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Main Library Viborg

8800, Viborg

Free WIFI for all your devices -  and free access to PCs. 
Book talks, concerts, small exhibitions, and activities for children. 
Newspapers, magazines, and books in different languages. 
The main li...

© Per Egelund Nielsen

Heerum Museum

2610, Rødovre

In Rødovre is a small gem of an art museum: Heerup Museum.

The work of Danish painter, sculptor and graphic artist, Henry Heerup (1907-1993) is placed in a fine, light building in Rødovre.

Henry Hee...

10.000 m2 open garden with thousands of flowers. Nursery with herbaceous, trees, bushes and jars. In the barn you find crafts, dried flowers and silk flowers.

Opening Hours 
Tha garden is open from ...

© visitviborg

Morten Korch Museet

7470, Karup J

Denmark's first Morten Korch Museum in honour of the Danish author Morten Korch....

Palle Mørk - Stone sculptor

9700, Brønderslev

Palle Mørk is a trained sculptor, stonemason, architect and designer.

Palle Mørk has created a large number of stone sculptures in a naturalistic style, where he uses the stone's uniqueness, shape an...

Are you interested in design and crafts? At Skals - the school fo design and crafts - we combine solid cratfs with greaat ideas. We have week courses where knitting, embroidering and much more is tau...

© Galleri Helgi

Gallery Helgi

9700, Brønderslev

Helgi was born and has lived most of his life along the coasts of the North Atlantic Ocean.

His major source of inspiration is for the same reason, the fierce and ever-changing marine paintings.


Anne Muff

5300, Kerteminde

Anne Muff (b.1055), training has been both in Denmark and International.
She has exhibited regularly since 2000, and her motifs are often animals or humans in ambigious situations, with some use of hu...

© Brønderslev erhverv og turisme

Ekko in Hjallerup

9320, Hjallerup

Ekko is a work of art made of wood

Tree trunks forming inside a roomy shape that seems in constant rotation for as long as the viewer moves. If you stop moving the room's quirky form will challenges ...

The passage graves by Stenstrup. Excavated twin burial chamber.
Each chamber is 6m deep an almost 3m wide....

© Kronborg Slot

Every child and grown-up in Denmark knows Holger the Dane who sits asleep in the casemates of Kronborg Castle - until the day when Denmark is in real trouble and he will wake up and defend the mother ...

Vedels Anlæg, © Vedels Anlæg

Vedels Anlæg is a 1.000 m2 park, situated in scenic surroundings at Ribe Å.

Vedels Anlæg is named after Anders Sørensen Vedel, a historian who lived in Ribe from 1582 till his death in 1616. He lived...

© Fregatten Jylland

A great experience on Fregatten Jylland
With 102 metres from bowsprit to stern, 44 cannons and 57 metres to the top of the masthead,

Fregatten Jylland (the Frigate Jutland) is an
experience with both...

The park lies at the inn 'Historiske Rindsholm Kro' and is a memorial park for Danish soldiers....

Kunst-Stuen i Klint

4500, Nykøbing Sj

Amber and candle-wax crafted into unique lamps. For tea lights, but does not melt.

See Encaustic Art - painting with hot wax.

Unique Jewelry & Driftwood Art.

Open all year – see opening hours on ww...

© Brønderslev erhverv og turisme

Hellevad Church

9320, Hjallerup

Hellevad Church located in bells approximately 14 km South-East from holm Brønderslev.

Hellevad Church is a typical stone built church from the 12th century. The Church is consecrated to St. Nicholas...

The museum Flyvestation Karup is run by the Danish Air Force's Historical Collection  who are i charge of collecting, restoring and preserving artefacts and documenting Danish Air Force history. Pa...

© visitviborg

Prinsens Livregiments Mindelokaler ( the Memorial Rooms of the Prince's Life Regiment) consist of 14  rooms with uniforms, artefacts etc.

Call to arrange visit.

Entry Fee
Guided tour DKK 20,- per p...

Atelier Wingezus, © Atelier Wingezus

Atelier Wingezus

7100, Vejle

Atelier Wingezus is located in Løget By by Søndermarken in Vejle, which is part of the scenic valley area of Mølholm Ådal. Atelier Wingezus specialises in building three-dimensional paintings and hand...

Captivating art in Vestervig!
We are twenty local artists and craftsmen here from Thy, who jointly operate the gallery, which is housed in the old Thinghus (the old Court House) Vestervig.

Here you ...


9520, Skørping

RebildPorten is the new welcome center for Rebild and Rold Forest. This is where you find inspiration and start your trip in our beautiful area .

Outside is a large terrace , where for instance can e...


9800, Hjørring
Flood column, Mandø, © VisitRibe

The column is situated by the lifeboat station, and as a scale for the water level it testifies to the havoc caused by the floods through the times.



© Troels Madsen

Karolines Hus Fur

7884, Fur

The gallery Karolines Hus is built around the painter Ellen Bye Jensen. The gallery has changing exhibits throughout the year. The galley’s ambition is to bring the art to regular people’s homes, and ...

