of Elsinore’s most beautiful courtyards, Hans Rostgaards yard. In the midst of town, yet in a small peaceful retreat that oozes art, culture and history.


© Karlebo Sogn

Karlebo Church

2980, Kokkedal

Karlebo Kirke in the village Karlebo is the oldest building in the parish dating from the end of the 12th. century with later changes.


Ida Krogsgaard

3000, Helsingør

The artist Ida Krogsgaard works with painting, ceramics and installations. A humorous approach to both design and title are consistent for most of her work.

Visit by appointment.
See more at kunstrun...

© Karen Folker VN

Kronborg Gallerierne

3000, Helsingør

The Kronborg Galleries are creative spaces open to the public. The galleries are situated in the old military buildings surrounding Kronborg Castle, to both sides of the main entrance Kronværksporten....


Grønholt Voldsted

3480, Fredensborg

Grønholt Voldsted is mentioned in history as early as in the 1190es.

There was probably a wooden building for royal overnights.

In 1860 Frederik 7th undertook an excavation in Grønholt Vang.  Howeve...


3390, Hundested

Visit Egeværk at the harbour in Hundested.

At Egeværk we manufacture furniture as required and restores them in need of new life.

Quality craftsmanship without compromise....

Gadevang church

3400, Hillerød

Gadevang church.
The church has no regular opening hours, but do you want to see it please call  +4548484009....

Nr. Herlev Kirke

3400, Hillerød

Nr.Herlev church is open every day from 8 am to 4 pm, acts in the church closes, of course, the church, while they are on....

© Slotte og Kulturejendomme

Fredensborg Castlegarden

3480, Fredensborg

In Fredensborg Palace Garden the 250 year-old baroque garden ”Brede Allé" has been deteriorating over a long period. It has now been restored by The Palaces and Cultural Properties Agency with a grant...

© Dansk Astronomisk Selskab

The Observatory was built in 1959 by Dr. N.P. Wieth-Knudsen (1909-1993), who used it until his death. In 1999 Wieth-Knudsen's widow, Lady Inger Wieth-Knudsen (1914-2004) transferred the observatory to...

Mørdrup Church

3060, Espergærde

Mørdrup Church is the parish church of Mørdrup parish, which largely is the part of Espergærde, located west of the coast line. Mørdrup Parish eastern boundary goes by Kongevejen....

© Karen Folker VN

3000, Helsingør is an outdoor gallery in the streets of Helsingør. The purpose is to beautify the city with art on the electric power cabinets which the local supply has established all over town, otherwis...

© Jan Laurberg LIst

Atelier List

3220, Tisvildeleje

Art Gallery

The expressionist painter Jan Laurberg List, which has combined gallery and studio in Tisvildeleje, creates imaginative abstract paintings that speak to both emotions and imagination.

© Fotograf Lars Johannesen

S/S Bjørn - the history
The vintage steam-icebreaker S/S Bjørn in Elsinore port is a unique marine historic project under Danish Veteran Ship Club. S/S Bjørn was built in Bremerhaven in 1908 for Rande...


3200, Helsinge

Farm shop selling fresh lamb, sausages, cheese and much more.

In winter sold whole or half lambs by appointment. Please call the + 45 24890951...

© Per Møller

Galleri Per Møller

3400, Hillerød

Cosy studio of 45 square meters. Come and see the latest photos.

I am a trained commercial artist at the Academy For Free and Commercial Art in Copenhagen in the 70s. Teaches drawing - watercolor - a...

© Galleri Gejlsbjerg

Gallery Gejlsbjerg

3200, Helsinge

The gallery presents oli paintings of various sizes in several series.
The hallmark of the artist is the colors, themes and content of symbols.
Reservations are possible. Look at the website and see t...

© Glashuset

The house of glas

3200, Helsinge

At first glance it looks like Glashuset is a traditional production greenhouse as it lies slightly lower in the terrain. But when you come a little closer, it becomes clear that the greenhouse is pret...


Showing 201 - 250 of 8681 entries