© Kristent Center Midt-Vest

Kristent Center Midt-Vest

7500, Holstebro

We are a church of many different people, and many ages. Through our faith we experience the companionship with God. God sees all people as worthy, and sees all whom accepts His salvation as His child...

© Olav Berntsen

Livets Kilde

3100, Hornbæk

The water sculpture "Livets Kilde" (The source of life) at Hornbæk Square by the Library is created by the Japanese / Danish sculptor Jun-Ichi Inoue. The sculpture is made of granite from Bornholm and...

Holstebro Adventist Church

7500, Holstebro

The church was built in 1963, and celebrated it's 50 years anniversary in 2013.
The congregation was founded in 1925, and has 35 baptised adult members, as well as many kids.

Pastor: Sven Hagen Jense...

Bjerre wood

7130, Juelsminde

Forest with several landscaped walkways and bike routes.

South of the forest you will find the new wetland at Skjold Å and Bjerre Engsø...

© Karen Folker VN

The Elsinore History painted - the Middle Ages and the Sound Dues

In the old part of Elsinore you can see two fascinating murals descibing the town history in an alternative way.

The two Italian art...

© Holstebro Kommune

The Præstegårds Park

7500, Holstebro

If you want a special nature experience, the Præstegårds Park in Borbjerg just might be the place you are looking for. The starting point of the Præstegårds park is at the property Bukdalvej 50, which...

© Susanne Vind

Located next to the main building of Sanderumgaard Manor House is the old romantic landscape garden, one of the first of its kind in Denmark, originally set up by Johan Bülow in the period 1793-1828.

The Museum (Czarens Hus) is a cultural historical-archaeological collection from antiquity up to this day. The different exhibitions in the Museum give the visitor an insight into hundred years of his...

Open-air Museum

4930, Maribo

”The old houses” – The open-air museum in Maribo.

In 1923 a meeting took place close to the lake called Søndersø. This lake is situated on the outskirts of the town of Maribo.
The posterity should c...

Reventlow-Museet Pederstrup

4913, Horslunde

The manor house Pederstrup is situated in the middle of the Lollander Alpines. The manor contains the Reventlow Museum. The main building of Pederstrup is built from the years 1813 until 1822 in a new...

Møllen – Kunst og Kunsthåndværk, © Møllen – Kunst og Kunsthåndværk

Møllen "Arts and Crafts" is a creative open workshop for artists from in and around the town of Jelling. The association, which started back in 1991 in a grain warehouse in the old mill (hence the nam...

© Hjemmeværnsmuseum Holstebro

Welcome to visit the Museum for Danish Home Guard in Holstebro. The Danish Home Guard displays an impressive exhibition about the start of the Home Guard's, based on theresistance movement during the ...


5610, Assens

Galleri Hansen

The islands of Funen or Aerø have been John Hansen’s base for most of his life. He was formally educated at the Funen Art Academy where he enrolled at the age of 17. Since 2006, he has...

© Holstebro Frimenighed

Holstebro Frimenighed

7500, Holstebro

Holstebro Frimenighed is an evangelical-lutheran independant church. We consider the Bible being Gods word to us, and we consult the Bible for help and guidance to lead our lives. The congregation was...

© Vinderup Egnshistoriske Arkiv

Landting Hovedgaard

7830, Vinderup

Landting Hovedgård lies close to Vinderup in western Jutland. It's a really spooky place at night. There are said to be numerous ghosts. For instance a little girl, a very old lady, and a middle-aged ...

© Woldwide Sculpture Organisation

Kulturhuset Blokhus

9492, Blokhus

Welcome to an exiting adventure center with both indoor and outdoor events. Here you can experience the Rock & Roll Museum, International Sand Sculpture Festival, International Wood Sculpture Festival...

Galleri Bibelland, © Galleri Bibelland

Galleri Bibelland

7080, Børkop

The word ‘gallery’ derives from the Latin word ‘galilea’ and means ‘church porch’. In medieval monasteries, porticos would lead to the entrance of the church.

Galleri Bibelland (i.e. Gallery Bible La...

© visit svendborg


5700, Svendborg

VisitSvendborg knows a lot of good guides....

© visit svendborg

SAK Kunstbygningen

5700, Svendborg

Kunstbygningen has successively changing exhibitions and a collection of Kai Nielsens sculptures....


3390, Hundested

New gallery and shop in Nødebohuse near by Hundested.

Wee sell goggels and equiptment to use in the nature. We also have al small gallery where you can see beautiful bird pictures and much more.


© knud mortensen

Svendborg Pinsekirke

5700, Svendborg

The Pentecostal congregation in Svendborg was founded in 1926. The first many years the congregation met in different places in town. About 1975 the congregation bought some land in the middle of town...

© visit svendborg

The Ambrosius-Oak is a 400 years old oaktree close to Valdemars Castle on Taasinge named after the Danish poet Ambrosius Stub....


5771, Stenstrup

By Bakkelundgård just eat og Svinehaver a new scenic path through the attractive hilly landscape has been opened up....

Egebjerg Bakker

5762, Vester Skerninge

The foothills of the "Fyn Alps". They offer a broad panorame over the undulating landscape. At Bakkelundgård you can walk along a new hiking path offering a fantastic view of the south Funen archipela...


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